SaLuSa  20-February-2009


Dear Ones, we often talk about you regaining your freedom, which is your God given right. You came to Earth by choice as free souls, and knew that you were to experience duality. It was up to you how you progressed, but even the most aware of you eventually succumbed to the pull of the lower vibrations. It was a matter of degree, but those who fell completely under its influence lost all measure of remembrance of who they really were. Now you are coming to the end of duality, and every effort is being made to reawaken you. For over a century the amount of Light being brought to bear on you has increased tenfold, and has been instrumental in lifting many of you up. This is in accordance with the Divine Plan to release you from the lower vibrations, and end the cycle whilst giving every soul the opportunity to rise up.


True freedom is much more than you might imagine, but cannot be fully experienced until you have moved on to the path of Ascension. It is because the remaining influences coming from those souls who have declined to move on, still has the potential to stall your progress. Freedom is total without restrictions, and the benefits will include the removal of legislation that curtails your free movement around the world. It will also result in the coming together and settlement of religious differences, and the recognition of All as being of the One. Freedom to worship is vital, but not where it is accompanied with the type of religious fervour and extreme reactions that has often led to war. Allowing others to follow their own path is essential to a peaceful world. The differences can often compliment the knowledge that is held by others, and it should be known that no one religion holds the total truth. Regrettably, many ancient teachings have been used to exercise power over others, by trading on the fear factor.


Freedom comes when trust is well placed and seen to be upheld. That will be easier to accept when respect returns and all lives considered sacred. As part of the whole each one of you contributes to the collective consciousness. None are considered greater or lesser than other beings, after all it is not given to you to know the life plan of another soul. Experience is what you shall take with you at the time of Ascension, and as likely as not, no two paths will have exactly matched each other. Therefore each contribution from you is forever expanding the pool of consciousness, from which you all draw your understanding. Now you have the old paradigm losing ground to a new one that will eventually replace it. This is necessary before you can experience the changes that herald the coming of the Golden Age.


Freedom of movement and speech are going to be returned to you, but always it is wise to bear in mind that you are responsible for your thoughts and actions. As long as you do no harm to another soul, you can take it that you are working from the Light. When you often read about our reluctance to “interfere” with your freewill, you will realise how careful you will also have to be where others are concerned. Judgement is high on the list of “do not” and is because you cannot fully know the circumstances that led to the actions of another Being. As you can see, freedom also has its rules, but those that move onto Ascension will already have an awakened mind and understanding of their responsibilities.


Freedom is something that the Illuminati wish to restrict for the purpose of controlling you. By their reckoning you cannot be allowed to have powers that can be used against them. For those of you in America this is why your Constitution has been savagely attacked and watered down by successive governments. It will however be restored and adopted by the rest of the world. Governance will return to truly representing the people, and note their wishes which will be acted upon. It will become openly conducted and be transparent, so that its dealings are seen to be without secrecy and covert operations.


It will be only natural that your minds will return to all that is of the highest desires and is for the benefit of all people, and you will gravitate towards a more spiritual approach to life. It will not take too long before the Laws of the Universe will be understood and applied to all of your thoughts and actions. You will be moving into higher and higher vibrations, and these will carry you to those levels in preparation for Ascension. You will find it most natural and acceptable to move in this direction, as it will be seen as the logical progression of your evolution. When you move with the flow, life becomes easier and each person will find great happiness and joy in so doing.


At present your minds are full of the news regarding the financial problems that are happening all over the world. It is distracting but also necessary that you learn how you have been subjected to the corruption that has led to its downfall. In seeing the worst you will begin to understand that you cannot go back to the old ways, as these are defunct and a totally new money system is required. Is it not amazing to you, that suddenly the foundations of your civilisation are being shaken almost very day by revelations of one kind or another? This is happening as predicted and clearly signals that the cleansing has got under way.


There are many dear souls that have come to Earth for this particular time, and have done so specifically to offer their expertise and experience to overcome your many problems. Given the opportunity to influence the ways in which the changes proceed, they will ensure that they are appropriate to your needs. Our allies are of course in the thick of what is happening, and are already briefed as to what their tasks are to lift you up again. They are working directly with the Galactic Federation, and whilst dealing with your problems, are also paving the way for First Contact. Be assured as always that all proceeds well in spite of the apparent chaos. Give it time to settle, and you will see the positive signs of a new paradigm emerging. One that will fulfil all of the requirements to restore your sovereignty and freedom.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and hope to have inspired you to keep your vision firmly in your sights, as immense Love and Light accompanies you. Your success is already guaranteed and the new Age is rapidly advancing.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.