Ker-On  15-February-2008


Now you see a number of changes clearly rising to the surface, and at last there is an opportunity to place your support with them. The political scene is being re-shaped as you watch the result of the people’s choice. They are voting with their feet, as they express through the ballot box a preference for a new way of life. That is overshadowed by the reality of a recession as the old ways are shaken out of the system. The new and the old rub shoulders as the power of the people makes itself known, and is expressed in a way that is awakening others at a fast rate.


This is the year that re-shapes your future, and once your sights are firmly set upon it, nothing is going to move you in any other direction. The power brokers will still try to dictate the course you take, but this time they will fail. Of course some people are still unaware that they are being given the same medicine as before, and are being led by the Pied Piper of politics. We encourage all to step back, and look beyond the words of your leaders that often conceal hidden agendas. It is sad that your trust has been broken so many times, but it does mean that you are more likely to question what you see and hear.


In the course of time much will be revealed that will put the record straight, and we can assure you that it will not simply be hearsay. The truth will be supported by hard and undeniable facts and only the blinkered will be in denial. No one likes to feel that they have been fooled into a false sense of security or deliberately mislead, but the facts will show quite clearly that you have and it goes back a very long time. The truth will blow through all of the old accepted ways, and out of the cleansing only that which is true and of the Light will remain.


The dark and the Light are fighting for your attention, but whatever the dark forces attempt they cannot reverse the trend towards the great changes that are in progress. We will ensure that your wishes are carried out, but as always we are accompanying you on this journey of enlightenment. You are setting the pace of change, and it will continue to increase as the Light grows in intensity. You are doing a wonderful job of bringing it to the notice of whole world, which is awakening to the golden opportunity of reclaiming their freedom.


Our presence in your skies is producing the desired effects, and sooner or later we will be accepted as no threat to you. There is an overlay of interference and disinformation, and an attempt to link us with incidents that are man-made. That will not succeed as we have been around too long for our intentions and actions to be misunderstood. However, searching questions are being asked and as always the people will make up their own minds. Even so, few realise our true purpose, but that will be covered by our initial announcements prior to open contact.


The scene is set for a major step forward, and as the week’s pass you will see the present leadership struggle to keep their positions. Their true motives are to be revealed and then the truth of their agenda will become public knowledge. In these times of cleansing no stone will be left unturned, and there will be nowhere for those of the dark to hide. In the name of the truth we see possibilities of mutiny taking place, when orders are given that turn the armed forces against their own people. These are volatile times when the dark are desperate to hold onto their ebbing power, and they will try anything to avoid conceding defeat. It will be futile in the face of revelations that will show exactly what their true intentions have been.


It is now a time to keep your eyes and ears open, as much that has been hidden from you is coming out. Be discerning and allow for disinformation that will be released to counter it. The truth of ages past is mind blowing as to the gravity and extent to which you have been misled. You will find that your trust has been badly let down, and that you have been used as pawns in the game for world power. Your history will have to be re-written, and the truth will be revealed for the future of mankind. You have used your freedom well, but not always for the higher good of all. That will change once you accept the Oneness of All That Is, and see all souls as equal in the eyes of the Creator.


Judgement is something that has grown with your separation from each other, as you have been encouraged to believe that some are superior. This has been one of the ploys of the dark, but once you understand how you have been played one against the other, you will readily accept your undeniable link. You have always been in this cycle together and when you started your journey eons of time ago, you were fully aware that forgetfulness would come upon you as you slipped into the lower energies. Now you rise up again and find it quite natural to accept that your brothers and sisters are exactly like you, and experiencing duality in a way that is of their choosing.


As you choose to come back fully into the Light, the truth of your being is coming back to you. You are realising that you have a far greater potential than you have been led to believe. You are meant to be freethinking and find the truth within, and then as you regain your sovereignty that was taken away from you in the past, you will step into your true self. You are truthfully wonderful Beings of Light, and have the potential of self-fulfilment. You have the power to change your life and become fully enlightened Beings, and we are here to help you in that realisation. You are the Masters that have laid aside your cloak of Light to fully experience duality. Now it is time to return to your greatness and take your place alongside us.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and see you as you really are in your true colours as

great Ambassadors of Love and Light. You are truly to be acknowledged for your wonderful work, in bringing the Light from out of the dark of ages past. It is growing so fast and is bringing you together as One, in the Light that pervades everything that exists and it is indestructible, the One Light, from the One Source of the Creator.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.