Ker-On  12-February-07 

With the balancing of the energies that is taking place upon Earth, comes a return of the feminine influence. It will not be to the exclusion of the masculine, but will bring a balance of both. Each of you are carrying both energies and in some of you one side will be seen as pronounced, particularly when the masculine is the dominant one. For many centuries the masculine has overpowered the feminine energy with the resultant emphasis on physical expression. 

Already the difference can be seen, where woman have brought the feminine energy into workplaces. Sometimes, they have risen to positions of leadership, and this has been intended to soften the heavy reliance on the masculine approach. The time has arrived to put the beautiful vibrations of love into all you do, and bring compassion and understanding into what have without doubt been harsh and brutal times. 

On Earth you are forever competing and trying to outdo each other, and often physical force is used. This may be acceptable in certain sports, but it can have no place outside of them. Sports are an outlet for what is often a desire to exert physical attributes and skills, in such a way as to gain dominance over others. Suppressed desires of this nature can often explode into aggressive behaviour and even worse, the taking of life. Over centuries of time you have found your outlet in a whole succession of wars. These experiences have gradually taught you the futility of such actions, when you have had to deal with the emotional hurt and distress caused by such traumatic events. 

Over a long period of time, you have found a tempering of your passions and anger. Today there are fewer souls who wish to continue fighting some supposed “enemy”. They are usually the object of political expediency and desire to obtain their wealth and lands. This takes place right now in the Middle East, and we know that many fighting soldiers are disillusioned with their roles. Defending your rights and freedom is essential, and it has been the nature of Man’s responses to fight back. Brave souls have come forward as an act of duty and caring for their fellowman. Now, however the illegal war in the Middle East is carried out under the false premise of fighting terrorism. The truth is that it is about greed and lust for power, being part of the Illuminati plan for global domination. 

As a member of the Galactic Federation I can confirm that the Middle East war will soon be brought to a halt. The carnage will cease quite quickly, as a result of disclosures that will bring down the U.S. Government. As a Venusian I know that the love vibration is returning to Earth, and it is diffusing the more negative vibrations that are upholding the ones who promote war and such activities. It is obvious to those on the path of Light, that the lower vibrations have no place in the pursuance of peace or the future of the Earth, and must be removed. 

You are therefore in the middle of changes that may outwardly seem to have no planned outcome. However, I tell you that everything is extremely well planned to ensure you finally ascend. It is not the prerogative of the Illuminati and their supporting dark forces to dictate the end times. They play out their role through the changes, but a point has come where they will not be allowed to take it further. The Light is the dominant force and its power spreads out all over the world, seeking out the dark areas and transmuting them. 

There are times when you are able to experience flashes of the wonderful peace and happiness that awaits you. You touch it momentarily, yet before the end of this cycle it shall be your normal state of life. The lower energies will have disappeared, along with the souls whose choice is to remain within them. You are on the verge of a marvellous upliftment, and you shall be in wonderment of changes that will take your breath away. You may dream your vision of the future, but it shall be much greater than you can presently imagine. 

Ensure that what is happening now should not upset your focus on Ascension. That is all important; and leave the dark to their ordained future which is also part of their life plan. The realities will continue to become distant from each other, until one day there will be a total separation. The Lightworkers will find themselves the inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven and its infinite dimensions. That is so decreed by the Creator, and none shall be able to deviate such souls from their destiny. 

We of the Galactic Federation are fully in readiness for coming initial changes, that shall be followed by the fulfilment of those promises made to you. You are not simple souls who are to continue being manipulated and oppressed by the dark forces. You are magnificent souls of great vision, and have the capability to rise up out of the dark riding upon the crest of a wave to your total freedom. You are on the path of return to capture once again the greatness that you left behind. 

My message is one of simplicity and easily understood, and I ask you to make every minute of your life a tribute to your ability to Love All as Yourself. See others not as their physical expression, but as equal souls who are on Earth as you are to experience their chosen path. You are One in essence, having all come from the Source, and finding yourselves together in the experience of duality. It is ending, and all past indiscretions and mistakes will be commuted by the Law of Grace, as it is not intended that you shall carry them with you beyond the end of this cycle. 

I am Ker-On and come from Venus the planet that carries the love vibration, so we know the levels that you are uplifting to and the way in which they will bring to you your true reality. You are Great Beings of Light, that have not recognised that your path back to full consciousness is one you already set your feet upon, when you came through the dimensions into duality. Your place is with us and member nations of the Galactic Federation, who having ascended have become a great assemblage of loving Beings. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.