St. Germain  09-March-2007 

I am St. Germain, and I refer to the cleansing that is taking place, one that is taking in all life forms including the Earth. Nothing can escape this process that will eventually see all lifted up, whilst that of a lesser vibration that cannot absorb the higher vibrations will move elsewhere. Where you are concerned it requires your attention to what is surfacing from your subconscious. From one life to another you have carried all kinds of memories that represent the sum total of your experiences. 

Through the higher energies that are being beamed to Earth from many sources, including the Great Central Sun you are lifting up your vibrations. This is causing you to examine your thoughts that surface when prompted by events occurring around you. Those which are relics of times when you were embroiled in negative actions, come back as it were to continue to be part of your life. However, in this particular time they no longer have a place in the consciousness of one who aspires to Ascension. 

In other words, the challenge is to set aside those thoughts that are not of the highest order. You can bid them goodbye by no longer giving them power, and thank them for having been part of your path of learning. Your ego is the home of them, and will not gladly accept your new way of life. Changes must however come about, and cleansing is your way of disconnecting from the old vibrations that no longer serve your purpose in life. When you are consciously aware of what is happening, you become forearmed and able to deal with such challenges. 

You are returning to a state of perfection, which will not be fully achieved until Ascension has been completed. In the meantime you can reform your consciousness, and steadily move towards your goal. Sometimes the thoughts that surface appear not to be your own, because you are already lifting up to a higher point than previously. This is a sure sign of the progress you are making, and eventually you will find that they have no impact upon you whatsoever. 

Do not be afraid to confront your thoughts, and where they are no longer acceptable to you know that it is a sign of success in moulding your new Self. The advantage of such control is that you will become more in charge of your life, and it will go in a positive direction. You will also find yourselves unassailed by events that are going on around you, and regardless of how powerful the negativity it will be unable to effect you. 

Be fully aware of what you deem to be your weaknesses, as challenges may arise quite often until you have firmly established your higher consciousness. This is normal, and the whole process of learning will continue until you have completely lifted out of the lower vibrations. You can be within them and yet be protected by your own Light, and with practise stay centred regardless of what is taking place. Man has been used to automatically responding to what is happening around him, and has been very much at the mercy of his emotions. This is an area that you are well advised to look at, and control of them is essential to your development. 

There is no longer time to deny that you cannot control your emotions. Whilst it is true that you have allowed yourself to be programmed to respond to situations in a certain way, it is primarily your ego self that acts this way. Earth experience is very much a school for learning how to handle yourself, in a way that causes no harm to other people. Your Karma is inevitably repeating in situations that come up time and time again, until you have understood the lessons involved. Look carefully at what comes up in your life and know that it all has a purpose, and particularly in your relationships with others. Often you are deliberately brought in contact with those who are there to test your reactions, and ability to change your response to them. 

As you progress you learn that judgement and condemnation are not part of a souls make-up if they desire to uplift themselves. By all means be aware of what is happening around you, but do not respond in any way that would be seen as negative. When you have reached a level of consciousness that enables you to send love to all regardless of their outer presentation, you are surely well on the path to Ascension. You will be becoming true to your Higher Self, and no longer identify with the Human Matrix that has held you bound to Earth. 

I simply ask you to be aware of what is taking place, and accept responsibility for your own progress. You will be helped, but first the intention of lifting yourself up must come from you. It is your decision in accordance with your freewill as to which path you travel, and remember that you create your own through your thoughts. Those with the highest aspirations see that Earth is an illusion that can be seen through, and one created by Man. It has served its purpose well and has now reached the end of its cycle. 

See what is around you as very transient and temporary, a product of your 3rd dimensional experiences. You will leave it behind and move once again on the upward path to your true home in the higher dimensions. Duality is just another experience in the many mansions of God, albeit a most important one in your soul development and evolution. Life is one round of continual experience and is forever moving onwards and upwards. Even those souls who cannot release their present attachment to your dimension, will eventually realise the truth and have aspirations to leave it behind. 

Dear Ones, you are coming so close to achieving a quantum leap in consciousness, but as ever need to be alert as to your response and actions to what is happening around you. You are a Being of Unlimited Love and have the power to determine your future, be bold and lift into the higher vibrations and have utter belief in your capabilities. You are Co-Creators with God, and even now your projections as to how you visualise the future are having an effect. You are to return to Cosmic Consciousness, and be that version of yourself that was truly in the image of God. 

Go about your work with renewed confidence, and be Godís ambassadors upon Earth. Spread your Love and Light wherever you go, and no more can be asked of you. First and foremost you are Spiritual Beings who are manifesting your Higher Consciousness, and you will be greatly helped by many Dear Brothers and Sisters who are dedicated to ensuring your continuing progress towards Ascension. We serve you as you will serve others on your path through the dimensions that are infinite in numbers. There is nothing that you cannot do or achieve, when you have regained the full realisation of your power to create. I surround you all in the Creatorís Love that knows no limitation and favours none over others.    

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.