St. Germain  28-February-2007. 

Dear Ones you are the centre of the stage in this Universe, and what is happening on and around Earth is drawing much attention. It is in no way in the nature of interference, indeed you are protected against unauthorised incursions into your life. At all times your evolution is carefully monitored, but within the framework of allowing you your freedom of choice. Heavens Beings charged with looking after you, direct and help manifest your energies to give you what you desire. We talk not of individual karma or life plans, but the direction of Humanity as a whole. 

You are all subject to the mass consciousness and influenced by it whether it be for good or otherwise. There is always a choice, but you cannot help but be affected by the energies around you. The question is which ones you draw to you integrate them into your life. Humans have very much a herd instinct, and they will often join the main thrust without questioning the outcome. 

Our biggest problem is to activate those of you who have dropped out of society, although even they have a purpose in bringing situations to your attention. Lack of harmony, lack of hope and a bleak future are how many see their life. Our impetus is to nudge these lost souls into seeing that there is a future emerging that will totally change matters on Earth. How many times do we emphasize the need to centre yourselves, so that you can withdraw from the maelstrom of chaos that is around you? You must be able to create those periods of relaxation and quietness when you can relate to your Higher Self. 

Everyone has a Higher Self, except that many do not recognise the guidance that is there within Self. Some recognise it as intuition, and in so doing should take note of the guidance being given. It is all too easy to go along with the crowd and ignore the opportunity to be one who stands up and finds another direction. Some of you have roles to play in the very near future, although you may feel unsettled and do not understand what it is meant to be. Meantime prepare in readiness to recognise what that purpose is, and bide your time until the events clearly call you into action. 

First Contact is to say the least, a momentous event of enormous proportions that will alter your way of life. You will leave the old ways behind with all of their problems and traumas, and the transformation will take place at an incredibly fast rate. Changes are talking place already but not clearly manifest in such a way as to be recognised. Nevertheless, if you keep your eyes and ears open you will sense the purpose of many actions that have recently been started. It has taken some brave individuals to challenge the establishment over many issues, and naturally where the outcome is beneficial to restoring the Light we are fully with such Beings. 

Wrapped up in all the earthly events is the promise of a quantum leap in your evolution, and once it all gets under way just hold onto your seat. As time speeds up so we are compressing more changes into a shorter period than planned, but that presents no problems. You can be assured that regardless of what happens to hold up developments, the plan will ultimately be fulfilled. We know how easily your hopes rise up only to be dashed by events around you. However we also know how resilient you are, and you will always be back for more. A valuable facet of your consciousness is your determination to see things through, and it comes from your experiences over many lives. The Earth has been, and still is a fierce and at times frightening place to be. Fortunately in your genetics is the survival gene and you will literally fight to the death for your cause. Without such strength Humanity would have acquiesced to the negative forces a long time ago. 

Remember that what you have gone through is for that purpose of not just your evolution, but also those who will come after you. Your success will elevate you into the higher realms, and others will use your experience of duality without the need to enter such a cycle. You knew all of this when in the distant past you volunteered to drop your vibrations to take up the challenges connected with it. You have carried deep subconsciousness memories of such an undertaking, but also the assurance that you would all eventually be successful in completing your experiences and lifting up once again. 

The time has arrived to conclude all of the events of duality, but in so doing the new cycle is emerging and you are in a wonderful yet strange mix of energies. We see how the old and new are moving side by side, but the important aspect is the lifting up being brought about by the Light. Inevitably there must be a dividing point where the energies that cannot go along with it, must fall away thus creating another path. You are in this very part of the end-times and with our coming we shall release so many of you from the machinations of the dark forces. 

Heaven is not mocked, but allows your freewill as a means to explore the use of the many energies of duality. When it is finally dissolved, all that will be left will be the greatness and understanding of Self. You are absolutely great Beings, and believe it or not I include every soul in that statement. In time, all will recover from the experience of duality to return as fully-fledged Beings of Light. You will never lose your connection with the Source, that is impossible as each of you is a part of it. As we often ask of you, be compassionate with those who have taken the path of the dark ways they too are contributing to your evolution. They will also one day have had their fill of duality and will step on the path of Light. 

I am St. Germain holding the candle for every one on Earth, and I know who you are and in times long gone we have walked together on many a long journey. Once you return to the higher realms you will clearly understand who you are, and become once again mighty Beings of Light that shall continue to be co-creators with God. You return is eagerly awaited, and many companion souls and friends are ready to greet you and put their arms around you. Indeed they do so quite often and perhaps you sometimes sense their presence. You are surrounded by Beings with immense Love for you; let them into your hearts. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.