St. Germain 08-February-2008


Dear Ones you may well note that at last there is a general feeling that matters are not just continuing to speed up, but that change is becoming apparent. The people are making their voices heard, and but for their deliberate suppression by the media would have made more impact. However, thought is an energy that coalesces and grows as more of a like kind is continually added to it. It must eventually manifest that which it represents. You seek release from the yoke of serfdom that has held you down for eons of time. Not only are you are awakening to your true potential, but seek the space to manifest your vision of freedom and to live in the Light.


The Forces of Light have assembled for the final thrust, which shall see the culmination of your planned upliftment that moved into the last phase over one  hundred years ago. The plan has been working through you and aided by us to bring you to this point, and many, many souls have incarnated for the end-times to ensure your success. You may not believe that you have a place in that plan, but if you have an awareness of what is happening you are playing your part. Not everyone can be at the forefront of events, but each one that leads has an unseen army of helpers. Heaven has not left you unassisted in your journey and endeavour to bring the Light to Earth.


I am but one Being that has accompanied you during your time in duality, and now you have even more help as the energies are stepped up and will lift you to an even higher level. There are other Masters that have their followers working with them, and they come together to carry out the last acts that will evoke the changes you seek. It is a carefully laid out plan that guides you to those you should be working with, and there are thousands of small groups involved throughout the world. The rumblings of change are felt everywhere, and for some it is causing a feeling of being unbalanced. That will pass very soon, and a peace will settle upon you as you understand what is taking place.


What you doing is so important to your future, and that of souls that are yet to experience duality. Not all will do so, but you will leave the records of your experiences so that others may use them for the expansion of their consciousness. Hitherto you have been virtually unaware of your connections to other souls off Earth, but that has changed as you prepare to join your families from the stars. There will shortly come a time when that proof will be undeniable, and it has slowly been filtered into your consciousness so that your system is not placed in shock. The truth cannot be held at bay forever, and you will grow into the understanding that you are great Beings. You must accept that you are the children of the one God, and that you are all Brothers and Sisters experiencing the Light and dark together.


We do not force you to accept any particular set of beliefs, but it is important for the continued expansion of your consciousness that you grow into the Oneness of All That Is, rather than isolate yourselves even further. You are in a time of cleansing so that all that no longer serves you is allowed to fall away. Some will cling fiercely to what they know and feel comfortable with, but before long they will be confronted with undeniable evidence of their true bearing, history and future. Allow for changes now and keep an open mind, and start from the premise that you are All One in your link with the Source. That applies to all life wherever it may be, and also to your soon to be visitors from other worlds.


The truth will hit some people like a dream and confusion will reign for a while, but be assured that once open contact can be made all will become clear. Ascension is a process that many are already aware of, and will allow for your upliftment into the dimensions of Light and Love. You will know if it is right for you, and if it is your strong desire to be part of it you will be guided as to how to prepare yourselves. Grasp the enormity of these times and put aside your concern at the activities of the dark. Their days are already numbered and very soon you shall see them fall, and there will be nowhere for them to hide.


It is not always possible to put into words the beauty and joy that awaits you, and your future will bear little resemblance to what you experience now. The exception is that in your quiet moments you lift yourself up into a higher vibration, and experience the peace and harmony that exists at those levels. You have really panned the depths of darkness as part of your experiences, but that time is over and as the darkness lifts the Light is pouring in.


Take time each day, indeed several times if possible to find an opportunity to allow yourselves to slip into the quietness of an untroubled mind. All around you is a cacophony of sound that assaults your senses and you need to withdraw from it. Shut out the outer distractions and noise and connect with your Higher Self. Find that peace and draw the energies to you, and know that you will throw off stress and become calm and rejuvenated. Just for a moment or so, try to experience the peace and calmness of the Higher Realms.


With the coming changes and restoration of Earth, a totally new environment will replace that with which you are familiar. There will come a peace both without and within that shall be a prelude to your upliftment into the realms of Light. Wonders shall enrich your lives, so that the drudgery and fight for your existence shall become a thing of the past. Your future will become clear and we of the Higher Realms shall join you and together we will lift up along with Mother Earth. Your gratitude and love for her will be greatly appreciated, as you will learn of the sacrifices that have been made to allow for your experiences. Mother Earth in her pristine condition will accompany you into the Golden Age, and then you will find your dreams fulfilled in the glory and beauty of the Light.


I am St. Germain, and wish to assure you that much activity is taking place in the Higher Realms that directly relates to the changes upon Earth. The dark souls have been made aware that they must make way for them, and Light and Love is awakening them to their responsibilities to other souls. You may yet see a capitulation amongst them, but as ever it is their freedom of choice. I bless you all with my love and appreciation for your loyalty to the Light.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.