SaLuSa  11-February-2009


You are into a new year that will in many ways exceed your expectations. It is after all, one which has been highlighted as bringing about major changes that will assist the Light to manifest. With it comes advancement to higher levels, that will enable the Lightworkers to provide more meaningful results for their efforts. It is the time those that know what to look for, will see the emergence of Dear Ones who are destined to lift Mankind out of the darkness. It will be a cumulative effort and the Light will show which way events are heading. The playing field is not only being levelled, but will favour the righteous and saintly ones who will lead from the helm of Starship Earth.


It is up to those who are perceptive and see the Light at work, to comfort others who are not. Share your confidence and assurance that all will be well. Otherwise the despair and lack of faith in the future, will give the dark an opportunity to prolong their stay of power. If you get hold of the reins, you can direct your chariot of freedom and truth through the darkness and fully into the Light. There is power in numbers, but it does not take many of the Light to make a great difference all around you. Walk in the energy that you feel within that is uplifting you, and let no outer interference shake you from your path. Nothing can touch you or unseat you unless you allow it.


The media will for the time being will mislead you with false reports, trying to maintain the element of fear that still exists. Trust your own judgement and do not be afraid of the reaction of anyone else. You make your own pathway and let no one distract you from it, as many are scared of facing the truth. It takes some degree of will power to stay focussed on your personal truth, but you must do so if you are to be true to self. These are the times when all that no longer serves Humanity, will be brought to the surface. The revelations will shock some people to the core, and the ensuing confusion and dismay will be difficult to eradicate. This is where those who have a greater understanding can help ease the pain, and bring people into the Light.


There is much about to happen and many events are just waiting the right moment to come, to surface. From our point of view it is important that they follow on in such a manner, as to provide a sensible progression, and one that benefits you all. It is all leading to what we view as the most important event for us both, the coming together of the Galactic Federation and the people of Earth. Then, and not until then will we be able to openly guide you towards establishing peace on it. It will happen because you have willed it so, and the cleansing of the Earth will go ahead. It will put paid to the ugly reminders of what happens when you lose your sense of direction, and fall from the higher levels of Truth and Light.


We have the advantage of seeing the future quite clearly, which is why we can state with some confidence that you already have the victory you seek. Bide your time and exercise patience, as there is still some time to go before it becomes obvious to you. Know that as ever multitudes of Beings oversee your progress, and are charged by the highest authorities of Heaven to ensure your ultimate success. Can you see that you are in safe hands, and there is no reason to look back as that period is already being consigned to history?


The blasts from the political arena, economy and weather anomalies are the vestige of old energies that are dying away. The new is taking its place amidst all of the turmoil, and if you look carefully you will find it. You are creating it and it will not be denied its chance to carry Mankind forward, to the manifestation of your dreams of peace and happiness to unparalleled levels. Seek nothing less and you will be helping to bring it all together, as you take another step towards Ascension. You have long sought the answer to your sorrows and pain, and now the most wonderful opportunity to uplift your selves stands at your feet.


Communities are beginning to take their own action to overcome the difficult period you are going through. This will grow into a people’s movement that show others the way forward. Power is in your hands to a great extent, so take it and be bold where your future is concerned. For too long your wishes have been ignored, for the gratification of those who are at the centre of greed and uncontrolled power. You have experienced the consequences, and can now consign them to the ranks of those who have served out their time in duality. No more shall they build their empires at your expense, and in the face of the Constitution that they have progressively changed for their sole benefit.


There are moves afoot to release secret information about us, and that will clear the way for a greater contact with you. It will be an embarrassing time for your governments, who have denied you the truth about us. It will show their blatant disregard for your rights to know about us, and how we have frequently approached your leaders with proposals that would have helped bring world peace long ago. Now is the time you are very much prepared to reach out to us without fear. Even you realise that if we were set on taking over the Earth, it would have been quite simple many years ago. We have never uttered a threat against you, or partaken in any activity that would have harmed you or Mother Earth. We treasure her and all souls upon her, and indeed those wonderful Beings of the Inner Earth, who are also destined to join us when we appear.


Perhaps you can detect the excitement we feel coming to you in our words. The time is on hand when the waiting will provide its reward, and our closeness will become more apparent to you. We are in touch with your leaders and they are aware of what the future holds in store for you and your world. We expect to see great advances this year, and we shall be doing our bit to ensure they take place.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as always pleased to address you and keep your focus where it can best serve you. The Universe awaits the emergence of the new Man of Earth, ones who have caring and love for all life.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.