Atmos  5-February-2007 

For very many of you, this year will prove to be the one in which you have the realisation that you are changing at such a speed that it is becoming noticeable. The vibrations are speeding up at a much faster rate than before, and with your intent to absorb them they are received into every cell of your body. They bring about a feeling of peace and contentment, and you may not recognise yourself as the same person you were even just a year ago. Your energy noticeably encompasses a larger area around you, and people who come within your aura will be positively affected. 

Think then of the power that is being generated upon Earth by millions who are growing exponentially. The energy is giving upliftment to others and the result is remarkable increases in the mass consciousness of Man. We have the ability to measure such emanations, and we are therefore certain of our facts. The whole picture is one that gives us great joy, as it indicates that many more of you have fully stepped onto the path to Ascension. You are fulfilling the promise that was apparent before the Millennium, when it was perceived that you could respond to the challenge and rise up out of the dark. 

Whilst we were confident you could achieve success, nevertheless we had to allow for the negative effects of the dark ones who were entitled to challenge your Light. We could not positively know in which manner events would work out, although in one way or another we could foresee success as it was of course divinely ordained. Our concern was for the millions of souls who might be unable to throw off the negative energies, and remain caught up in the lower vibrations and thus unable to escape. The aim was to give sufficient time so that there was every possible opportunity for more people to ascend. 

In a period of time when a “once in a lifetime” chance comes along, we desired that a large percentage of you would rise sufficiently high to see the new path of opportunity laid out before you. Allowing the dark to present themselves in a manner that tested your resolve to stay centred and focussed on your evolution, was one way of bringing you to see that reflection of Self that carries the energies that need transmuting. It is a collective responsibility, and your charge is to help remove those dark energies that have in part been created by every soul on Earth. Those who are in transition have also played their part, and will continue to assist you from a different level. 

Absolutely everything is comprised of energy, and its quality determines at what level it exists. You on Earth are unique, as you are thrust into a multitude of different vibrations and they can be taken in or rejected according to your point of awareness. It is these very conditions that constitute your testing ground, and remarkably you have proved able to rise above the negative energies. 

In the latter days of the fabled land of Atlantis many of you were present, and in that time so many succumbed to the lower energies that they went down with it. Destruction was self induced, and resulted from the abuse of God’s Laws and the resultant decadency that prevailed. This current cycle end time is a re-run of those final events, so that you could prove yourselves able to overcome them this time around. The lessons for Humanity as a whole are very much the same as for each individual, and you are presented with yours again and again, until you have become the Masters of them. Evolution is gained in this way, but the speed of your progress is entirely up to you. We never put any pressure on you to achieve, but will give every encouragement to help you once you have made that decision to rise up into the Light. 

The spiritual realms abound with souls who voluntarily descend to Earth to serve those who desire to lift up out of the dark. They accompany you as your Guides, and when you are ready for higher teachings or experiences the appropriate changes are made. Many of you have teachers that have travelled with you for successive lives, and they actually know you far better than you do yourselves. This is why you should acknowledge these fine souls, and never hesitate to call upon them. Your choice is not limited in any way, and should you choose to align yourself with a religious leader such as the Buddha or Jesus the energy of that dear enlightened soul will come to you. 

Some follow leaders who are incarnate and that is also perfectly normal, and in so doing are most likely to link up again with a great soul who is no stranger to them. Like attracts like, and you will be magically drawn to those with whom your energies vibrate. However, never feel committed to stay in any one vibration when it has served you well. There is always that upward pull as progress is essential to your overall evolution. Beings in Spirit do not tie you down or demand your loyalty only to them, and they will greet your desires to travel a new path with joy and happiness. 

Unfortunately, some religions demand your loyalty and obedience to their creeds, and you are made to feel guilty if you desire to move on. Again these are tests that you have to face, and as sovereign Beings know that you are free to travel whatever path you should choose. Even after Ascension it is you who will be deciding what your next experience shall be, but you will have greater souls to call upon for their advice. Your most likely experience will be one of working under a specific Master, one who enshrines the type of energies you wish to develop. However, remember that by this time you will have achieved superconsciousness and you will yourself have achieved Masterhood. Others may desire to simply serve those souls that stay in the lower vibrations, and perhaps even return to the new 3rd dimensional Earth. 

I am Atmos one of Michael's Sirian contacts, and I wish to tell you that a great vista of opportunity is beginning to open up for you, and the Cosmos awaits your presence. You are no strangers to the higher levels, except you have forgotten your true identity as great Beings of immense power and potential. Returning to the ships of the Galactic Federation will release those old memories, and it will soon seem as if you had never left them. The Creator has always provided, and Man has divided but this is soon to change, as Love and Light return to Earth.  

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.