SaLuSa  04-February-2009


Everyone seeks peace but on their own terms, even if they use force to achieve it. Yet after centuries of conflict real peace has been elusive, and only momentarily experienced. Dear Ones, you know that peace is something that is graciously shared, and dependent on everyone’s well being. Peace on Earth has always been shallow, with no endeavour to maintain it for any length of time. It has often been used as a period in which preparations are made for their next offensive. Is it no wonder that you live in a world of turmoil, where peace seems but a dream that is unachievable for the Human Race.


We of the Galactic Federation are not alone in talking of peace within the next few years. We stand by our belief because this time peace is being approached quite differently from any earlier period, and it is because you are raising the vibrations upon Earth. You are creating the energies that will silence the guns of war, and bring so much Light into being that the dark forces will lose their power to continue with their activities. You do not confront them or play their game, but rise above it and bring in an unstoppable force for good. No one can see what is happening with their physical eyes, as the energy is an invisible force that knows no boundaries or limits, even penetrating those areas of darkness.


Peace is when you are at One with everything else, when you see only the best in people and recognise their inner godliness and love. In duality you were never likely to achieve permanent peace, as the opposing energies were always going to result in imbalances. These were and still are your challenges until Ascension, although world peace will be declared with the eventual cessation of all wars. Peace is within you and comes from making spiritual progress, when you can accept that you are all part of the whole and equally loved in the eyes of God. In reality no one is any better than another, but simply at different stages on their journey through the Cosmos.


Do not just look outside of yourself for the peace that you seek; it cannot be enforced by others but comes from the collective consciousness of Mankind. You are creating your future all of the time through your freewill. Step onto the higher paths that are alight with Love and Light, that comes from your upliftment into the Christ vibrations. Think of the Holy One who lived on Earth, as an example of what could be achieved as a full expression of the Creator. It is your intent that will carry forward and place your feet firmly on that same Golden pathway.


What is now, is but a passing phase, just a blink of your eyes in the context of the infinity of your soul and your experiences outside of the Godhead. Now it is time to relinquish the hold that has kept you in the cycle of duality. No one but you has ordained your path, and you have the power to change it. People look outside of themselves for God to save them, but you have exercised your freewill to be where you are now. It is by that same freewill you will release yourselves, as you must make that journey back to the Light through your own endeavours. Not completely by yourself, because as you signal your intent to lift yourself up beautiful Beings of Light are ready to accompany you. They will guide you if you listen, and protect you as far your karma allows. You will know when they are there, as your life will take on a new turn and the way home open up to you.


Talk with your Guides, and us and we will listen and comfort you when you are sad or lonely. We know you better than you know yourselves, and help you without infringing your life plan. You will get to know our energy when we are around you, and your quiet periods of calmness and meditation are ideal for such contact. Some of you think of us as different to Spirit Beings, but that is not so as we are all souls operating in the higher levels. We present ourselves as members of the different civilisations that are members of the Federation, and others come to you as individual souls in their own rights. However, a word of caution is in order, as not all Space Beings or Spirits are necessarily of the Light. Jesus told you that you could recognise souls of the Light by their words, and that holds good although intuitively you will need to know if they are also speaking in truth. If you are ever confronted with such a Being, you can challenge them to leave you if they are not of the Light.


Remember that you attract certain Beings through the vibrations you set up around you. Haven’t you ever wondered how groups of like interest come together, because you now have the answer? There are nevertheless exceptions usually of a personal nature, where you are karmically destined to meet people with whom you have agreed an experience together. Families are often the seat of them, as the ties with them mean you feel bound by blood links. Where else do you get such close ties, or conversely an absolutely confrontational relationship. It would be advisable to pay more attention to such family problems, and not leave them unsolved. If you do, they will come to you again another time, and then you will go through it once more.


You may aspire to climb the ladder of Light, but each rung is a lesson to be learnt. No one is deliberately making life hard for you, and indeed it is you who ultimately decide how it shall work out. Of course others are involved in your issues, but in your own ways you help each other overcome them. People come and go in your lives, but always with a purpose no matter how brief the contact. There are many souls that have featured in your lives time and time again, and when they come into your present one you immediately feel that “knowing” and attraction to them. All is revealed when you return to the higher realms between lives, but for the meantime you must respond as you see fit.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see how complicated your lives can be but often that is the result of your lack of spiritual understanding. There exists a fighting spirit that has served you in the past, but now it is time to put it away. Instead draw upon your higher understanding that brings love into your life. Treat others as your fellow travellers and help them where you can, and give as you would receive for yourself. We are the messengers for the Creator, and we come with so much love for you with no conditions attached.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.