Ag-agria  11-February-2008


All paths eventually lead to the higher realms, and time is not really a factor. You have opened many different ones, and each offers an opportunity to experience in whatever way you wish. You can jump from one to another, and if you are seriously looking for the meaning to life you will grow in your understanding. Is it no wonder that you have so many differences of opinion about the purpose of your journey. To truly advance you need to have an open mind, and be ready to accept that your finite minds cannot know the complete truth.


By our presence we are enabling you to comprehend the fact that life is not confined to Earth. We present a picture to you of what it is like when spiritual evolution has taken place, and of an advanced technological age. Somewhere in between is a path that you will also tread, and we represent your future selves. Naturally you do the choosing, but the nature of the choice in front of you is clear to see. You can take a quantum leap forward or stay in the confines of a limited 3rd. dimensional experience. There are many of you who fear change, but when we can walk amongst you we shall do all we can to enlighten you as to what it means.


One thing is certain that you cannot stop the changes, but merely delay their coming. The dark have been quite successful at doing this up to now, but no longer as their agenda for total global control is revealed. You are learning of the nature of your reality, and with it your power to change it should you so wish. Those who see beyond your present existence are becoming aware of the higher realms, and the Love and Light that exists within them. Duality is a means of experiencing your own creations, and understanding that they become your responsibility. In a past era Mankind lost touch with the spiritual side of his life, and created abominations that caused his downfall. Now you face a similar situation but instead of heading straight for the abyss, you have awakened in time to reverse it.


Your leaders have rejected our presence and offers to assist you through these last stages of duality. In the near future we shall allow you to see exactly what took place, and with it you will understand the motives of those who made these decisions. However, they could not sustain their plan to imprison Man with their draconian controls, and the removal of your freedom and sovereignty. Their moves have until now been very subtle and carried it by numerous covert actions, and over a long period of time. Within sight of success they have floundered, as the will of the people has energised a force of Light against them. As a result they are in disarray seeing their hoped for victory vanishing before their eyes.


Now you can see beyond the secrecy and corruption, which has empowered those seeking wealth and power at your expense. Over many hundreds of years the Illuminati have established themselves through Royalty, wealthy families and a great influence over the church. They have controlled your lives so much so, that you have accepted your place in the caste system. You have been deliberately kept in a state of need, and your labour has often been used entirely for their benefit. With the lure of fame and riches many have sold their souls to them, but have overlooked the responsibility that you have for whatever you do in your lives. The Creator set the rules for duality, and although you are free to experience exactly as you desire, there comes a time when you are confronted with the result of your thoughts and actions.


Now you have a most wonderful and unique opportunity to move on, and leave duality behind. As you move into the higher vibrations, you acquire a power of control over Self that enables you to stand firm in your own Light. It comes with accepting responsibility for what you do, and realising that you can rise above the conditioning of your upbringing, culture and society around you. Follow the inner path and stay strong in your resolve to overcome the lower self. Others may help you, but in the end it is down to you and your determination to succeed. It is in fact a lot easier to do so than you may imagine, as your strength is in your power of thought. You will eventually manifest your desires, no matter how long it takes.


You have all Infinity in which to experience but your present time on Earth is very important, as it sets the mould for your next rounds and the commencement of another cycle. It can be the fulfilment of your dreams or the continuation of duality, but it will not come to you on a plate. Recognise your spiritual Self within, and realise that you are not just your physical body. What you are now is the result of hundreds of lives, and the experience you have gained through them. Some aspects that you have carried forward are for cleansing, and represent your karmic responsibilities. These opportunities exist for everyone and your present life is arranged accordingly.


You are in the last years of this cycle and events are proving to be very hectic, as you try to keep your feet upon the ground. Yet at the same time your spiritual understanding must lead you forward, to introduce a better way of leading your life. Leave behind the ways of yesterday that no longer suit you, and start to live in a manner that manifests a new you. Live the vision that you have of peaceful co-existence, joy and happiness and it will come to be. No one knows better than you where you are going, and how you will achieve it. Before you came into this life your plans were made, and if you see Ascension as your goal you will certainly make it.


We of the Galactic Federation simply wait our time to introduce ourselves, knowing that it is but a short time away. A great wave of happiness will move through your civilisation when it is realised why we are here, and it will be a time for wonderful celebrations. Release from the stranglehold of the dark will bring profound relief to the vast majority of people on Earth.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and along with many Star Nations are fully prepared for the pleasure of making us known to you. We bring much that is needed by you to restore your Earth, and all that will quickly lift up your quality of life. We also bring a great love and admiration for all of Humanity.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey