Diane  23-March-2007 

For those of you who have an awareness of the significance of the changes taking place, it is certain that by now you can recognise them within you. The energies of change continue to play upon the Earth, and on each occasion such as the Spring Solstice that you have just experienced a major input occurs. The net result of them is an upliftment in you, and it will continue until you have achieved full consciousness. 

The beauty of the intense focus upon your progress is that as you awaken to your true Self, you help ground the energies and this in turn helps Mother Earth. It also increases the strength of the vibrations in general terms, and this again has an effect on all souls that it embraces. In other words, you do not have to be specifically aware of what is happening for it to touch you. Undoubtedly some souls upon learning of the existence of the higher forces who are bringing you opportunities for growth, will feel that they have somehow been overlooked. This is not true, and over millennia of time your life plans have been constructed in such a way, as to engage your consciousness in expansion and the understanding of the purpose of life. 

Because you have allowed yourselves to fully experience materialism and both aspects of duality, your ego has become your guide and your Higher Self not recognised as your true Self. This was to be expected and anticipated, but there had to be a turning point if you were to start on the road to self-realisation. You have experienced the pain and pleasures of the dark until you have become satiated with negative vibrations, and this has meant much cleansing and change of direction. Gradually the Light within you has responded, and you have placed your feet upon the path that leads to self-awareness of the Lighted part of your consciousness. 

Perhaps you can see that where you are today, is a reflection of the degree to which you have been able to lift yourself up. The Light is always there, and once you acknowledge its importance and recognise it as your link to the Source, you will bring it more into your daily life. There is much to distract you, and the dark play on your conditioning to accept their ways as normal. They know you are vulnerable, and they try to make you dependent upon them for all aspects of your life. What they cannot do is snuff out your Light and when it can make an impression upon your thoughts, you will become more centred and think for yourself. 

The dark represent all that binds you and takes away your freedom. They do it by subterfuge and any means that brings fear into your life. A look around at present will see that process in motion, and its tentacles reach into all aspects of life. However, the Light is revealing the truth about those who have controlled your lives for so long. Now you stand up and demand release from the draconian laws, and maverick government that no longer recognises your Constitution. 

Manís laws should reflect God given edicts, that are always behind the greater understanding that has shaped those that speak of your well-being and sovereignty. Without being founded on love and justice they are doomed to failure, and you are about to witness the effect of the break up of your Government for this reason. It is corrupt and feeds on greed in its search for absolute power, and ignores their responsibility and duty to the people. 

The dark have their leaders who are largely hidden behind the appointed ones whose names are familiar to you. They comprise of the Illuminati and have sought to impose themselves upon you without your knowledge or approval. Have no fear Dear Ones of the Light you are represented by a far greater power, that of the Creator. Would you seriously believe that you could be deserted by the One who made you in the Father/Mother image? Are you not told that God moves in mysterious ways, yet I tell you that there is no longer a mystery at all. God moves through you and within you by that aspect of yourself that you call your Higher Self. If you would but take time to quietly connect with it, you would find the guidance and direction you seek. 

By all means listen to others, as they may have walked their Lighted path a little further than you have. However, in the final reckoning listen to your own voice within or as you otherwise know it, your intuition. Whatever is right for you at this stage may not be so for someone else. You are quite unique and no one else can really decide what is best for you. Providing you recognise the greater aspect of yourself that is your Godself, your decisions will be based on not what is just in your best interest, but for the good of all. 

I may make it sound as though the responsibility for your evolution is totally down to you. That is true to some degree, as you decide at what pace it shall proceed. However, as soon as you make that decision to be true to yourself and your God given rights, Heaven acknowledges your awakening consciousness. Many Guides are attracted to you and help direct your experiences, and as we have often told you it is your freewill choice and they are not imposed upon you. 

You should remember that your Guides and Angels are with you and eager to help, and if you acknowledge their presence they will come closer to you. They nurture and protect you with love that knows no bounds, and they are delighted when you recognise their attachment to you. You might be surprised to know that their protection is often called into action, and you may never realise that they helped you. Their powers are beyond you, and they can literally make time stand still. 

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and we too are protecting you but from afar. Soon there will no more need to conceal our presence, and a great coming together will be celebrated in style. Our love is with you always and your release from the dark is assured. Together we shall open the gates to the Golden Age of fulfilment, that signals another great advancement in your evolution.  

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.