St. Germain  20-February-2008


Dear Ones, in your times of happiness you feel at one with the world, and on many occasions you awake in the morning feeling bright and energetic. Do you wonder why there are other times when you feel exactly the opposite, with the weight of the world upon your mind? I will tell you that a lot of this has to do with the problems that you go to sleep with, ones that are still unresolved when you awaken. For most of you your night time out of the body experiences are opportunities to meet with others, and decide a course of action to deal with them. You often do so in amicable circumstances to find a way to overcome them.


It means that when you awake from your sleep, a path has been established to find a solution. It gives you peace of mind, even though you do not have a recall of the circumstances in which it was made. You simply have an inner knowing of what to do when presented with the problem again. However, you can also be very obstinate, and refuse advice and will not give way. The problem remains and you awake with it firmly embedded in your consciousness, often causing a feeling of unease and unhappiness.


You all leave your body whilst in your sleep state, but if you are a total disbeliever of out of the body experiences you remain very close to your physical body. Those of psychic ability can see it and also the cord connecting you to it. It is necessary to keep out of the body experiences within your sub-conscious mind, so that you are able to go about your daily activities without being distracted. Sometimes you recall flashes of your nightly experiences, and these can seem as dreams. You often meet someone who has passed on, and they are likely to have been very close to you. Imagine how uplifted you feel in such circumstances.


Depending on where you are in your evolution, you may also meet your spiritual mentors and discuss your progress or any problems you have. You are never left to face these alone, although you have the freewill to reject advice or help. Life often seems so lonely especially when you have a major problem to face. Yet, it is not only when you are out of the body that you get help, as your Guides are with you at all times without intruding in your private life. Like your Angelic protectors they have a link with you, and can be at your side in an instant when they are needed, or your life is under threat. Is it not comforting to know that in your physical life so much care and attention is given to you.


At the time of your approaching passing many souls gather around you, and they make it as easy as possible and guide you to the higher levels. Of course some of you believe that you drop into a sleep state where you stay until Judgement Day. You are unable to proceed further as you have blocked any help that can be given. In these circumstances it is possible that you will have the realisation of having passed out of your physical body, and still be conscious and make a decision to “call” out for help. As soon as that happens, Beings will be able to come to you and guide you out of the veil you have placed around you. Once you have re-united with friends and loved ones, you are as you might say settled in, and can then review your life upon Earth. It is you who judge your actions, thoughts and deeds, that are weighted against your Karma and your life contract. The beauty of this review is that you can do so without recourse to anger or any other negative emotions, and in this way you can be clear and objective in your understanding.


You need have no fear about moving from your physical existence to the heavenly realms of Light. Death is not painful in itself, only the period of illness that often accompanies such a passing. On such occasions many Beings of great love gather around you surrounding you in love, so that it is an easy transition and not traumatic in any way. When you progress into the higher dimensions and you desire to move on, you simply lay down your body and slip out of it as easily as you drop off to sleep. Indeed, you can do so as often as you like and leave it for long periods of time as you venture into higher dimensions where it is not necessary.


There is so much attention given to you during your lifetime upon Earth. Even though there is no interference when you go through your Karmic experiences, a guiding hand is always extended to you when you call for help. Unfortunately so many souls disbelieve the truth about their guides and protectors, yet they can draw so much nearer to you if you acknowledge their presence. Even so you cannot avoid your Karmic responsibilities, as you have certain events that you planned in your life that represent opportunities to evolve. Realise therefore that within the apparent chaos, the souls are acting out their experiences both in the Light and dark.


You are in the last phase of your travels through this cycle of duality, and it offers a once and for all opportunity to climb off the wheel of re-birth in this dimension. Take note of your hear-felt emotions, and listen to your inner voice and follow your higher guidance. Let no other mortals dissuade you from your path, as you will have your own goals and it is important that you achieve them. Do remember that you are invited to call upon our help, and you have only to mention our name and we link with you. Talk with your God as every thing you do is inextricably linked with that energy. Go within and “talk” freely and openly with God and surely you will receive love and guidance.


I am St. Germain, and I remain at the helm of your planet as it speeds through space with its destiny already mapped out. You will all rise up together, and leave the old ways behind that will have served their purpose well. Times at present are volatile and very changeable upon Earth, as you are in the cleansing stages that are essential to manifesting the conditions that will allow Ascension to truly begin. It is necessary and unavoidable if you are to see the old cleared away to make way for the new. See beyond the destruction and death, as out of it the new Earth will arise soon to be restored to its pristine condition. Beauty, peace and godliness will once again reign upon Earth. Hold fast to your faith in God’s plan, as your future is assured and none shall alter it or prevent the crowning glory of Ascension.    


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.