SaLuSa  06-February-2009


These are times of much searching for the reasons you are experiencing such turmoil upon Earth. Your problems are unprecedented in this present era, and surpass even the challenges that followed your two world wars. It is one thing to face the rebuilding of your countries and structures that are severely damaged following such a period. Yet completely different when you have come to recognise a threat against all that you are familiar with, in times of apparent affluence. Suddenly, in a matter of months you face the collapse of society, and the institutions that upheld it are breaking apart.


If what you have placed your faith in has proven to be unreliable, you fear the consequences. You wonder where the answers to your problems are going to come from, and who has the power to put them into place. Currently you see matters becoming increasingly worrying, without any immediate sign of positive action being taken. This scenario will continue for some time, but behind the scenes there are strong moves taking place to seize the first opportunity to move into a completely new direction. Those enmeshed in the old ways and fearful of change try to hold onto them, whilst at the same time ideas are emerging that show an enlightened approach. It is though there are battles going on all over the world, and be aware that most countries are being drawn into the affray. You will gradually find there will be a general consensus as to what needs to be done, and soon enough the people capable of leading you forward will arise.


With the power of the people behind them, new leaders will come to the fore and be empowered by their spiritual understanding. President Obama is such a one, but as the leader of the world’s most powerful country he has to face much opposition. He cannot at a stroke alter what has been laid down over many years, but the true path is within his heart and he will be bold and stand up for the truth. He has to juggle with security issues and the necessity to bring out the truth. However, as time passes he will stand firm in his beliefs, as inwardly he knows that he has a special mission to carry out. To undo what has secretly taken place and be seen to stand for truth, is a challenge to all those who walk in the darkness. It will be decision time when many shall be forced to reconsider their place in society, also their motives and whether they desire to take the opportunity to move onto a new path. It is a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap forward and leave the lower vibrations behind. The heavens welcome any soul that is prepared to recognise their Light within, and make the decision that will release them from the bonds that shackle them to the dark side.


These are such changing times and under our direction and through the divine decree of God, every soul will have the opportunity to consider where their future lies. None shall say that they did not know what was taking place, and as time progresses the path to Ascension will be come clear to all. At present there is so much confusion, that it is difficult for people to reach a clear understanding. There is no possibility of returning to the old materialistic society, although the abundance programs will ensure that people’s needs are taken care of. The ultimate aim is to bring people together in a common purpose where peace and love exist. That is not possible when inequality leads to poverty and distress, and freedom has become eroded to a point where it barely exists. There is much to be done and the bedrock needs to be laid down now. Out of the present effects of chaos and uncertainty, the Light will shine forth and people will need little encouragement to support those at the heart of it.


The question of raising your consciousness is a separate issue that is being continually addressed. It has been slow but steady progress, and is now accelerating as the higher energies are continually being beamed to Earth. It is clearly having a major impact as more people view life from a new perspective. Their presence is helping manifest the changes that are so vital to the plan for Humanity. Your efforts are so important as we look to you to lead the way forward, and then we can follow your intent by assisting you. After all, your future is assured and absolutely nothing will prevent it from coming into being. It may move in many different directions, but they will converge in the latter stages to bring you a successful conclusion.


This year will see great progress made but even so you will need to hold on to your vision of Ascension, as there will be many distractions. Have no fear of the low points still to be reached, as they are necessary to completely clear away the last bastions of the dark forces. The most productive period will come when we can actually join you, and assist you in the final cleansing. Even now our influence is helping you, and our allies are growing in confidence and strength as they reach out to you. They cannot fully emerge at present otherwise their efforts are likely to be obstructed. However, one by one they will take up important positions, and their influence will strengthen our hand.


We of the Galactic Federation are always monitoring the affairs of Earth, and we see quite clearly where events are taking you. We are therefore pleased to note the successful transition that will take place, and the end of your journey in duality. All of the tears and sorrow that you have carried with you will seem but a momentary experience in the Light of your Ascension. You will certainly not carry those lower vibrations with you, and already some of you are able to set them aside. It is far better to have lived and let go, as only the Light can exist in the higher dimensions. Once the lessons of your experiences have been learnt they can be released. Your visions of beauty, harmony and peaceful co-existence will lift you up, so that your consciousness reaches a new level. This year the process will speed up, as time continues to pass faster than any previous period.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it may seem that I often repeat myself, but it is most important that you are aware of what is expected of you. We are working ever closer together, and we delight in receiving your acknowledgement of our presence. We are further delighted to share our love with you, and feel the warmth of your feelings for us.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.