Ag-agria  27-February-2008


Dear Ones do not underrate your place in the Universe, you are not young souls or unevolved and you have been around for millennia of time. The fact that you have dropped into the lower vibrations, in no way lessens your degree of understanding or spirituality. It is true that it has been hidden away, but with the incoming energies a truly magnificent awakening is taking place. Do not limit yourselves, and allow for the integration of the higher energies by drawing them to you. You are great Beings rising up again to never have to return to the duality of the 3rd dimension, unless you choose to do so to help those who are insufficiently prepared to take the higher journey.


Live your highest concepts now, and through your example others will want to know your secret. Peace and contentment do not come easily on Earth, and the daily demands often leave little time for contemplation or meditation. You must find opportunities to gain peace of mind amidst the pace of modern living, which can be extremely stressful. The pressures of life give you little rest, but if at least you can find peace within you will able to withstand them.


Man was never meant to spend an inordinate amount of time working, and in an ideal situation would have much more time for his personal development. That will change with the coming of First Contact, and gradually labour intensive work will be a thing of the past. You will rightly have ample time to explore your own creative abilities. Work should never be an imposition but something you take pleasure in doing. Your new society will eventually comprise of many different groups each following their own desires, but at the same time contributing to the whole. Putting your skills to work in this way will be rewarding, and everyone will find a place for themselves.


However the few years left leading to Ascension will go ahead in leaps and bounds, and you will be astonished at the speed of change. Everything is planned so that all moves smoothly, and communications will be extremely important so that it is well co-ordinated. We will look after that side, but in time telepathic communication will become more acceptable. You are to experience a quantum leap forward, and leave the old behind for once and for all. It is going to be such a happy and exhilarating time, as life becomes enjoyable in a way not experienced previously.


Live your vision now and see all others as part of you, even if you cannot resonate with them. Love is still the most powerful energy for change and do not hold it back from anyone. Faith may move mountains, but love can move the whole Universe, and it does in ways that are not yet apparent to you. Great Beings can manifest energies that could transform you and your Earth in the twinkling of an eye. However, you are to experience your part in playing out the final years of this cycle. You will participate as co-creators in readiness for greater services to other civilisations.


Your lives have only just begun, and you are coming out of the darkness that has to give way to the Light. You will realise that previously you have only been half alive to your real selves. What potential you have and yet you still sometimes have doubts. We repeat you are great Beings, so believe in yourselves and use your power wisely. The more you have the greater responsibility it becomes, and in past times in older civilisations you have abused that power. We know that you are ready to take that responsibility upon yourselves, and it will be a wondrous coming together of us all. You are the last part of the puzzle that needs to fall into place, and then shall the Universe celebrate the return of the lost tribes. We love you all so immensely, and have much admiration for your fortitude and resolute intentions to rise up and leave the dark behind.


No one should doubt the outcome of the next few years, and already you are sufficiently enlightened to know that victory is yours. It is so decreed, and you are helping to manifest the plan for Earth. No one beyond the Creator can change it, so we can say everything is working out satisfactorily. It has already been noticed that we are becoming more evident in your skies, and that is our current policy to ensure you know we come in peace. We cannot do more for the time being, as landing would be seen by some of you as intimidating or threatening. That is not the case of course, and we would dearly love to meet many of you who are working for the Light forces. However, we know you and are close to you at all times, and use our influence to help you. We come into your consciousness and often plant ideas in your minds that you can work on.


Do we not tell often that We Are One, and that being so you would rightly expect us to work with you? That will come in the not too distant future, and we know which of you are keen to do so and be assured your skills will be used. Our coming is to lead to a joint operation, as after all it is your Planet Earth. We are keen to get started as time moves by quite swiftly, but we can accommodate the situation and our plans will reflect the need to get started and running very quickly. We have come to Earth many times in the past, but this occasion is a very special one that is unique to you. This makes it all the more exciting for us, and many civilisations gather from all over the Universe to witness your success.


We ask you to remember that the energy you call God, or whatever name you give it, is the One that you collectively pray to and embraces all life forms. God is not one or the other, but Is All That Is. God is the Ambassador of this Universe for the Creator and carries out the Creatorís Will. God is one who often speaks with you, if you will but acknowledge his/her presence. Ask your selves if God is All That Is, then God must be a part of All That Is including each and every one of you. God is within you all and you can find God anytime you so wish. Godís Love and Light will be your comfort and protection in times of difficulty, seek it and it will be found.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and of the Galactic Federation, and I thank you for listening to my words. We are also inspired by God and the White Brotherhood who oversee our activities. You are all but ready for our coming together and it looms large, and soon our celebrations shall begin.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.