SaLuSa  16-February-2007 

You have heard many times that “Love is all there is” and perhaps that doesn’t strike you as being very informative. Let me start by giving you the same statement in a slightly different way. Note where the emphasis is, and that “Love is All there is” which should convey to you its creative power, coming from the “Source of All there Is”. 

Why do we and other sources keep mentioning the aspect of love. It is because it is the most important issue that you must address. In duality you are in a struggle to manifest your love, having to deal with so much negativity. There are distractions such as noise, and emotional crises that seem to prevent you taking the time to understand yourself. Those quiet times seem far and few between, and the energy of love seems far away. 

Yet for all the trials, you intuitively know that somehow it is essential that you seek the elusive condition of love. It starts with Self and expands to include those around you. Respecting Self and forgiving of what you may see as your shortcomings, will elevate you in your own eyes. This in turn means that you can extend that tolerance and understanding to others. Furthermore, doing so as a means for spiritual advancement helps to strengthen your determination. Harmony and balance take over, and the general benefit is one of increasing upliftment of your vibrations. 

What is this love we talk about, as it is not the earthly love you have for each other that is associated with physical attraction. Certainly you experience loving feelings, and will have ecstatic times when the love energy can be overpowering. We talk of Universal Love that is all encompassing, and when you are at its centre in total peace and happiness. It is your most natural state of being, and one you left behind as you allowed your vibrations to be lowered. 

Look at those who came to Earth to be living examples of love in action. Your many teachers who could live amongst you, yet still hold that higher vibration of love. They showed you what is possible, and taught you the way it could be achieved. Their emphasis was always on love, and how necessary it was to your evolution. Now you have entered a time when if you vow to practise Universal Love, you are given every help to achieve it. Until it is mastered, you cannot truly claim to have become one with your Christ Consciousness. 

As you prepare to ascend in those final years, you will achieve Christ Consciousness and it is seen by many as the fulfilment of the promise of the return of the Christ energy. It is one that will pervade the whole of the Earth, and is it any wonder that Mother Earth has sacrificed much to help you achieve evolution. The event of Ascension is all the more important because it is unique, inasmuch that it allows for the upliftment of all Humanity. There is a choice for each one of you, and a great number will go through. 

Ascension itself is not unique, as it is ongoing and anyone may do so at anytime. However, this cycle has been prepared to allow for this decreed ending, but what is unique is that Man will ascend in his physical body, which will have been refined, and become of raised vibrations. Visitors come from all over the Galaxy in readiness to witness such a wonderful event. They already have the awareness and understanding, of what a marvellous achievement it will be for each and everyone that is successful in ascending. 

Think of the number of special occasions over the last 25 years, when you have been advised of days or periods when the energies being sent to Earth have been dramatically increased. They continue even now, becoming more frequent and offering opportunities through you to consciously take part in their grounding upon Earth. They are raising the vibration at an ever-increasing pace, and it is bringing a distinct separation between you and those who cannot accept them. 

Leaving Mother Earth is not part of Ascension, as it is only the cycle of duality that comes to an end. Mother Earth rises up with you to present another aspect of herself to you; one that like you reflects a great lifting up in vibrations. The new Earth will shine like a jewel, as the golden rays bring out the most wonderful range of colours that will be additional to those you are familiar with already. Paradise is a word that might conjure up some idea of what is in store. However, think upon my earlier words, as the energy of love will completely enfold you in a peace and happiness that knows no equal. 

The Creator is Love, and All exists within that Love and nothing is outside of it, except the un-manifest. In your present levels it is difficult for you to comprehend the state of perpetual love, and be assured that you will never tire of being within it. Your Dear Ones who have momentarily left the body to only return to Earth a short time later, touch those lower levels of the love vibration. They rarely wish to return to Earth such is the feeling of peace and Oneness, but do so because they put fulfilment of their life contract first and foremost. Ask them to describe the feeling, and they will find it difficult to describe. 

Where it has been recorded, read the accounts of people meeting ET’s or Spiritual Beings such as an Angelic presence. You will certainly find that with few exceptions, the energy surrounding such Beings creates an indelible impression upon them. It is their peaceful countenance and ability to put you at ease and alleviate your fears, that is lasting and rarely if ever forgotten. Yet, it is still difficult to find the words to give it a full expression. 

Your spiritual family comes to you in Love and admiration, and you are dearly loved for your courageous travels upon Earth. Not every soul desired such an experience, but for those who have their evolution has gone speeding ahead. 

I am SaLuSa filled with joy for you all, and bring love and salutations from the Galactic Federation. We are now drawing nearer to you, and soon to appear.    

Thank you SaluSa.

Mike Quinsey.