SaLuSa  18-February-2009


There are a number of energetic moments coming, when the speed of your vibrations will increase even faster than previously. That is to be welcomed as it will increase your ability to manifest your creations and assist the Light to substantially gain a hold on Earth. It will also enable a stronger focus upon the changes that are necessary to establish a new paradigm. The quicker it grows the sooner it will draw others to it who also visualise a new future, where peace and harmony exist. Meanwhile, the dark view their crumbling empire and plans, ones that are no longer holding Mankind in their web of deceit. To say they are in panic is to put it mildly, and they are at their most dangerous when confronted with failure. However, in spite of their attempts to regain their power, they will be prevented from causing a major event of catastrophic dimensions. That may be their intent to heighten the fear factor, but they will find there are other forces that will oppose them.


This is to be a year when the paths of the Light and dark become clearly defined. People will be faced with some soul searching as to which way to go, and it will be a decision that will determine whether they move towards Ascension. It is not that it will be the last chance, but as time progresses there is less likelihood that people will have a change of heart. If you are undecided now, we would suggest you try to sever your emotional links with the problems that presently beset Man. Know that there is Light at the end of the tunnel, and it is beginning to emerge at an ever-increasing pace. Believe that you are creating a new scenario, even if the nature of it is not yet visible. The collective consciousness of Mankind is vibrating quicker, and this is how it must be to achieve the level that will take you to Ascension.


You have not come all of this way, through hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes to fail at the last fence. Indeed, this period was always meant to offer your final experience in duality, although as always your freewill choice is still yours alone. No longer can those who are by choice staying in the lower vibrations, delay those who have made their decision to rise up. They will have responded to the Light, and fully deserve their upliftment through the process of Ascension. There is nothing new in this process, as many times you have had to decide which path to follow. The beauty of it is that you cannot make a mistake in relation to your vibration, as you will find yourself at exactly the right level. It is the Law of Attraction, so in fact whether you make a firm choice or not as to where you desire to go, the “right level” will find you.


Dear Lightworkers, do not be too concerned if you cannot help certain people in their understanding, as some will find the truth too overwhelming for their comprehension. At least before they leave this dimension such souls will have some knowledge of Ascension. It will find a place deep in their subconsciousness, only to be remembered when another opportunity comes along to uplift them. Your consciousness retains all experiences, to be used knowingly or not according to their value to you at the time.


Living in the Now is a most desirable goal for those who are moving into the Light. In a manner of speaking you move neither backwards or forwards, see no past or future but an ever-moving tapestry with everything upon it. Time is your problem inasmuch as you are used to a progression of events, you see one ending and another beginning yet they are happening in the same time continuum. Life actually becomes easier when you can begin to feel the “Nowness” of everything around. You will find it possible to go with the flow and simple allow it to be. That way you will be in harmony with all else, and will easily travel through life without the distractions of things that are out of balance with the whole.


The old mindset and ego directed life, will prove unsatisfactory for your desire to rise above them and your focus will change to the way of Light and Love. It is not so difficult to move into a new mode, and your incentive is the Golden Age that now beckons. Clearly you cannot set foot on that path unless you put in the effort, but as you have been informed already, once you have expressed the intent you will be given guidance. That is partly why we are here making ourselves known through various channels. We are your mentors in that respect, but are also desirous of making open contact with you.


Our future is together and we come not to “rescue” you, as you are not in danger of annihilation. Such as the dangers are to life and limb, we are tightly monitoring events on Earth and our divine orders are to keep it to a minimum. There will be no nuclear war or that type of aggression, but we cannot stop altercations between people if they are set upon it. It is still a time when much Karma is being cleared, so it must be allowed in the interests of all concerned. We do not interfere, but come in answer to many prayers and thoughts sent into the ethers that welcome our presence. After all, on a number of occasions we have tried to offer our help, and it has been turned down. However, we no longer have need for your permission to arrive on Earth, as it has become a divine order with an ultimate date by which we will appear. We will do so in a perfectly correct manner, and first approach those who are your legally appointed representatives.


We know you still seek dates for these events, but for the time being as matters are still so fluid on Earth we must keep our thoughts to ourselves. Suffice to say that the time of First Contact rapidly nears fruition, and we are ready to jump into action at short notice. Our craft can be called in from wherever they are in the Galaxy quite quickly, and since our fleet’s number thousands upon thousands of different types, we do not need them all for the initial approaches to you.


I am SaLuSa come again, and hope that each time you gather a bit more information about us and our tasks. Also how we intend to introduce ourselves so as not to cause alarm, as we are aware that some people are fearful of why we are here. We will dispel those worries quite quickly, as it will be seen that we come in peace. Contact with us as individuals will also convince you of our loving approach and gentleness with you.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.