Diane  06-February-2008


Events move on and the world watches to see who will go forward as the respective selections for each party in the Presidential elections. The dark will do all in their power to ensure their choice is ultimately the winner, but there is a long way to go yet. It has awoken many people to the importance of these times, and it will be interesting to see if one with an anti-war ticket is successful. Political appointments should reflect the peoples wishes, but as too often happens they are directed by other powers that stay in the background. These are times that will reveal so much about the people of America, and as it stands they hold the future of the world in their hands.


However, greater powers than those on Earth also have a vested interest in the political outcome. Providing the result is a true and in line with the actual votes placed it will go forward, but if it is contrived and false it will be challenged. Since we know the truth of what is happening on Earth, we will assist those who support it and are prepared to make it public knowledge. There is a mood for change that is moving towards truthful and open dealings, and it is bringing the Light to bear upon those who are subversive and carry out the dictates of the dark.


The world in general is also in a state of change, and those who feel threatened by it do their best to suppress such signs. However, it is like trying to stop a runaway express and its momentum is unstoppable. People may be prevented from using free speech to further their cause, but the energy for change continues to get stronger by the day. We can respond to it and do so by helping clear a path that will lead to success. As the incoming energies give you an even higher lift, so your confidence grows and fear evaporates.


Meanwhile, many souls are accepting the challenge to review their beliefs, as the teachings of old are not necessarily appropriate for an awakening civilisation. There were times when you looked to others for your guidance, but now there are so many individuals who have found the “Light” and share their knowledge. You can now exercise your freewill to choose exactly what suits your own truth, and there is no reason to accept any one version. Seek and you will find what you are looking for, and be released from the need to align yourself with any particular sect, cult or religion. There has never been such an opportunity to become enlightened with the truth, and we are one of those sources acting on behalf of the Creator.


We are here for many reasons, and the most important is to ensure you are released from the hold of the dark. Then we can openly speak with you and come to your planet, and help you close the gap in your evolution brought about by the dark forces. They have not only held you back but also deliberately fed you false beliefs whilst hiding the truth. Within your sub-consciousness you know the truth, but it has been clouded by the dictates of those who have gained power over you. Power has been the stepping-stone to wealth, and those who have inordinate and insatiable greed are not ready to relinquish it.


The plan for Man will be played out, and wealth accrued through illegal means will be removed from those who hold it. As we have repeatedly informed you it will be fairly re-distributed, and at a stroke remove poverty and the lack of means to acquire the necessities of life. That will be just the beginning of a program of action designed to quickly undo all that has held you back, and eroded your freedom. We prepare you for such changes and invite you to envision what it all means, as the energy of your thought forms will help manifest them. It will remove much dissatisfaction amongst you as you experience the decline in your standards of living, and the draconian steps being taken to restrict your movements in all areas of your life.


The question is are you going to become energetic and fight for changes that are your right? Are you questioning the actions of those who should be acting in YOUR best interests? You have much more power than you realise and can do many different things to highlight what needs correcting. Look at your Internet and the many sites that promote the truth, without which you would be left in the dark. If you feel strongly about an issue try to get together with like kinds, and use the only outlet that offers you freedom of speech. The dark would like to restrict such freedom, but for the time being they are unable to do so.


You are in the final stages of the cycle of duality, and after hundreds of lives experiencing within its paradigm it is time to move on. You will know if you are ready as you will have been working towards achieving a higher consciousness, and feel free from the outside influences of the dark. Your goal will be defined, and upliftment into the higher dimensions will seem a natural progression in your spiritual growth. Once you have made that decision to move into the Light, there will many dear souls who will guide you towards fulfilment. It is our joy to see you becoming enlightened, and breaking the bonds that have held you in the dark for so long. Be what you envisage as your highest manifestation, and know that there is nothing that is impossible.


You stand on the threshold of magnificent changes that are already underway. Nothing will stop their progress and this is the year that you will know it to be true. You are on the verge of seeing the positive signs that will prove this to be the case. You are truly at the end of duality, and that heralds a new beginning for those who grasp this wonderful opportunity to move on. This lifetime is but one of many yet it is the most important one in this cycle. It is your golden opportunity to step off the cycle of re-birth, and enter the realms of Light and perfection.


I am Diane from Sirius and on behalf of the Galactic Federation offer you our support to ensure a safe journey towards Ascension. Call upon us by name and we shall be with you and place our arms around you, and protect you with our Love and Light. Remember that We Are One, and are all the Creator’s children and carry the Light of the Source forever within.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.