Ag-agria  07-March-2007 

You are increasingly making your way towards the new reality that is impinging upon your consciousness. You have the ability to tune into the new dimension that draws ever nearer to manifestation. Your vibrations are rising as you draw the higher energies to you, which are also lifting up the Earth. In so doing, you will find that sometimes you move into a state of higher consciousness, and intuitively receive impressions of the new dimension. You are projecting yourself in such a way that you are experiencing it direct. 

In the higher dimensions, you will find that there is beauty and harmony in abundance all around you. The perfection is revealed in a glorious show of glittering colours, like beams of light passing through a faceted jewel. Colours so clear and bright yet in no way harsh but instead gentle and soothing, that coalesce in such ways as to be breathtaking. Peace and harmony reign that creates Oneness that is rarely experienced in the earthly dimensions. 

Some of you visit the higher realms in your sleep state, whilst your physical body rests at night. It is a time when you re-unite with friends who are off Earth, and you receive guidance regarding your appointed tasks. Usually you are veiled from remembering such meetings, but some will awake and feel unusually buoyant and refreshed without realising why. Also, in your meditations in altered states of consciousness, you may connect with the higher dimensions and will understand the impressions that they convey. 

Some people do not understand the fact that an increase in your vibrations will bring about remarkable changes, and more importantly ones that make you less likely to be attracted to the dark energies. You will gradually pull away from their influence, and as Humanity grows in this way so the dual energies become more separated. These changes are ongoing and their power is increasing so quickly, that major changes will soon be inevitable. 

You have so much support to ensure that all works out according to the Divine Plan for Man. Much is unseen and unknown to you, and on a scale that would leave you in awe of the might and majesty of the wonderful Beings of the higher realms. With such Beings on the side of the Light, you should have no doubt that our promises will manifest. The dark are troublesome, but are nevertheless held in check by the Light energy that is now the dominating force. As it continues to grow they realise that their days are numbered, and their ultimate demise quickly approaches. 

You have come a long way in a relatively short time, and even now your progress is faster than ever. You of the Light are taking charge of your own destiny, and we will never be far away in support of you. We are to accompany you on the last laps of your journey, and our role is soon to be revealed. Our coming together will be wonderful occasion, by which time the dark forces will have been subdued. 

Think openly and allow your mind to expand, as no longer will you be limited by the restrictions imposed upon you by those who have held up your evolution. It is time to break out from the oppressive rule of a succession of leaders, that have manipulated and controlled you as dictated to by the Illuminati. They have led you to the brink of disaster, but stopped by the determination of the Wayshowers and their followers operating in the Light. It is now time to forge ahead with all confidence, knowing that as you take each step forward you will never return to that which you have left behind. 

The dark clouds of war are being dispersed as the energies change, and peace is lifting its head above them. It is what you desire, and the answers are given in tangible ways that will signal the end of war for all time. The coming of the Light will bring great happiness and relief to millions of people. Freedom for many will be their first taste of release from tyrants that have been responsible for many deaths, and the degradation of whole countries. This will end with the appointment of those who have been spiritually inspired to come forward at this time. 

What better gift is there for you than to know that you cannot fail to complete this cycle successfully, and Ascension will be your reward? You will be lifted back up into dimensions that were once your home, and Mother Earth will accompany you. See not the present Earth, but one that shall arise in splendour and beauty unparalleled in this present cycle. If you could but know what is in store for you, every effort that you now make would seem nothing compared to what you are to receive. 

The Galactic Federation will eventually take parties of you aboard their craft, and you will quickly understand what the future holds. We are already in your future and it shall both delight and enthral you. We can envisage your excitement upon learning all about us, and also how we shall in short time elevate you to our levels. For millennia of time you have been preparing for this opportunity to leave the cycle of duality behind. Now it has arrived start to think more expansively, as your desires are already moulding future events. Ascension is not simply the start of a new adventure, but a gigantic upliftment that will ensure that you will never need to return to the lower vibrations. 

I am Ag-agria aboard a vast Mothership that is positioned ready to participate in the cleansing of the Earth. Of colossal size by your reckoning, and equipped such as a city might be with all possible amenities, providing for many thousands of personnel and suited to inter-stellar travel. All conceivable comforts and technologies are provided enabling extended travels to be easily accomplished. After First Contact, much will be made of opportunities to enlighten you about our activities. Your media will be re-organised to truthfully and correctly report the truth, and television under our control will be a key factor in your education. 

Until we can present ourselves never forget your Divinity, and that we all serve the highest Orders of Light. We come as ambassadors in the Creator’s name, and carry the great Love energy with us. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

 Mike Quinsey.