Diane  03-March-2008


It is worth reminding you that nothing happens by chance. Yet the majority of people are blissfully unaware of this fact. Every second through your power of thought you change the potential for manifestation, and on a grander scale you set out the path of Man and its foundation for the future. The dark try to influence you so that you give your authority to them, whilst the Light encourages you to accept your own responsibility and use your creative powers to light up the way forward. One path leads to chaos, and the other to peace and harmony. One restricts your freedom and takes away your rights, whilst the other encourages you to use your freewill.


On a universal level, the dark forces look to take away all that has been created for your enlightenment and onward progress. They seek to increase their empire by seizing whatever is considered useful to them, including colonising planets. Many wars of galactic proportions have taken place, and millions of souls displaced as a result. Yet such souls continue to come together again and again through rebirth. Their experiences either take them further into the dark, or they grow in enlightenment and beyond the grasp of dark ones. Their paths are quite different, and it eventually becomes evident that the Path of Light is the only one that is capable of sustaining itself.


On Earth you have reached that stage where the truth stares you in the face, but many fail to see it and cling to the old matrix form. Changes are rapidly occurring and there is no going back to the old ways. It is an uncomfortable time to experience as the old and new rub shoulders, but the pathways are separating and the Light is soon to reach its zenith. You play the game of being Human and exercising your freewill, often not realising that by so doing you are creating your own future. As a result you will find yourselves exactly in accordance with your desires and intent, at a level of vibration that harmonises with you in a reality of your own making.


With so many souls expressing their individual opinions, you find yourselves continually having to make decisions to settle upon your own beliefs. You have views and opinions thrown at you all of the time, and some are intended to keep you in the dark. Unintentionally others express educated opinions that are based on scientific facts, yet can lack a spiritual understanding. It can be all so complicated, and progress is often slow and tedious. However, you have within the power to be discerning, and should accept the truth that lies in your subconscious memories. Over many lives, you have had immense experience of situations from the perspective of both the Light and the dark.


In these present times you have reached a point where you have to decide where your future lies. If you continue to cling to the old, that shall be your destined future, however, if you have opened to the Light and aspire to lift up, that path has been opened through Ascension. These are special times and with the closing of the cycle of duality, you must choose where your future lies. For those seeking the truth it has been available through many sources that have opened up for this particular time. Many higher souls have incarnated on Earth, bringing Love and Light with them, and powerful energies that have contributed to the changes. The dark forces have been curtailed in their actions, and their plan for the subjugation of mankind has been revealed. It then becomes up to you to take this opportunity to bring even more Light into being to ensure continuing onward progress.


We of the Galactic Federation are your support team, and not new to you or your evolution path. We have been appointed by the High Councils to follow your progress, and ensure that no matter how far you fall into the lower vibrations you are given a path back up again. That has been successfully achieved, and today you stand at the doorway to fulfilment. At last you can put the severe test of living in duality behind you, and you are emerging as far greater souls because of it. Your evolution is ever on going, but you will never again experience the depths of darkness that you have gone through.


Now it is time to become the Being of Light that you really are, and live that Light right here on Earth. In so doing you will be drawing more Light down, and it will hasten the changes that are transmuting the dark energies. The dark can no longer control you as they have in the past, as you are growing in consciousness and exercising your own power of choice. The openings are being created for even more lighted Beings to arise from amongst you, and soon they shall take charge of the destiny of Man.


Many people are having premonitions of the future, and since there are a number of realities opening up, care must be taken to avoid possible confusion. In any event not everything that is foretold is imminent, and the energies are forever moving into different configurations. There is always a degree of uncertainty in any prophecies, and you are best advised to be very discerning. What is certain is that Ascension has been decreed as your path to freedom, and everything is moving into place to make it possible. The cycle must end very soon, and there is nothing Man can do to prevent it.


Whatever your pleasures or fond memories of Earth as it is today, remember that it is lifting up with you to enter the Golden Age of perfection. There is little or nothing that can compare with the experiences that await you in the higher dimensions. They are so far removed from your present ones that Heaven shall become your reality. Beauty and harmony unsurpassed by anything you have already seen will surround you, and you will also enjoy the fruits of your own creation.


I am Diane from Sirius, come once again to keep up our contact with you, until we can announce our official appearance with your full knowledge and cooperation. You are becoming very used to our presence in your skies, but when we can come in complete safety you shall see us more frequently. Then we shall also walk amongst you, and enjoy a great friendship that shall continue well into the future. After all, we are One Family of souls experiencing the wonderful love and multitudinous creations of God.  


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey