Diane  23-February 2007. 

The time approaches when a series of events will catch the imagination of the whole world, ones that will be welcomed as it will be understood very quickly that a new era is to commence. People will be of mixed reactions, and those who have followed the coming of First Contact will be the ones to help others, who will to some extent be in shock. Man is fearful of major changes but we shall soon dispel any doubts that people may have, and very soon a feeling of joy and acceptance will sweep the world. 

Our coming will not entirely be a surprise, as changes for the end-times have been predicted for millennia of time. It is just the manner in which it takes place precludes us from making announcements until the event is certain. There has been and still is a battle for power, and as you know by now the dark are stubborn and hold on even in the face of defeat. Victory for the Light has already been decreed, and the benefits to Humanity are so immense. It will take much time to acquaint those who have hitherto been unaware of the plan. We shall quickly give out the facts with a broad outline of our plan as soon as we are able. 

The prospect of world peace after centuries of war will sound impossible, but those who have lead you continuously into conflict shall be removed. We are not coming to bestow or confer power on a selected few, but shall appoint as leaders those Dear Ones who have already proved that their vision matches ours. You are crying out for such people to emerge, and we answer you with the assurance that there are trusted and spiritually motivated souls who have came into this period for that very purpose. 

Keep your eyes open, and you will notice the souls we speak of as they are beginning to come to public notice. You will know them by their talk and they come over in such a way as to catch your imagination. They speak the language of the Light, and because of it they will soon gather support. The political spectrum does not really allow for people who are visionaries that are outside of the Illuminati agenda. However, that will not stop them as the changes that we champion are purposely to allow a new and fair system of representation, to enable the “right” people to take their place at the helm. 

It must be obvious that most political policies are not directly in the interests of they people. They are forced to put their trust in representatives who have often bribed their way into positions of power, or have been elected by their cronies. The dark forces have been at the helm for a long time, but now it is all to change and allow a different regime to take their place. What a difference it will make when you learn that you can trust what you are being told, and that promises are kept and not simply window dressing. 

Honesty and truth have been scarce commodities in politics, but all of that will alter very quickly after we are allowed to openly greet you and unveil the plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The idea that our coming is spiritually motivated will make some people feel unsettled and unsure, but as soon they understand the vast benefits to mankind it will soon dispel their apprehension. We are here in your skies to ensure that everything is held in preparation for our coming. Without us, you and Mother Earth could well have been destroyed in the madness of nuclear wars that even now are still contemplated. We have not allowed it so far and neither will it be so in the immediate future. On the contrary we continue to monitor all weapons of mass destruction, and they cannot be hidden from our view. We have on numerous occasions shown your Government that they cannot go against our orders that carry the weight of the higher forces of Light.  

Because the home of the Hierarchy is in the higher realms to many it would not appear to exist. However, all through your history there have been stories of their intervention and appearance on your Earth. They carry out the Plan of the Creator, and it is subject to the decisions of the many different councils that have presided over Mans evolution, and still continue to do so. The problem for many of you is that you find it difficult to accept the infinity of life, and do not understand that you have frequently incarnated on Mother Earth. Such occasions are carefully arranged to further your evolution, and as you are fond of saying ”that is the bottom line”. 

We like you are no different when it comes to evolution, except that we have already acknowledged the truth of our being. We understand our connection to the Source and all other life forms, and we acknowledge your right to create your own reality. For millennia of time you have gone from periods of darkness to wonderful Light, but neither was able outlast the other. Now it is different, as the time of duality has run its course, and all is being prepared to allow the Light to fully return. It is your natural home where joy and happiness abound in great measure, and where you are not assailed by the lower vibrations. Life is meant to be full of delightful experiences, and your freedom of choice will take you exactly where your Will desires. 

On Earth you have been so restricted and rarely allowed to establish communities of love and peace, except that they have been hidden away. There has always been that destructive element in Mans psyche, and the dark have played on it to their advantage. Remember however, that in duality you have helped create your conditions through your mass consciousness, and Man cannot really blame anyone else for the path he has trod. Now there is a different vision being held and that will replace the old outworn ways of duality. Your experiences in these vibrations are drawing to a close, and a new dawn can already be seen. 

I am Diane of Sirius, as most contacts are for this particular source of messages. I also speak on behalf of the Galactic Federation, a confederation of planets that have fully come into the Light. Your place with us is assured, and we may be likened to many of your Knights of old who stood for valour and all that was worthy. We stand by in great anticipation that very soon we shall be able to greet you all in person. Our Blessings and Love surround you all, and many of you are our Brothers and Sisters as you will soon find out. 

Than you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.