Diane  02-February-2009


The mighty realms of Heaven are ringing with your names, and it is because you have established a place for yourselves in the history of the Universe. You have overcome extreme conditions from one life to another, and experienced riches to rags and spiritual enlightenment to utter darkness. Yet you have come through these experiences all the greater for them, and have kept your Light shining regardless of the depths you have touched. You have now emerged into the Light in a positive manner, and lifted your consciousness to a level that has placed you on the path to Ascension. We have never doubted your ability but your achievement has surpassed our expectations, as at one time there looked to be little chance that you would survive beyond the end of the Millennium.


Dear Ones, as you reach the final stages of this cycle of duality, you cannot yet guess the extent to which you have succeeded, The dark forces have been allowed equal freedom as yours to pursue their path, and you have faced their challenges time and time again. They have used every opportunity to distract you from your path, and pulled you into the darkness of separation from God. In spite of all this you have frequently returned to Earth, and still recognised the Christ Light within which has prevented you from losing your true identity as Beings of Light. It has been an experience that you undertook knowing the risks involved, but you always knew that higher Beings of Light would accompany you on your journeys.


What you are beginning to understand is that God makes no judgement in connection with your many experiences, even when they would be considered as going against the Light. You are welcomed back to the higher realms as the long lost sons and daughters of God, who have risen above duality to enhance and expand the Godhead through your experiences. The freedom you were given to choose your own experiences allowed for the misuse of energy. You were given the opportunity to live them again and again, until you understood that freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. One of the greatest lessons you learnt was in recognising the Oneness of All That Is, and the immutable link you have with the Source it being an expression of Unconditional Love. In these concluding times as the cycle of duality comes to completion you have expanded your consciousness, and many are now practising Unconditional Love, which they are carrying for everyone else.


Once a soul lights up the way it becomes so much easier for others to follow, and now you have opened the process to Ascension whereby others can join you. It is a natural step in your evolution, without which you could not move out of the lower vibrations. We see it as only a matter of time, before more souls reach a point of true awareness of their higher purpose in life. There is a natural urge to seek what is known within your sub-consciousness because of your previous experiences in the higher dimensions. It is also why you are highly intuitive where such matters are concerned, notwithstanding the fact that you are always accompanied by your Guides and Angelic beings who are there to help you. You may wonder why the Higher Beings go to such lengths when you are exercising your own freedom of choice. We can tell you that the highest Orders and Councils are one in a Brotherhood of Light, and service to others is considered to be the highest act of love.


We might ask, why in any event would you want to stay in duality, when you realise that it is illusory and not your real home. Why reach for anything less than your true home in the Love and Light? Perhaps it is blindness and forgetfulness that has deluded you into accepting a lesser state of being. Now is your opportunity to awaken to your true potential, as the Light is being beamed to Earth. It is a magnificent display that lightens up the grids that encircle it, and it is for you to attract it to yourselves. Be of the Light, and by the Law of Attraction more shall fill every cell within your body, and balance and harmony shall be your gain.


Your full rewards will come to you as you begin to ascend, and a peace that knows no equal will settle upon you. No longer will you experience the discord and disharmony that is upon Earth, as in rising up you will severe your links with the lower vibrations. They will no longer serve you, and your vision will pull you towards the levels of Light that pervade the higher levels. You will find that you are at “home” within them, and the realisation will dawn upon you that you have simply reawakened to what you already knew. Now you know why we refer to you as our Brothers and Sisters, because you are only separated from us by the lower vibrations that will have served you as a School of Life. You are meant to return to the higher levels now that your time in duality has almost been completed. From now on it is all progress on the upward path, and we are overjoyed that before much longer we shall be facing the future together.


Give yourselves a big hug as you deserve it for persevering with your life plan, one that has brought you so far that you can now see the end in sight. You have the instinct for survival that is part of your genetic set up, and the warrior mentality that has enabled you to be fearless in the face of adversity, and it has given you an unbending willpower to be successful. You really are wonderful Beings that shall carry your strengths with you, and now serve the Light. No wonder the Universe acknowledges Humankind, and the souls that bear this name for the purpose of growing in experience.


I am Diane from Sirius, and my coming reminds you that even in the highest levels there is still a feminine energy. Not as you may use the terminology to distinguish male and female, which is more for the physical attributes. Such differences are unnecessary as you go into the higher levels. The Beings of Light are androgynous, and only use form as you understand it when it is deemed necessary. You have seen them as your glowing godly Beings from which beautiful light radiates in all directions. There is much to see and learn away from Earth and the power of Love is found everywhere. It is correctly known as the glue of the Universe, which we of the Galactic Federation send you to lighten your remaining time in the cycle of duality.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.