SaLuSa  09-February-2009


Rest easier as your day-to-day news will reveal a new trend in your affairs, as you realise that the secrecy that shrouded the past is being revealed. The truth is beginning to come into the public arena, and will not be denied a hearing. Your media is still largely controlled, but you shall see the pressure of bowing to public demand for information will break the silence. These are times when it is becoming impossible for certain covert actions to be concealed much longer. The tragedy of 9/11 with the resultant death of thousands, is near to being brought into focus and calls for a new independent enquiry will ultimately succeed. Truth is the word for the period you are entering, and it carries the energy of disclosure that will be like the proverbial rolling stone once it starts moving.


It is important that you know what has been done in your name, not for the purpose of retribution but to reveal the manner in which you gave your freedom away. It is true that you have been mind controlled, and fed exactly what the dark forces needed to keep you in a state of semi-consciousness. However, it has been something you have been led into but with many opportunities to break out. The paradigm created served to keep you under their control, as you accepted their doctrine making you into second-class citizens. Once you understand how you have been deceived on countless occasions, those experiences can be cleared from your memory bank. You are then able to see your potential growth free from the dark influences. Ascension becomes a process that you can assimilate into your being, as you can now see that you are worthy of such an opportunity.


The lives of most of you have been spent in an illusory period of time, that has served to show you the depths to which Man has fallen. However, it has spurred you onwards seeking a new path that has returned many to the Light. It has been recognised that without raising a finger against those who have mislead you, and you can create a vision of what could be when all is desired for the good of all. It has attracted the necessary energies to you that are now leading you out of the darkness into the Light. It is a separation that will determine which souls are sufficiently motivated and prepared to move on. It is not that any soul has suddenly lost their chance to awaken to the truth, but times are passing by exceedingly fast and Ascension is upon you.


We cannot sufficiently emphasise what a great time it is to be on Earth. It is the pinnacle of your experiences that offers a way out of this present cycle. Not just something vastly different to what you have been used to, but a great leap forward into the realms of Light. Everything you could possibly have wished for awaits you, and the difference is like comparing Heaven to Hell. Hell is not an actual place, but in the lower realms which you are in, it can seem like it at times. Of course there are levels somewhat below yours that could quite rightly described as a living hell, and no God condemns you to such conditions as they are of your own making. Neither is Heaven quite as you are generally led to believe, but it is composed of the most glorious Light with beauty in abundance, and harmony that fills the realms with joy.


We of the Galactic Federation are civilisations that have long resided in the higher dimensions, each with a home planet that is unique to us, but is our personal heaven. Since space travel or inter dimensional travel are our mode of travel, we can visit our homes quite frequently. However, the large Mother Ships that are used for exploration are as you might say, “home to home”. They contain conditions that replicate those of our home planet, and we are more than happy to remain on them for many years at the time. Everything we need is provided for us on our expeditions, that are often into deep space and all of our collected data is stored in our massive computers, and available to all other members.


There is no element of greed or envy at our levels of being, as we share for the benefit of all and that will apply to you as you take your place with us. Once you do so, life will become very different to what you have been used to, thankfully for all of the best reasons. You will become independent and self motivated with the opportunity of fulfilling your every dream. However many will choose to work for one of the various councils or federations that serve this Universe. That will call upon the great levels of experience you have acquired in duality. There are still some levels elsewhere similar to your Earth, and of course those dear souls who are not ready to ascend who will all need help. They will continue in another cycle as they too work towards yet another opportunity to ascend. Service of this nature is most rewarding and gives us great pleasure and satisfaction.


We are getting nearer to the days that will herald the announcements that will be a prelude to our coming to Earth. It will be a most exciting time for all of us, and be the culmination of thousands of years of watching over you. We are the same ones that go back hundreds of years, as our life span far exceeds yours. So we know much more about you and your history than you may imagine. The part we have played in it is much greater than your records show, and it has been as your guardians and watchers. It is in this current period that quite a number of members from our different civilisations have incarnated on Earth. It has been to help speed up your evolution, and give us a direct link with you through our allies.


What lies ahead for you is a vast panorama of opportunities to spread your wings, and truly become the Master’s of the Cosmos. You have been undermined by your dark adversaries and veiled from your true selves, and often feel lonely and isolated from the happiness and freedom you should be enjoying. You have been encouraged to think of yourself as worthless, and sinners by a number of orthodox religions. Dear Ones, it is time to claim back your rights and express the Love and Light that is the real you. Let no one put you down again, as you are gods in the making of the family of God.


I am SaLuSa and hope you are inspired by my words, because you will find that they have the ring of truth, Trust your intuition and let the Light be your guide, and you will find you pathway to Ascension.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.