Ela  01-February-2008


I am Ela from Arcturus, and I know that for many of you Dear Ones the future is uncertain, although you accept that First Contact will take place very soon. You hear about Ascension wondering whether it will apply to you, and perhaps it is not even clear in your mind that life is infinite. There is a lot to do once we arrive, and as you see us you are glimpsing Beings who have risen up and visit you from the higher dimensions. Much will need to be explained, and from the great civilisations that make up the Galactic Federation will come those who are to take the role of teachers.


We have long resided in the dimensions of Light, and as such do not necessarily need our body to travel around. However, it suits us to avail ourselves of different types of travel, and the most practical and fastest way is by the power of pure thought. However, when we come to you we will emerge from craft similar to those that you have seen for many years. These include the smaller scout crafts carried on the larger ships used for travelling in your Earth’s atmosphere, and are they are often different in appearance.


There are many different designs of craft and you have noted that the discoid craft is most prevalent in your skies, and it is the perfect shape for travelling through space. The larger ones that traverse the Galaxy are what you call the Motherships, and it is an appropriate name. They carry enormous numbers of personnel and equipment, and are literally fitted out as cities in space. Everything conceivable is on board for extended journeys, and some craft are up to a hundred miles long and more. Although you see them near Earth, they are stationed well beyond your atmosphere, and sometimes in deep space.


Our Federation craft are not equipped for war as that is not on our agenda, but we must have the means to protect ourselves. More often than not their sensors detect other craft well before they come into view, and we prefer to take evasive action if we feel threatened. We far from know about every other civilisation due to the vastness of space, and intelligent life forms exist everywhere and inter-galactic travel is possible. At our level the space around us is inviting, and life is one exciting experience after another. We can travel in our craft for extremely long periods that in your terms would be many years.


Time as you understand it is of no concern to us, as we live for hundreds of years if we choose to do so. There is no aging such as you experience, and this is a feature of life in the higher dimensions. When you have your new crystalline bodies with the advent of Ascension, you too will be the same. With it also comes a life free of disease, and it will truly be a heavenly existence. Already some of you have progressed sufficiently that you have moved into a higher vibration, and this provides for your immunity against most disease. Coupled with the power of thought that you are now beginning to understand, you can condition your body to self heal and protect you.


With our coming some of you will be invited to join us on our ships, and you will find it a joy to ride with us. Of necessity this will be for those souls who have already progressed in raising their vibrations, and have accepted our presence and relationship to you. A general introduction to members of the Galactic Federation and our craft will be conveyed worldwide through your television channels. Needless to say, much time will be spent explaining the plan we come to carry out on behalf of Man. It is your enlightenment that is most important, but in a way that overcomes any false beliefs and opens up your consciousness to your Godself. There will be those who will not open their minds to a new way of thinking, and they will continue to experience according to their choice.


First we must prepare the way for our coming, and those plans are well in place. There is not a present generation on Earth that has not seen our craft either firsthand, or learnt of other people’s experiences. Careful study of your historical records will also reveal that in this cycle we have been ever present. The lack of adequate words has often hidden reports of our craft and contact with you. It is only in recent times that you have seen through the attempts to cover up information about us.


Because of the importance of your impending success in coming through this cycle and on to Ascension, you have been protected from uninvited visitors to your planet. Unless it has been with our authority, no one has been allowed to interfere with your progress. When you elected to experience duality, it was seen that you would lose your true identity in the darkness that hid your Light. These have been times when you were vulnerable to the lower vibrations, and many are still unaware that they have created their own reality around them. However, they are being slowly but surely shown that they have an immense potential and power to grow in consciousness, and with it comes truth and enlightenment.


We of the Galactic Federation are in the image of what you are to be as you step on the higher path. Our existence is far removed from yours, yet in a relatively short time you will experience an upliftment that will enable you to leave the lower dimensions behind. Ascension is always an option for everyone at the end of a cycle, but you have to work towards it and genuinely desire to leave duality behind. Some dear souls are still too attached to their present reality that they do not “desire” change, and they will be able to continue that experience elsewhere.


With the changes you are going through at present, the New Age seems far away but it comes closer each day. When the fog of darkness clears you will find the Light in all of its glory, and it will transmute all that has no place in the new vibrations. There are a multitude of great Beings that orchestrate the end-times and it is their energies that are lifting you up. From your Solar Sun the cleansing and uplifting energies continually bring about change, and for a time it would seem that you have chaos rather than order. However, many now pick up the intent of what is occurring, and have grasped the enormity of the changes that are your salvation. We extend our love to every soul on Earth, and wish you to know that we are ever by your side.


Thank you Ela

Mike Quinsey.