SaLuSa  25-February-2008


You should be overjoyed that in the middle of a period of intense happenings, we can say to you that all is well and going according to plan. What you see from the outside is mainly the actions of the dark and the ensuing chaos. We are monitoring all such events, and can curtail any fallout that is within our spheres of responsibility. There are limitations imposed and we are here to ensure that they are not exceeded. We are to protect you and Mother Earth and keep matters under our control. What we cannot yet do is to intervene and deny you the pleasure of enjoying the outcome of your efforts to bring in changes. You may wish for a speedier conclusion, but must allow for matters to come to a head in their own time.


It is important that Mankind is seen to be the instigator of the coming changes on Earth, whilst allowing for the fact that there are cosmic changes occurring that also affect you. These you have little if any control over as they are not confined to Earth, and in your realms are not only uplifting your Solar System, but also your Universe. There is a gigantic change well under way, and it allows for you to carry out your part in this great scheme that regards your place in it as equally important to any others. Beyond Earth and the 3rd dimension there is already harmony and dedication ensuring that the all are prepared well in advance.


You are as you might say, a special case and allowance is being made for your unique position. Where other Beings in your Universe have already ascended to the level you are to be lifted up into, they move even higher. You are with a foot on the bottom rung of the ladder, and you are being given every opportunity to understand the magnificence of your Ascension. It is only in recent times that you have been ready to receive the new energies, that are beamed to you from all over the Universe. It is a task of multiple responsibilities that brings more spiritual energy to you than ever before.  The Angelic Kingdoms and the Masters are so close to you at such an important time. With this knowledge you should be able to grasp this opportunity with both hands and go forward with absolute confidence. Many of you are already well ahead on the path of Ascension, and your presence is material in helping others along.


The changes you have gone through since the Millennium are truly remarkable, and the Spiritual Hierarchy are more than happy as it has confirmed their faith in you to rise to the occasion. Remember, that it is the spiritual aspect of your upliftment that is so important, and all else will come with it automatically. Duality has been the testing ground for you all, and God is reaping the harvest of souls that have returned to the Light. It is the beginning of yet another cycle of experience, and with it you continue to grow all of the time as your consciousness continues to expand. You will be aware that you are a multi-personality, and that you exist on more than one level at the time. Nothing can quite prepare you for the expansion in your consciousness, which eventually grows into super consciousness.


The more you can accept your place in the Universe, the easier it will become to adapt to such ideas that extol your greatness. You are amazingly equipped for the next part of your journey, as you are returning to a status that you enjoyed before the fall. In reality there is nothing new, but with your spiritual experience in duality you will apply yourself in different ways to the advantage of those who follow in your footsteps. Life beyond Earth is about love, happiness and companionship, and the continual lifting up of those who seek the Light. It is accepting the Will of God and doing Godís bidding. It far from takes away any aspect of your desire to enjoy life, and is the most satisfying experience that you can have. Serving in the Light is what many of you are doing now, and you came to Earth specifically to be part of the Light movement that is the backbone of the changes taking place.


You will clearly know when you have found the truth, and it will resonate clearly within and you will find a deep satisfaction with your role in life. Many still toil in the lower vibrations, seeking a way out whilst experiencing karmic events that often give that opportunity for change. How often do we tell you that you are never alone, but if you feel this way look within to find what blocks your progress. Pray and ask for what you believe you need, make that link with your guides that are accompanying on your journey. You will be surprised at times at their response, but do not impose the answers upon them and allow for them to manifest for your better good. Answers sometimes arrive in the most unexpected way, so always be alert and ready to take note of what you are given. Karma cannot be avoided as it is part of your life contract, and what gain would there be for you if you were allowed to waste your life away.


Life is a mixture of success and failure, but rarely imposes continual misery upon you. It is true that some brave souls undertake the most rigorous examination and dedicate their lives to their plan. They leave little room for anything else, but the achievement of success makes up for all of the hardship and lack that they experience. You choose what you believe you can cope with and no one is encouraged to go beyond certain limits. The greatest gift you have been given is that of freewill, and the way you use it defines your reality. With the awakening that is taking place, it is being directed in such a way that it is drawing Light to Earth. As you seek those changes that will uplift you, it is raising Man to new levels of harmony and balance.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the Galactic Federation, and can tell you that the pathway for Man has been re-defined by you, and it reaches up to the heavens and your Star Families. It is yesterdayís Man who still lives in the lower vibrations, and if that is your choice there is yet another path to be followed. Freedom operates even in duality although often it is taken from you. In taking your freedom back, you are exercising your sovereignty to determine your own future, and nothing can ultimately stand in your way.


I wish you love and blessings as we of the Galactic Federation stand by ready to play our part in the plan for your upliftment. We are One with you evermore.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.