Atmos  19-Febr uary-2007 

I am Atmos, a Sirian and member of the Galactic Federation. I ask you to look around you and see the changes manifesting, on a scale that must leave you in no doubt that something big is taking place. People are being affected in ways that are confusing them, because they are not in possession of the facts, and do not therefore realise that a massive transformation is imminent. Global warming and the associated changes have been noted for many years, although at first denied. Now however, there is unmistakeable evidence of worldwide changes that are gathering pace. A sense of urgency exists, and action is called for that should have been taken many years ago. 

There is a general feeling that something is in the air, and many feel uneasy because they cannot figure out what is happening. Lightworkers are more informed, and their calmness comes from their understanding of what the end-times entail. Some will never want to see or admit to what will eventually stare them in the face. They fear change, not knowing that those very changes will be their salvation. The old institutions are breaking down as the vibrations increase, and absolutely nothing will go forward unless is resonates with them. It is time that duality gave way to a balanced energy that is not fragmented, but is one of a single purpose to bring total Light to Earth. 

The main focus of your attention is the Bush Administration, which continues to lead the nations of the world along the road to ruin. The result of their actions is bringing more misery both at home and abroad, and the rest of the world has been alerted to what is happening. The problem is that the ability to put a halt to their insane plans lies with the people of America, and they have not yet fully awakened to their responsibility. This is not entirely their fault, as the media are the lackeys that do as they are told, and consequently the people are fed on a diet of lies and half-truths. 

We have often intimated that we would prefer the people to rise up and unseat the Government. It is possible, and many great souls are with you that wait the right time to step forward and achieve it. Further to that we stand in the background to support you, and we keep matters from getting out of hand. We say be brave if it seems to be your role in life to serve others in such a noble way. If you feel very strongly about it, know that you most certainly came into life to do just that. You will have been equipped with the ability to carry out your work, and others who are destined to be part of it will find themselves coming together with you. 

Is it not interesting that as the dark go deeper into the mire of their own making, the Light grows more powerful and is leaving them behind. The greater the difference the more the Light stands in its own power. It helps transmute the dark energies thus reducing their power even further, and they are already fighting a losing battle. Patience is required, as events often proceed at a very slow pace, but if you are aware you will see the pattern of events leading to victory for the Light. Never doubt the outcome for one moment, and whatever you do go ahead with total conviction. 

Look at our own position, fully prepared to move at the moment we are authorised to commence First Contact. Sighted in your skies all over the world, and although our presence can no longer be denied your Western Governments hide their knowledge of us from you. They confuse you, and deny the most definite and convincing evidence of us by treating you like little children. Do you stop to think why, and that in spite of our Ambassadors contacting all of your main Governments. You are not told about our offers to help you bring peace to the world, because the big powers have other ideas about your future and prefer to hold on to their power. They will not give up their military forces, or the wars that keep you victim to their control. 

Power begets wealth, and politicians are not averse to lining their own pockets at your expense. Wealth is the tool that can open almost any door, and corruption is endemic in almost all countries. You might feel we could not prevent it, but I say we could and will do so at the earliest opportunity. We will come to confiscate illegally acquired moneys, and it does not matter what steps are taken to conceal them, as we know how to find their location. Not only will they be returned to their rightful owners, but wealth generally will also be re-distributed fairly and in an equitable way. Financial Centres and Banking will be subject to new and fair ways of functioning, and be very much changed to what you have now. 

Dear Ones, there are vested interests who do not wish to see you having the advantage of advanced technologies that we shall bring you, They prefer that you should pay for the essentials of life, ones that ensure you always have the basic comforts that should be freely available and at no cost to you. Impossible you might say, but we remind you that we have the benefit of technologies that are thousands of years ahead of yours. We have long worked with free energy, and money plays no part in our dealings with others. We can quite easily operate with other civilisation on an exchange basis, where both have needs that each other can fulfil. 

You cannot imagine the wonders we will introduce that will seemingly be miraculous. Yet your leaders made a decision to keep you at the mercy of their schemes and agendas. Instead, they support those commercial interests that funded their parties, and refused our help that required an end to wars. As far as they are concerned, you are best controlled by being kept down and denied the opportunity to advance. 

They have had no real heart for dealing with drugs and violence that is destroying your society. Indeed they see them as essential to ensure that you are in a state of fear, and reliant on them for your very protection. Independence would make you become more able to support yourself and that would not suit them. Understand why you are in your present stage of evolution, and demand that you are allowed to take that quantum leap that is necessary to get you well underway to Ascension. 

The power behind us all is the Will of the Creator, and you will invoke such energies by acting in Love and Light. Your intent will create an energy that will grow in intensity, until it must manifest the result you desire. Do believe that as an individual your contribution is most important, as it is your collective intent that will win the day. You are the carriers of the Light that will bring the truth into being, and most certainly the truth will set you free. Remember that you are much more than mere mortals, and are made in the image of the Creator. You are Gods that are waking up to the realisation of your enormous potential. Use it now and light up your path to Ascension. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.