SaLuSa  02-February-2007 

The way forward comprises of many realities, and as individuals you choose the one that fulfils your ideals and desires. As a mass consciousness, your decisions help determine the future for the whole of Mankind. Presently there are sufficient of you who have fixed your eyes on Ascension, and this is setting you on course for its completion. 

The Light is ever growing quickly, and more people are attracted to it and beginning to understand how it operates. With the emphasis upon control, the dark are actually turning you away from their attempts to curtail your freedom. For some time this has been apparent in the area of self-healing, and the benefits of simple and natural treatments are growing exceptionally fast. Because they are natural, generally speaking they have no adverse affects and there is less dependence on drugs. 

Man is finding his voice, and demanding to be in charge of his own life. Many now see how their freedom has been substantially eroded, and are doing their best to reclaim it. The swell of opinion against the ones who control your lives is growing, and it waits only the emergence of those who are to lead you forward. Many are primed and ready to take the lead, but as with everything else there is a right time and place. 

Life is precarious, and those with leadership qualities must wait their opportunity to reveal themselves. Some already stand out and by their words you know them. The Light cannot be concealed, and their words carry its energy that touches the hearts of those who are discerning. Remember that the plan for Man is carefully orchestrated, and even though it often plays out in the background it is nevertheless very positive. With our backing and direction, you have dedicated yourselves to establishing the path that leads back to the Light. 

For millennia of time we of the Galactic Federation along with many dear souls on earth, have gradually awakened you to the truth and your consciousness has been lifted. For too long you have been encouraged to give up your power to others, who have had only their own self interests in mind. You have been cajoled into believing that your elected representatives speak true, but their words are to lull you into a false sense of security. Now more than ever, you must not accept on face value what you are told. Every attempt will be made to divert you from your path, and force and threats will regrettably be used against some people who stand up to the dark. 

These are times when you are fighting the final throes of the dark, and they get more daring and can be seen for what they really are as despots and tyrants. Do not be lulled into believing everything you hear, and be selective as to what you take with you for the rest of your journey. The critical point has already been met, and your response will determine how quickly the advance of the dark forces is permanently stopped. Your demonstrations and petitions do count for much that stalls the plan of the dark, and they fear your potential power. Without sufficient support they will sink, and as more people see through their false promises and deliberate lies their hold on you weakens. 

Providing you are determined to stay within your Light, you are impregnable as it is your fortress. It is your most powerful weapon and it will bring an end to the dark before very long. There is really nothing that you cannot achieve, if you firmly place your focus upon what it is you desire. Your greatest strength comes from the Creator’s Plan that has decreed the sending of powerful Light energies to Earth. These reach you through your Sun that continually beams them out through the Great Beings that reside within it. The Sun like everything else is also changing, and this fact has not gone unnoticed by your scientific community. They may not know the true purpose, but they do acknowledge the profound effect it is having upon all life in your Solar System. 

The Creator’s Plan is perfect, and it is only the low vibrations of Earth that are slowly being transmuted that cause the chaotic changes. Change it must and Mother Earth is aware and welcomes what is happening. You cannot be exempted from the changes, as it is the upliftment of all in its present form that has no place in your future. The old is melting away and in its place comes the opportunity for immense growth. As individuals you should welcome what is happening, and with your added assistance it will help keep disruption to your lives to a minimum. 

Your roles are already pre-determined as a part of your life plan, and collectively you have immense power to shape your future. The right people are with you now who will come into prominence and lead you forward. Identify with them and give your support, and know that we stand by and actively protect them. The dark may appear to have its own way in much that takes place, but be assured that we also do much that curtails their actions. It allows those of the Light space in which to carry out their work and we are with them all of the way. 

Matters are delicately poised just now, and the world is certainly in upheaval. It is the storm that clears away the dross, and once it has abated a peace will settle upon the Earth for all to see and celebrate. It is your destiny to see this happen soon, and except for minor details the outcome cannot be changed. Knowing this, go forward with a positive outlook and know that every contribution to the Light is helping establish the new Earth. There are millions of souls who have found their Light and have already lifted themselves up, and they are the backbone of the Forces of Light that are coming to the fore. 

There is a wonderful vibration permeating the Earth, and with it comes calmness and peace. A calmness that is indicative of your new persona and successful efforts to express the Creator’s Love and Light in all you do. The heavenly realms draw closer as your Light expands, and great Beings are able to work with you. Be aware of their presence, and ask for their help in your work and they will respond. There is one Great Brotherhood of Light and you will be invited to join it, and it indicates your true level of achievement and as time progresses you will understand how great you really are. 

I would confirm many civilisations that are amongst our members have strong connections with you. I come from Sirius as do many other contacts with Earth, and we have a stronger link with you than most other members of the Galactic Federation. We are your history to yet be revealed, and many of our members have had a hand in your evolution. We are to you your family, and we respond to your pleas as would be expected because of our ties to you. We are carrying out the Will of the Creator, and in time you will also take your place alongside of us serving as we do. 

We see so many of you opening up to the truth of your God Self, and it sends out a strong message that Man of Earth has found a way back. The Creator has bestowed upon us the authority to ensure your present cycle ends in victory for the Light, but there are no real losers as all will continue on the path that leads back to the Light. 

I leave you with the knowing that your intent to bring the Light back to Earth is assured. Soon we shall be amongst you and the fears about our presence will be quickly removed. We come with nothing but love for you all, and we shall encourage you to go ahead with the Creator’s Plan to restore Earth to its pristine beauty. We will be one in our actions, and shall succeed without any doubt. Go about your final days with great vigour and renewed strength and purpose, we are with you in Oneness and Love.         

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.