Atmos  05-March-2007 

Dear Ones, when you can see beyond the outer happenings on Earth, you will through your awakening realise that a great cleansing is taking place. Not everyone can see its purpose or where it is leading, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that matters cannot continue as they are at present. The ruling powers, regardless of which country you are in have got caught up in the lower vibrations, and they are being led upon a path that seems attractive and it calls for the subjugation of people. However, they are no longer prepared to be held down and are finding their voice and calling for change. 

The powers that be are not going to relinquish their powers easily, and wish to continue their control of the activities of the people. What is perceived as an unalienable right to freedom of expression is being seriously curtailed, in a battle to see who can come out of it and achieve their aims. Governments largely controlled through the advice of their military, are using their forces to suppress rebelliousness. It has now reached a point where through draconian laws, you can be classed as a terrorist for showing dissent against the authorities. 

This situation cannot last much longer, and we predict that soon the mass consciousness will take a great leap forward. There will be an explosion of activity such as the present demonstrations, against those who have severely eroded your rights and taken away your freedom. Man is not meant to be subservient to his representatives but quite the opposite, and it is they who should reflect the desires of those who have appointed them. You will already be aware that your leaders are self-serving, and are themselves controlled by the covert agenda of the Illuminati. Not being of the Light, they have little perception if any at all, of the intended divine plan for the end of this cycle. 

The weight of opinion when the majority of Humanity is of the same level of conscious desire and intent, is an invisible weapon that brings changes in a very subtle yet positive manner. The energy is so powerful that nothing will stand in its way or stop its progress. We tell you that it has an effect that the lower energies must respond to, and the changes are inevitable. There will be a steady collapse of all that can have no place in the new vibratory levels. The cleansing has started in such a way that for a while it will create chaotic conditions, but these will clear as you will see. 

The promise of all that is good and wholesome will manifest, and a totally new concept will arise as to Manís place and purpose in the Universe. First however the changes must start upon Earth, and before the end of the cycle a new Man of expanded consciousness will have arisen. This process has commenced, and many of you are experiencing an uplifting already. If you are not sure about yourself, just look back a few years and you will realise how much you have changed. 

As you might say, the ball is rolling and as it goes along it will gather momentum and become an unstoppable force. Have no fears whatsoever that you will falter or be prevented from achieving your goal. The script has been written and everything is set for a grand finale. It has been decreed to end in Ascension and no mortal can prevent it manifesting. Go forward with these assurances, and know that you are all part of a massive change in consciousness that shall leave the old behind. 

When you have limited consciousness, it is difficult to imagine a greater level where you could for instance enter your garden and commune with all of the plants. Even now they are aware of your feelings and thoughts towards them. Indeed, experiments that have been carried out have shown that they not only register changes, but they have a marked effect upon them. More importantly they can be shown to respond to loving thoughts and words. Next time you admire the Creatorís handiwork realise that as you give out kind and loving thoughts in appreciation, it does raise the vibration. 

As you begin to understand the magnificent power of love, perhaps you can see how essential it is for you to be a fountain of love that is continuously pouring it out. Giving without any thought of restricting its flow, and seeing the beauty and perfection that underlies all that you see. Man has a reaction to the physical and therefore the outer presentation of what he sees, and does not always realise that all started out as a perfect expression of what was in the Creatorís mind. 

Always try to see beyond the physical, particularly where people are concerned. They all have the potential to change, and it is the love energy that can help bring it about. Is it not a fact that everyone desires to be loved for what they are, and they respond in a way that clearly lifts them up. Sometimes the problem is that love is focussed upon one person such as occurs in your personal relationships. It can be fickle and subject to whims and fancies, and in giving there is the expectancy of love in return. This is not true love which demands nothing in return, and does not apply conditions for its continuation. 

Through your human experiences and the general attitude to people or things you dislike, you tend to withdraw your love and instead can be cold and unforgiving. This often leads to confrontation, bitterness and hatred, which all exacerbate the situation often to the point where it is difficult to overcome. This is how you have been led to believe that it is normal behaviour to act in such a way. What happens between individuals also occurs on a more expansive level, and it has often led to wars that in your history seem to have been never-ending. 

In this period of time when a massive upliftment is taking place, the energies are streaming to Earth that give the opportunity for a new Man to emerge. If you will but raise your consciousness, you will begin to see how it is possible to leave behind the old patterning and accepted ways of behaviour, for those that are more akin with your real self. You are highly respected Beings, who have the potential to become the Gods that you are beneath the veneer of human programming and experience. 

I am Atmos, from Sirius where the Light of Love and understanding shines out brightly. I ask you to be true to your real selves and also manifest the energies of Universal Love, and you will find how much easier life becomes and the contentment and satisfaction it brings. Let those that wish to continue their destructive and ungodly ways, tread their path that will nevertheless eventually lead them back to the Light. For your part see the potential already there, and give out your love by respecting their Godself that has yet to be awakened and return once again. 

Compassion is a respect for all creations, and you may be sure that each and everyone of you has benefited from it as you have found your way back from the lower vibrations. Condemnation and judgement is the way of Man, whereas those who have become enlightened are expressing Love and Light through their Higher Selves. 

Take this opportunity to lift yourselves up to new heights that will create for you a certain path to Ascension. Many will accompany you once you have taken that decision, and through their guiding love will ensure your success. I send you the love from all members of the Galactic Federation, and it is this energy that drives us all ever onwards.    

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.