St. Germain  14-February-2007 

Dear Ones, your way of working is not far removed from ours, in fact it is based on original concepts that were prompted by Spirit. The main difference is that we meet and plan for your evolution with love and consideration for what is best for all. Our decisions are to bring about the final stage of duality, so that it may fulfil your destiny to ascend. We are fully aware of the difficulties you experience in comprehending the multitudinous levels at which we exist. We also see the past, present and future as in the Now, and whilst you find linear time so slow it does give you space to carefully think of the result of your actions. 

We never express fear or doubt, as in our high vibratory levels we envision and create all that is positive. It is your task to raise your own vibrations and draw the higher ones to you. You have to be instrumental in playing your part, and we join together to bring the desired results. The dark intrude and play their part to challenge the Light, and through this you learn your strengths and weaknesses. It is your quick path to evolutionary progress that would otherwise take considerably longer. 

With the speeding up of time, you sometimes find it difficult to keep up. Now, more than ever it is essential that you maintain your focus on what it is you wish to manifest. There are many distractions, and often these exist amongst your own family groups. This is a time when you cannot carry others with you, and each one has to make their own decisions in the context of freewill choice. Your human relationships are not necessarily permanent, and all come together as karma dictates. You willingly make your numerous connections in the interests of each personís evolution. You have all served in various roles, and upon completion will return to your appropriate level. 

However, once you have moved out of this cycle, you will naturally find your soul mate and become whole once again. You will often proceed to become part of a greater consciousness that involves many souls of a like vibration, and you may keep within such a group for higher service to the Creator. The Light will permeate all that you do, and great power will accompany you. You will be true creators at a Universal level, exercising your God given powers. Your future will be one of immense satisfaction, and your experiences will prepare you for even higher responsibilities. You cannot help but continue to evolve until you eventually enter the formless levels as a Being of Pure Light. 

For the moment your attention is rightly on the important task of bringing this cycle to a close. These are your first steps that are enabling you to understand the full extent of your latent abilities. You are opening up to your full potential and beginning to realise just how powerful you are. Instead of unknowingly and haphazardly creating, many of you have awakened to your true self. You are contributing to the concerted moves that are now bringing the final changes into being. 

The Earth has its beauty and Man has a fondness for it as his benefactor and protection over millennia of time. However Mother Earth also has the desire to lift up, having served Man exceptionally well. As a conscious Being she has almost fulfilled her contract, and like you is elated that the cycle of duality is almost over. All who are undecided as to their future, must soon make up their minds as to which path they wish to move onto, although in part this will be determined by their present evolutionary level. No one can proceed beyond the one that they will have reached prior to the great upliftment. By then the different realities will have been clearly defined, and show which souls will go ahead or remain in the lower vibrations. 

Presently your remaining karma throws up at you unresolved problems that must be first cleared. Forgiveness plays a formidable part in such clearance, as many relationships need repairing before you can claim to have been successful in meeting those challenges. As we have often pointed out, it also means forgiveness of Self to clear any guilt that may remain. It comes with the recognition that you allowed yourself to fall into a state of forgetfulness as to your true Self, so as to experience the lower vibrations. There is no guilt attached to your time in the dark, as those experiences were essential to your understanding and subsequent ability to absorb them. 

You are truly the most magnificent Beings, and your splendour and beauty is emerging as you find that you are able to lift yourself up. Be kind to yourself and not too harsh, as you are leaving the lower vibrations behind and once again claiming your sovereignty. You are majestic souls and ready to lead others on a journey similar to your own, who will confidently follow you and stand in your Light and Love. You will do as we of the Spiritually Brotherhood have done where Man has been concerned, and lead by example. 

I am St. Germain and will help you over the last few hurdles, ones that are becoming easier to negotiate now you have found your place in the Light. The dark are not yet a spent force, but their ability to influence the end-times is growing less each day. They have set themselves on a path of destruction, and in the end it will be them who will experience the result of their actions. They are in part sad Beings who have sunk to very low levels, which will require much of them to climb the path back into the Light. They will be helped, by many souls who see such challenges as a way of being of service. 

Always there are more evolved souls who help those of a lesser vibration, and their work requires much love and dedication. Like them you will also choose a path of service, whether it be as an individual soul or part of a collective consciousness. To serve is a joy that gives much happiness and satisfaction.  

I promise you that your trials and tribulations are soon to end. As we draw closer, so may we be able to reveal ourselves as your mentors and protectors. The vibrations are beginning to merge, and the new Earth is slowly manifesting in readiness for your final Ascension. What wonderful experiences await you, not least of all your reunion with your true spiritual families. Imagine the Love they will bring and lift yourself up ready to greet them. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.