Ag-agria  9-February-2007 

Dear Ones, over a long period we have directed your thoughts to this particular time. A lifting up has always been anticipated if only through ancient texts such as the Revelations, although it is open to many interpretations. Certainly there were signs to follow, and the Maya left their Wheel that chronicled the ending of the Age in 2012. 

What we have done is to draw you away from thoughts of the Armageddon with all of its destruction and chaos. Instead we have shown you that the end of the cycle is a glorious new beginning; one that heralds the Golden Age. Many realities have emerged that cover the end times, and the choice is yours. However, we have expanded your thinking to take in possibilities that hardly existed until some 50 years ago. 

The dark have always been aware of the opportunities that exist during the closing of a cycle. What they have done is to take over the predicted events that were to accompany change, and mold them into ones that served their agenda. Knowing that many physical changes were foreseen, they added their own so as to exacerbate the situation. Their guile and deceit has known no bounds, but they reckoned without the impact that our arrival has caused. 

We of the Galactic Federation have presented another view of the end times, and the promise is as decreed by the Creator. With the stream of messages from numerous sources such as the Ashtar Command, you have slowly accepted that your future is also in our hands. You have seen that we have a major part to play in bringing about the final opportunities to move beyond duality. Our role is to ensure that you are the victors in this power game, one that decides the manner in which the final years play out. 

Masters and other teachers have approached the issues from the point of soul evolution, and have encouraged you to accept the gift of Ascension. Slowly you have been led away from the old accepted ideas of the end time with all of its fire and brimstone. There is no damnation of any soul, and your future has always been one where it is you that choose your path. Over millennia of time, you have been given the freewill to take whatever one you have desired. 

Even now, there is time to move out of what you have created for yourself. Heaven celebrates each occasion when a soul turns fully to the Light. Make that decision, and many souls from the higher levels will immediately take your hands and show the way. You will have found that some people have no concept of what it means to become a Light Being, yet that is the ultimate destiny of each and every one of you. 

Now within all of the changes that are manifesting, opportunities exist to step back and grasp the immense meaning behind them. Some will see only doom and gloom, and that is exactly what the dark forces intend so as to deflect your attention from the Light. However, if you can observe what is happening and see beyond the seemingly endless problems, you may sense intuitively that these are changes that are for the good of all.

It is becoming obvious that Man cannot continue in the old way, as for one Mother Earth will no longer suffer the rape of her resources and the destruction of the planet. For a long time, you have had alternative technologies that could have eased the reliance upon old methods of meeting the needs of the people. These were meant to allow Mother Earth to recover, without the necessity of major physical changes that would affect the whole world. They have been hidden away from your eyes because of the corporate greed that exists, yet used for the covert actions that are intended to allow the Illuminati total control. 

Now you stand at the cross roads, and the old ways are no longer serving you. The new concepts and the help we have offered must come to fruition very soon. Spiritually there must be a cleansing that sweeps out the teachings that bear little truth and Light. It is therefore decreed that the Masters will return, and they will show that their teachings have often been misinterpreted or falsified. It is a time for a greater understanding of your spiritual heritage, and when the dross has been removed you will clearly see the true path to godliness and upliftment. 

Man looks around and sees that the Light has been suppressed, and the dark have insidiously eaten away at the true meaning of life and replaced it with their fear and hopelessness. You must see all of this from a higher viewpoint and realise that you are sovereign beings, with the power and understanding to see the greater meaning to life. Life is infinite, and ever expanding and ongoing. Unless you allow yourselves to be bound by the dark, there is no way that they can deflect you from the path of Light. 

This year is one that offers the greatest opportunities to break out of the mould of centuries past, which have held you in bondage to the dictates of the dark. Light is streaming down upon Earth and transmuting the dark energies. Lift up into them, and become a beacon of Light that is a signpost to others who have fallen by the wayside. There is no lack of help and advice from the many individuals and groups that have taken it upon themselves to become the Wayshowers. Seek out those who are prepared to stand out and speak the truth, and they will guide you onto your path. 

I am Ag-agria a Guide to Michael in this particular work, but also one who will assist many others who have sought the help of the Galactic Federation. Service to others is our byword, and when you call us we will be there to help you in whatever way we can. We are the ones that have already ascended and well equipped to cater for your needs. We come in Love, and bring you understanding of the great Cosmos that is your true home. We recognise the real you struggling to reach up for the Light, and we will help you succeed. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.