Ag-agria  16-February-2009


We know that many of you are puzzled by reference to the need for people to understand who they really are. Clearly you are aware of your physicality and what that means in terms of your life on Earth. What is being referred to is your true self, that part of you that will always exist regardless of whatever happens to you. You have a God spark that is your Light and link to All That Is. An immutable link that should tell you that you are a Being of Light, experiencing the lower vibrations which have effectively cut you off from your Higher Self. Most people identify with the 3rd. dimension, and do not comprehend that there are other aspect of themselves. 


It may be asked as to why it is important to have a greater realisation of Self. The answer is that you are great Beings of the most extraordinary potential. It is absolutely true that you are gods in the making, with the creative powers that go hand in hand with it. Until you accept who you really are, it is going to be difficult to make headway on your spiritual journey through duality. At present you stand at the doorway to Ascension, and with the right understanding and use of your powers of creation you will go through it. We cannot sufficiently emphasise the power of the Law of Attraction, to help you lift up and out of this present cycle. However, it needs that you use it knowingly and envision now what shall eventually come to be.


One of our consistent references is the need to visual a future in which the problems you face now have been eradicated. Exactly how that happens is not so important but it will lead to its fulfilment. Unless you believe there is opportunity there for you, it is likely you will see no way out of your present predicament and continue experiencing exactly as before. Faith and firm belief are called for, if you are to help manifest the energetic conditions that will lead to the closure of the cycle of duality. Your input is extremely important and is the difference of experiencing a rough ride, or a smooth transition to Ascension. Help the changes proceed knowing that the cleansing of your Earth must take place, and cannot be averted. However, the effects can be lessened by your efforts to bring the Light to Earth, and help its upliftment into the higher vibrations.


Visualisation is akin to the ability to “feel” the new energies that you desire to manifest as part of the grounding of them upon Earth. The peace and harmony that you seek is slowly coming into being, but clouded by the present discordant energies. As you might say, when the dust clears away the Light will come shining through and then you shall see vast changes commence. The seeds of them already exist, and we look to President Obama to set the wheels in motion, from which a wide world response is expected. There is so much to be undone, and many changes must take place before a new model for the Earth can be born. Be assured that we already know the plans, and once we can fully participate with you no time will be lost in getting them going.


Each and every one of you that is aware of the New Age dawning can be part of the army of Lightworkers that bring the higher vibrations to Earth. That is the most perfect way to answer the dark ones who cling to power, and you will be collectively weakening their ability to sustain their position. They know they are rapidly losing their influence and power to control you. Already they are in disarray, and their efforts are becoming disjointed and destined to fail. Sit tight and allow events to move on, and look for the emergence of the new approaches to your problems. Many useful ideas are surfacing, and Man is to some extent playing a part in deciding how you start a new path towards the Light. The old ideas are generally outworn, and for the new enlightened Man that is emerging there can be nothing less than a complete change.


Each of you has divine rights that need to be restored to you, having been gradually eroded away over millennia of time. Through Ascension you will achieve those necessary changes that return your freedom and sovereignty, and they will not be taken away from you again. Even so, your time in the cycle of duality was one that you agreed to experience, and it will stand you well in times to come. Now your focus must be on what you believe these changes will mean to you, and give them the highest expression you can imagine. The end-times have well and truly commenced, and you have our assurance as always that the outcome is pre-ordained. The Creator as you might say, has the last word and it is absolute Law.


The physical realms will leave you with many beautiful memories, and in time these shall be all that remains of your experiences. Oh yes, you can go back in time if that is necessary, and in the higher dimensions you will also be able to see into the future. All is in the Now, and you will experience a wonderful freedom of movement that is the gift to those who have risen up, and have become Cosmic Beings. The jump from now into the future will see a remarkable period of changes that you will hardly be able to keep pace with. What a relief that will be, after being veiled from your true selves for so many thousands of years. Is it no wonder you lost nearly all remembrance of your journey from the higher realm? Now there is very opportunity to learn the truth, and it will be an important part of our mission to refresh your minds.


The degree to which you have been misled about your true selves is far reaching, as a deliberate campaign has been taking place for thousands of years. There are greater dark forces at work than just on Earth, and they have infiltrated the whole Universe at different times. They are allowed to experience duality their way, just as those of the Light choose differently. The truth is you have moved back and forth between the energies as part of your rich experiences, and this has been the purpose of duality. You have never been forced to move in either direction, and that has been your freewill choice.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and do serve the Galactic Federation in awakening you to your past, and also your role in the future. Stay firm in your belief in a Golden Age and keep your sights upon it. We love you all Dear Ones, and have travelled with you all of the way. How exciting it will be to renew our contact with you, fully and openly at last. 


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey