Atmos  04-February-2008


It will not be too long before the realisation will hit you that the long awaited changes are becoming evident. We see a public outcry over corruption that will move certain people to take action. There are many of you waiting for an opportunity to join the ranks of those who are prepared to come out openly as witnesses. There is a continual loosening of the hold the last cabal have over you, and they are experiencing their own demise and know it to be so. We continue to monitor their plans, and it is our intention to limit the extent of their power. It is the covert actions that mainly attract our attention, and we will not allow an escalation of the war in the Middle East.


It is our presence that is your assurance of a total victory over the dark forces. The wheels that were set in motion a long time ago have travelled slowly, but it has been a steady progress resulting in your increased levels of consciousness. This in turn has upped the Light quotient upon Earth, and it is reaching out to more souls than ever. The Light is creating an intricate web all around you that spreads far and wide, and is connecting with the higher grids and bringing them to Earth. There is absolutely no way that the dark can prevent the full manifestation of it, and they will certainly be prevented from carrying out any ideas of reversing the process through mass destruction.


If you can but stand aside and enjoy the signs of change, it is an exciting time to be upon Earth. You are privileged to see and experience a breaking free from the control of the darkness, that has held you down for eons of time. The Creator has decreed that you shall now move on, and although you encounter resistance there is an air of belief that is lifting you up. There is no need to feed the energy of fear, as it cannot touch you unless you allow it. It has no place in the Light that creates balance and harmony, because it is the vibration of Love.


You are going through a period of change that enables you to learn much about the people around you. The dark challenges each of you to concede to its demands, but you must stand up to them and make way for a new dispensation that will return your freedom. It is your determination to establish by right through the Laws of the Universe, a pathway that will release you from the dark energies. One and will be bathed in the Light and the promise of Ascension. Your time in the lower vibrations is almost over, and for many of you its lessons have already been well learnt. There is a certain sadness that not everyone has reached that point, but since there is in reality no time and your lives are infinite, it follows that every soul will eventually rise up again.


Do not worry about the future where your loved ones and friends are concerned. Each chooses their own path to illumination and freedom from the dark. There is no time limit to achieve it, and no coercing of anyone to follow any one particular path as opposed to another. It is as we often emphasise your choice entirely, although if desired you will receive guidance from Higher Beings who fully understand the meaning and purpose of life. The Creator has given you absolute freedom to experience as you choose, and no one of the higher dimensions would interfere with your freewill choice. It follows that your choice will be honoured, even if it should take you into the realms of the dark.


For those of you who are trying hard to cut your ties with the dark energies, there are Beings quite close to you who understand your desires. They will with your approval, direct your life in such a way that you can find a path forward. Sometimes in your quieter moments when you are at peace and One with everything, they are able to come near to you and impress their thoughts upon you. They can guide you by putting ideas into your mind, but that it no way represents any form of mind control.  It does exist and is practised by the dark forces, but you will first have to be susceptible to those particular vibrations. Stay in your Light, be calm and dispel any fear, and you will have your protection in place.


The dark play a dirty game but that is part of the challenge that you have to overcome. They will tempt you with promises of material success, but often those who move to their side become prisoners of their own desires. Forget your earthly troubles as they will soon be overcome. Keep your eyes on the Promised Land, that in your case is a new Earth that has been completely restored to its original pristine beauty. Live in your uplifted consciousness and the Light and Love that has no ending and reaches into All That Is.


See what is happening around you, and understand it as part of the necessary cleansing that will allow the Light to continue manifesting. As the truth of your manipulation and abuse by the dark forces becomes known, be as calm as you can as any falling back into anger or hatred will only add to the negative energies. Man is an emotional Being, and that is played upon by those who seek to keep you in a state of chaos and fear. Accept that if you try, you can keep your negative emotions in check, and you will feel so much better for it. You do not yet fully realise what an important part they play where your health and well being is concerned.


So many of you now sense that major changes are afoot, and it is becoming obvious that Man cannot continue on his present path to destruction. The dark can no longer hide their true intentions, and as they now find resistance to their plans they become careless and reckless for all to see. You the people are the key to all that is now occurring, and we count you as our allies upon Earth. You have power beyond your realisation, and what you now envision will carry the energies of change. We of the Galactic Federation are ready to join forces with you, but first we look to you to do your part in bringing the last cabal down. We do not mean that you are alone in this action, as we are always working with you. However, as you are on Earth you have certain advantages over us.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and we are not just your friends but also your family. It follows that we love you dearly, and would wish for you a total success in your endeavours to bring change to Earth, and we are with you all of the way.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.