SaLuSa  27-February-2009


For many lifetimes your Guides have travelled with you, and proportionate to your level of development have led you to the truth and real purpose of life. It has become easier as you have moved into times of education that have enabled you to find your own truths. Hitherto, you were reliant on wise elders or religious orders whom you accepted on trust. Now when the majority of people are able to read and write, you have every opportunity to follow your own beliefs. Clearly not every one is motivated to do so, and there are those who profess little interest in the purpose of life. They will be ill prepared to take the opportunity to ascend, in view of the few years left to this cycle.


Our contact with you is not strictly speaking a mission solely dedicated to your spiritual progress. However, since we come to speak about the truth of your reality and where your future lies, our messages are bound in spiritual energy that can uplift you. Dear Ones, no matter how you dress it up and how many ways you can present it, there is still only the One Truth. It is therefore best that you keep an open mind at all times, as the truth can be found everywhere around you. Look at nature and see the Creator’s hand at work, can you not see the order and harmony that exists? Centuries ago people lived and worked closer to the Earth, and they understood more about the rhythms and cycles associated with it. In this modern age you have lost touch with Mother Earth, and only have to look at how she has been treated.


You are waking up now to your responsibilities, and suddenly there is more concern about your environment. As you move nearer the time we are to join you, we can help you address the problems that face you. On your own the tasks would be too great, but with our advanced technologies an efficient and speedy cleansing program will take place. Few people have realised how dependent you are upon Mother Earth for your existence. The resources you have are not expendable, and clearly you cannot expect them to last forever. You are reliant upon all that is around you for your very existence, yet so many fail to see how it is all linked. The result is that you have upset the harmony and balance that would otherwise exist. The ultimate would have been the destruction of Earth, and in that event all life upon it.


We make no idle statement when we inform you that we have saved you and your Earth on more than one occasion. However, at this particular point in your cycle you are safe, and will live to see the changes and Ascension. How disruptive they are depends on how quickly the vibrations lift up along with your consciousness, and the degree to which you re-introduce balance and harmony into your lives. It only takes a minority of enlightened souls to carry you forward, and leave the cycle of duality. Every contribution you make towards the Light helps, so never demean your efforts. It is your collective consciousness that is the determining factor in your future, and although the manner of the end-times have been decreed by God, you still affect the way in which occurs.


Your personal future is far more important than what happens to dark ones, as they have written the script for their own path through their freewill just as any other soul. It is best to stay as ever looking to your future, believing in what will come with your release from this cycle. The expectancy of many people differs one to another, but as long as you see the ultimate upliftment into the higher Light it really is not important. Keep on your own track, but be ready to change direction when a new truth comes along. Bear in mind that you are now ready for an expansion of your awareness and understanding, and you can relate to it far better in this new Age.


Our presence is far more acceptable now than it was 50 years ago, when we would most likely have been refused the opportunity to show up on Earth. The Greys are in a different category, having been invited to Earth by your Government many years ago in a secret agreement. They were allowed bases but not outside contact beyond the “abductions”, which are almost entirely with those who came to Earth for that purpose. It is stories like these that are kept under wraps, but will be revealed following disclosure of the whole UFO set up. You are kept ignorant of the Space Beings because you would have turned to them for the help they would have given, and that included making peace upon Earth. The dark forces do not have peace on their agenda or plan for Man, they have only been interested in global power and total enslavement of your civilisation.


You have heard stories about your past, and yet with few exceptions do not really understand the peril that you have been in. You have been fooled into believing that you are lesser beings than those that have ruled you for centuries of time. The divide has brought about the privileged elite, and those that are subservient to them. It is now time to throw off this illusion, as you are all equal in the eyes of God. Treat others with that in mind, even if in their ignorance they forget who they are. The Light is shining into the darkest corners of people’s minds, and there is yet hope that it sparks an awakening.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I can speak for my companions and say that we are both amazed and pleased at your progress. Since the Millennium it has been a remarkable turn around from the period immediately preceding it. Although, it must be said that you really took off following the Harmonic Convergence of the 80’s. You have suddenly responded to the spiritual impulses, that have been coming to you through your Earth’s grid system. As was hoped the energy has awakened many souls to their potential, and they have responded by living their truth for others to see. It continues to grow as you receive even more Light, and your consciousness expands.


There is a way to go yet, but with what you have achieved in your personal growth it will ensure that the pathways to Ascension are fully opened. Some lead and others follow, and there are many souls ready to step forward in the role of Wayshowers. We invite you to share your knowledge with others, as they have a desire for it. Treat them with love and your Light will shine through, and your truth will open their heart centres.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.