Diane  12-March-2007 

Dear Friends, from the higher level that we are on the Earth beams out like a beacon in the darkness of the lower vibrations. It is not that long ago you were almost completely submerged in the dark vibrations, and it was a condition that we could not say with absolute certainty that you would recover from. Yet the Light has steadily grown, and reached a level that has carried you beyond the Millennium. Such an achievement is considered remarkable, as the outcome was always in the balance. 

Now you have moved beyond the point of failure, and can rightly be proud of your achievement. It has required many souls to firmly establish their Light upon Earth, and link in a formidable grid of Light around the planet. From this beginning it has grown, and gradually isolated and transmuted many of the dark energies. As a result, today you stand at the threshold of Ascension, and as it draws nearer so many more are able to lift up with you. Consequently you are restricting the power of the dark forces, and as time passes their influence is being strongly curtailed. 

As more wake up to what is taking place on Earth, the Light is developing a powerful energy for change. As we see it, your powerful thoughts and actions are bringing an end to many of the aspirations of the dark. At the moment you cannot see the outcome, but you are assured of success. There is so much going on that the battle is being taken to new levels. However as the dark try to escalate it, so we of the Galactic Federation and the Higher Councils of Light are empowered to increase the Light quotient that is being sent to Earth. 

Our role is to ensure that the Light stays as the dominant power, and ensure that your expressed desires for change come to fruition. The people of Earth are in constant prayer for peace, and that shall come soon in a surprising manner. We simply await the right time as always, and that is approaching. As with any other period in your evolution, it is you who are determining your future. Whilst it is true there is a plan for Man, it requires your part to ensure its manifestation. We are prepared for all situations, and are now empowered to be the force behind you that will provide the victory you have earnt. 

The advanced technologies that the dark plan to use against you are insidious, and they are frantically trying to escalate them to reach a point of total control over you and your movements. We use far more advanced systems to allow for our interaction with you to ensure your safety. Once we can openly meet you, we shall negate all systems and laws that have been installed to take away your freedom and sovereignty. 

Much of the criminal activity all around your world is the product of poverty and need, and once we have reversed that situation it will cease to be necessary. Peace will be permanently restored, and this again will release many from the trauma resulting from the loss of life and the general destruction that war brings. Eventually those who operate out of sheer greed and avarice will be denied their sources of wealth, and it will be re-distributed fairly. 

Man is not in essence or by nature greedy and grasping, but has an inclination to require only sufficient that allows a decent quality to life. Sharing is part of his inner desires to see all people at a level that brings happiness and joy. Stress and tiredness are very much a part of your modern day problems, and these will also be addressed by the changes. This will particularly apply to the way you spend your working time. With the use of our technologies, much of the drudge and excessive hours you work will be altered. Instead your time will be equally spent in work, together with occupations of your own choice. 

So many of you have talent and skills that are not being used, and this will also change. As the Plan for Earth is put into action, many of you will be called upon to put them into use. Bear in mind that you all came into this time period with the potential to be active in the period of changes. You were selected for what you had to offer in the event of the Light succeeding in overcoming the dark. It is a fact that not every soul that wished to be on Earth at this time could do so. The Earth is unique in what it has had to offer in the way of a speedy evolution. 

Everything about you and around you is for your evolution. It will be the only asset that you will take away with you, regardless of whether you move to another 3D existence or lift up with Ascension. You have been through such periods before many times, but the importance of the present one is the opportunity it gives to ascend, never to have to return to duality. Think upon it and see that whatever conditions exist at present, they are transient and simply the final outworking of a cycle that has honed and purified your consciousness. The final dropping away of any last attachments to the dark energies is happening now. Be aware of what no longer serves you and consign it to experience. 

Many of you now stand out as ones that have successfully found the path of Light. We commend you for your dedication and commitment to completing this cycle as ones who have recognised their true selves. Some doubt that they have the potential to become Godlike, but how many times have we reminded you of your pathway to the Angelic Kingdoms. Believe it because it is true but meantime think of your place in the scheme of things, and realise how powerful you really are with your ability to bring about change. Also be careful, as you are responsible for your creations and thoughts that are the cradle for their eventual manifestation. 

I am Diane from Sirius and as you have been told previously, we are strongly linked to your evolution. It is therefore appropriate and necessary that we draw close to you at such a momentous time. We have much work to do with you, and many of our own kind are already amongst you. We come in Love, and welcome you back to the Higher Realms that are your true home. We also come to help you fulfil the Creator’s plan for Earth. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.