Diane  7-February-2007 

Your expectations are now rightly high as you cannot help but note the changes that are occurring all around you. It matters little at what level they are taking place, the collective effect is one that can be felt and seen. Outwardly you see moves within the political circles, suggesting that a common consensus of opinion is developing. One that augurs well for bringing a halt to the escalation of the war in the Middle East. Inwardly you feel a releasing of the pressure brought about by negative energies that impound upon you. You find a resilience that comes of having built up a resistance through raising your vibrations. 

All of these are signs of a rapidly changing world, that is lifting into the Light. One that has finally tired of continual war and unrest, and seeks another path that brings peace. Something intangible is around you that seems to be part of you and noticeably touches other people. Your energy levels fluctuate between highs and lows, and you can feel on top of the world one moment and fully deflated the next. These are the times you are in, and sometimes it can be overpowering or confusing, and at other times leave you feeling at peace with all around you. 

Your many bodies are adjusting to the changing energies, and as they come into alignment and harmony you are moving into the higher levels. You are learning to control these energies, and as ever the secret is to be centered at all times. Move with the energies and rest when the need arises, as you are subject to tiredness that can assail you at just anytime. These feelings will gradually be balanced out, and in time the higher vibrations will be your normal mien. Changes in Self are both necessary and unavoidable, but nevertheless need not result in difficulty for you in handling them. 

Your transformation speeds along, and the Hierarchy who oversee your Ascension measure out the incoming energies so that the maximum benefit may be achieved. No longer can the lowest denominator set the level of change, and that time has now passed. From herein progress will at times be dramatic, and the net result will be advancement in the collective consciousness of Mankind. It is you who are doing the choosing as to how quickly you evolve, and we for our part provide what is necessary for you to achieve it. Success is guaranteed through the many great Beings that carefully watch your progress from on high. 

Your path to Ascension is followed by millions of souls such is the importance of the occasion. Many are those who have already left Earth, but most are ascended Beings such as those who comprise the Galactic Federation, and similar Councils who all have an important place in the Heavens. Your coming achievement can barely be expressed in your language. Magnificent and tremendous are words that come to mind, yet are insufficient to convey the wonderful dedication and success that you have achieved all through this cycle. It has been hard and punishing, but for all that your Light has held its place and carried you through the most horrendous experiences. 

We dwell not on the past, although the Book of Records will have to be rewritten to establish a permanent record of your journey. The full truth is at present known to few of you, but before this cycle completes it will be placed before you all. It is the greatness of each soul that has brought you through a testing time that is showing how powerful the Light can be despite being assailed by whatever the dark has thrown at you. There is no need for you to carry each and every life experience beyond this cycle, and what will be left are the benefits to others who have not experienced duality. This is the service you have performed for the Creator. 

Life in the Cosmos is likened to that of one great family that follows the Creator’s Will. Direction is given with immense love and understanding, and you will always know that in the end you will return unscathed to the Source of All That Is. Life is full of endless adventures in unlimited dimensions, and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The Earth can truly be exciting at times and fulfilling, but cannot in any way match the future that beckons. Let your imagination ride the waves of fantasy, and know that the true reality is much greater. 

You have been told of the rapturous beauty and peace of the higher realms, but you have yet to really experience it. You will never wish to return to the lower vibrations again, and will seek the ultimate point of happiness and bliss when you too will become All That Is. However, that is quite beyond your reach at present and will appear to ever recede from you, as you literally seem to go round in circles. I speak however of vibrations far from your touch at present, as first you must be prepared for that great leap into Superconsciousness. Even that is difficult for you to comprehend, as you are still only emerging from the great sleep that has veiled your memories for ages past. 

I am Diane from Sirius, and we eagerly await the opportunity to greet you and introduce you to your Space Families. We will be open to answer your many questions, and we know that your consciousness has now expanded to open your eyes to much more that is around you. For example, the Inner Earth is now being accepted as the home of great evolved Beings who will re-surface in good time. Our presence has also allowed your minds to conceive of Universes full of rich intelligent life. Importantly, you have also understood that your own level of intelligence whilst developing, has only recently reached its present higher level. You have so much to learn, and that shall also be one of our tasks so as to lift you up. 

Please see far beyond your present levels of understanding, and realise that you will eventually become All-Knowing. You will tap into the source, and your consciousness will know no bounds. Also know that you will illuminate the heavens far and wide with your love, in the Oneness of All That Is.   

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.