SaLuSa  2-March-2007 

Those on Earth who see that major changes are necessary to lift Humanity out of its present malaise, are making great strides. Changes that will lift you out of the control of those who would continue to hold up your evolution. It is not just the Lightworkers who are responding, but also those who are not so enlightened. They realise that without some form of intervention, you cannot progress because of the negative influences being exerted by the dark forces. 

This situation has been noted for quite some time, but what is now heartening is your strength of purpose. It is increasing the pressure upon those who are the minions of the Illuminati, who now struggle to meet their demands. If they were to admit it, they already see that their plans are doomed to failure. However, they press on planning to try and escalate their wars to bring chaos, and place you under their control. 

Looking at what is happening at a higher level, we see exactly the reverse. The Light has never been more powerful as it continues to grow, and is breaking up the dark energies so rapidly that the future is assured. The plan that has been decreed to carry you onwards to Ascension, is manifesting as intended. Soon it will become apparent, as the structure of the dark forces begins to crumble. There will be no way back, and their power bases will gradually be removed. Their time has almost expired, and over the next few months there should be ample evidence for all to see. 

Energies stream to Earth from many sources, but essentially it is the Central Sun that is evoking changes that will affect all living forms. All must be either lifted up or moved to another path, but for those who have resisted change there is nevertheless still time to respond. The Spiritually Hierarchy never gives up trying to lead you onto a path that enables you to find your true Light. If you are not ready there is no judgement, only love and encouragement as no soul is permanently held back by the lower energies. 

Our sadness is that although you are great souls, many find it difficult to accept that they are more than their physical body. When the Masters return there will be a concerted attempt to bring the different religions together, it will be aimed at finding the common truths that can be accepted by them all. It will provide the basis for a greater understanding that can be expanded to bring the pure truth into being. It will remove the sustained differences that have arisen over millennia of time, and have led to many wars in the name of God. The One Truth will eventually be accepted, and Man will learn that all knowledge already exists within. 

Everything that exists will be subject to change, and as it becomes apparent so you shall see how it all speeds up. Already it is accepted that time is rapidly increasing, and events will soon start to happen so quickly that at times you will hardly be able to keep up with them. At present they stand poised to indicate the likely outcome of attempts to remove the last cabal. As always there is much happening that cannot be revealed, but by observing what is going on around you it will soon become evident. 

This is a year that bodes well and has much that will inspire you to greater things, it will be recalled as the most important one since the millennium. You will be able to look back with pride, at achievements that will have come from dedication and intent. Ones that will have manifested the changes that are necessary to open up the pathway to Ascension. 

Dear Ones what you have come to Earth to participate in is a unique time, a culmination of many lives that have prepared you for the most important one of all. Do you not feel stirred by what is happening around you, because it will activate you into action as planned. Do we not tell you that nothing happens by chance, and it is so because what has been decreed by the higher Forces, must come into being. 

Find your path and intuitively follow your higher guidance, as the lines of communication are growing stronger. Legions of Angels draw near, and your family from Space also ready themselves for one of the greatest events in the history of Humanity. You are to meet those souls who have gone before you, and return in service to the Creator. 

Man has been veiled for so long from the truth, that it is difficult to break out the beliefs that have been instilled into him for thousands of years. Think upon the fact that there is only the One Truth, and be generous in your understanding that what you hold now is open to question. Be ready to re-examine your cherished beliefs and open your heart to draw in the Light. Harmony and Love will return to Earth and those who choose otherwise will be directed elsewhere, through their vibrations that will not be in accord with the higher ones. You choose as you always have, and the Creator would not take that freedom away from you. Allow all others their choice, and let them happily fulfil their own desires if different to yours. 

Is not life all about experiencing whatever you choose, and growing in a grand understanding that must advance your evolution. Honour those choices in all others, as no one can know better than the individuals concerned as to what is needed. Remember also that your pathway has been agreed upon with many higher Spiritual Beings, who attend to such matters by offering their advice. Usually you will have acknowledged their wisdom, and their ability to see far into the future. We of the Galactic Federation are also allowed to view the Akashic Records and Hall of Probabilities, and that is why we are able to talk of the victory that will soon be yours. 

I am SaLuSa and like many of my colleagues, come from Sirius that has figured very often in your evolution. Our contact with you is by no means new, and we have had certain Karmic responsibilities to see you through to completion of this cycle. We do so out of Love for our Brothers and Sisters.  

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.