SaLuSa  13-February-2008


 Actions may speak louder than words, but thoughts are the builders of energy that will eventually bring about its intention. For a very long time you have put out your thoughts for a peaceful life, yet over the last hundred years there is hardly a family that has not experienced some tragedy or death. There comes a point when you understand the futility of war, and instead look for other ways to settle differences. In present times you are even more informed, and have begun to realise that confrontations are often staged simply as a means to go to war. Invariably there have been ulterior motives for them, and the acquirement of land and wealth are high on the agenda.


You have given a resounding NO to the continuation of war, and it has brought a response from Higher Beings who have concurred with your desires. This is why the Middle East War can no longer be extended to other countries, and is contained within the existing area. In fact, to call it a “war” is a misnomer as it involves a so-called liberation force in Iraq that has long become an “occupation” force, and the “enemy” are civilians and not an opposing army. What is happening could not better illustrate the greed that knows no boundaries, of those who have perpetrated such misery, death and destruction upon Iraq and its people.


The mood for change has never been stronger, and it is not just confined to the Western World. The whole world is moving its focus upon those who champion the cause for bringing peace and stability to the world. In consequence those in power feel insecure and see their power and wealth under threat. They fight to remain in power, but the wheels have been set in motion and sooner or later their time will end. There will be much re-organisation and clearing up to do, and this is where the Galactic Federation will come into their own. We know that the end of the hold of the Illuminati is near, and we will ensure that once they are removed the challenge of establishing a new regime is handled very quickly and efficiently.


Do not concern yourselves about the passing of the old, it will have served its purpose well, and many of you will have played an active role in bringing it to an end. You will look back at times of joy intermingled with those of sadness, and you will take with you all that is positive and has proved to have brought about your fulfilment. In the future, you will gradually forget the exact experiences that led to your Ascension, but never forget the utter bliss and happiness of returning to the higher realms. It is where your real home is, and you will continue to experience spiritual fulfilment. You have your feet upon the stepladder to Heaven, and it will manifest in the twinkling of an eye.


Once your present problems are consigned to history, life will proceed even faster and herald a great coming together of the people of the world. You will learn of your immutable connection to each other, and you will work together in a way that has not been achieved in this present cycle. Individualism still has an important place in your societies, but not in a detached way that creates separatism. For too long you have succumbed to various institutions and governments, that have deliberately sought to keep you from coming together. You are throwing off the shackles of centuries of repression and limitation intended to keep you subservient to those in charge.


You are claiming back your freedom to determine the course of your own lives. We encourage you to do so and it is paving the way for our coming. Unbeknown to you we have worked incessantly to bring the truth out into the open, and our task is made so much easier now that you are becoming awakened. There is still much to do, but it has been made less difficult now that you are open to change. More importantly, you are recognising the meaning of the times you are in and the need to prepare yourselves and Earth for Ascension. Everything moves in cycles, and they must enter the end-times as the new cycle commences.


Your Earth is a beautiful Being of a consciousness that has suffered immensely at the hands of those who have disregarded her love for humankind, and abused her by their excessive use and destruction of her treasures. Fortunately, the restoration of Earth is high on our agenda, and we can repair the damage quickly and efficiently with the technology of our Federation members. Many Dear Ones on Earth already realise the potential for using new innovations to take part in this work. As a result they will take readily to new ideas of ours, and adapt to their use without any difficulty.


We along with you have been steadily laying down the plans for the end-times, and we know that once we can approach you openly it will all click into place. So many of you volunteered to come to Earth specifically at this time knowing what was planned, and gradually you have awakened to your responsibilities. Have patience as we are nearly at the point of victory over the dark. You do not have much longer to wait before you see the unavoidable and desirable end of the last cabal and its minions.


Our message to you would be to keep calm, and as ever focus on the positive happenings around you. Send your love to wherever you find it is lacking, and know that it will eventually change even your most hardened opponents. Love is all-powerful and it is your silent weapon that works away quietly and efficiently, and effectively contains and transmutes the dark energies. Like attracts like, and the more you give out, the more you attract to yourselves. Love comes from the everlasting and inexhaustible font of the Creator, and embraces All That Is.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so uplifted by what I see happening on Earth. At last the fruits of our joint endeavours are in sight. Our final act in announcing ourselves before our arrival looms large, and we are more than ready and have well rehearsed all that is necessary to join forces with you. Our presentation will remove any last minute fears that some of you may have. We come in peace, love and friendship at the behest of the Creator who has decreed the manner in which the end-times take place. It will bring you great joy and happiness, unlike anything you have experienced for a long time.      


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.