SaLuSa  25-February-2009


You are so used to working to linear time, and it does by and large suit your life styles, but in the higher realms it is unnecessary and would not serve you. Much of the stress in your lives is caused by your constant race against time, and what a relief it will be for you when you take your place in the higher levels. Yet, if your lives were to benefit from the abundance that the Earth holds, it could have been so different. You have been deliberately denied all of the advantages that should have been yours, and that is particularly relevant to your transportation. By now you should have had underground systems where speeds were phenomenal by your reckoning. A tunnel system that had no necessity for rails, but one utilising laws of magnetism. You spend so much of your lives travelling around, when the time could be more productive or allow you more for your leisure pursuits.


Historically speaking you have always served others, and not always by choice. However the pace of life was so much slower in bygone days, and more fulfilling even so people had none of the home comforts you enjoy now. Perhaps you can see how materialism has taken over so many lives, and you have to work so hard to reach your goals. Naturally you seek a certain standard of living and indeed that should be your right. Once First Contact is underway, the benefits that you are entitled to will start to come your way. However, once you have entered the higher dimensions each of you will have exactly what you desire, and you could literally say that your dreams have come true. The ability to create becomes a natural one that all will have to different degrees.


Ascension is your gateway to the most beautiful realms beyond Earth, and words are always going to be inadequate to describe them. It is not just what you can see although it is most captivating with its array of colours, you will quickly notice that light is everywhere yet creates no shadows. The very ethers are alive with energy, and you will find yourself pleasantly sensitive to them all. There is a joyful feeling everywhere, and a harmony that makes you feel so good and really alive. The effort you put in to ascend is more than repaid to you, and it is an opportunity that is yours for the taking. It is true you must put it into achieving greater levels of consciousness, and in this respect help is being given.


What a contrast in your present life to the one that awaits you, and you really have a foot in each one. We know that so many of you tire of the constant state of confrontation that seems never ending. You might rightly ask where are the peacemakers who could become world ambassadors, and put Mankind onto a path that leads to permanent peace. Dear Ones, there are always Beings on Earth that could lead you out of your present demise. They await the right opportunity, to acquire the power and authority that would be necessary to bring the world governments together. We do not foresee that solution arising for quite some time, but moves will be made in that direction. First Contact is still going to be the turning point for so many matters, which will require more power behind them than you can currently muster.


Some of you recall visiting the higher dimensions in your dreams, and you may not realise they are real experiences. The difference to your normal “out of the body” travels is that they are so much more vivid and lasting, whereas usually you have little or no remembrance of where you have been. That is in part intended as memories of some of the people you have met, and what has passed between you are better kept from you. It is only because you may not focus on what is important in your daily life, if you were too tied up with other off Earth matters. It would not take too much imagination to realise how complicated your life might become, if for example you could not release your loved ones who had already passed over. It is essential that you give your full attention to the lessons you have come to learn, that only this dimension can give you. We can tell you that everything about your lives and the experiences you have, are well planned and thought out.


You should know by now, that your freewill choice brought you to Earth. Sometimes you would willingly get off if you could; yet subconsciously you are aware that your experiences in duality are so important to your evolution. The Earth is the school for rapid advancement and spiritual evolution, and you are not working from the bottom up. You came out of the higher dimensions and graciously accepted the challenge to drop down the vibrations. Your confidence was complete because you knew that the Creator would never let you down, no matter how far you strayed from the Light. Now the proof of that promise is before you, and Ascension is your opportunity to rise up once again.


Living through the experiences you have had has involved you in hundreds of lifetimes. Progressively you have chosen to evolve ever onwards, and there has been careful planning to ensure that you achieve your goals. It is not, and never has been a random experience, as you are not on Earth through some chance happening or coincidence. Likewise you do not meet other souls that are part of your life unless it is intended, even where you might not enjoy the experience. Often a group of souls will incarnate on many occasions together, and by keeping in a family unit there is much strength in such bonding. Think of how much easier it is to be attracted to another soul when you have already had links with them. You call it instant attraction and it is a powerful energy that is hard to resist. Equally, there can be other situations where you feel an intense dislike towards someone even before you get to know them, and you may ponder on why that is so.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we are one of the members of the Galactic Federation who relate more closely to you. We are involved in your past, and shall be active with you in the future. We would so love to come to you now and create the conditions for your happiness. However, this would not be the ideal time to introduce ourselves, and we have been given clear plans that set out our time scale for First Contact. It must manifest as part of your release from the dark ones, and will signal a major change of direction for you. Our thoughts are with you, and our love certainly accompanies you.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.