SaLuSa  29-December-06 

Dear Ones I am SaLuSa, and looking back at this year it has to be one that in general terms has been very satisfactory. Although the threat of terrorist action has been a possibility, it has not occurred to the degree that you have been led to expect. Bird Flu has not proved to be anywhere near endemic proportions as previously suggested, and has tended to affect only those who are closely associated with their breeding and personal use. Relatively speaking, the Earth itself has been quiet, and the many minor occurrences that have taken place could be considered as quite normal. 

All told the year has passed without any real trauma, natural or otherwise. Without some change of direction, the outlook is however still grim as the dark forces try to escalate confrontation in the Middle East. You will have noticed that peace talks are rarely if ever on the agenda, and the war machine marches on under the guidance of the Illuminati. Over many years their plan has led to their presence in most countries, and whether as friend or foe their intention is still one of seeking global dominance. For some time their attention has been taken by the South American countries that have spurned their advances. This has caused a delay to their plan, and they plot ways in which to overcome democratically elected leaders. 

In the area of weapons development the U.S. spends astronomical amounts of money, particularly on advanced Space weapons. This takes place to the background of a falling dollar and the possibility of devaluation. The dark have no real concern about the future of the people, except that through allowing or creating chaos they promote fear and tighten their grip upon them. The World and its resources are seen as a target for complete control and domination, by an un-elected government that fails to truly represent its people.  

The picture creates one of despots and criminals taking over the world, but wait because you the people have your own champions who are ready to come forward. You also have the Galactic Forces and many highly evolved Beings with you, working purely in your interests and commands of the Creator. The Creator’s plan is the only one that will be fulfilled, and the others are already collapsing. The path of the dark and the Light is clearly defined, and it is a one sided contest as the Light will always prove superior. 

The greatest change has occurred amongst the people who have become enlightened, and now have a greater understanding of the battle that is taking place. Instead of being held down, many have broken out of the shackles of ages past that have denied them their freedom and sovereignty. They now have a realisation of their power to determine their own future. No one can take away your growing consciousness and determination to take it back. Your mass consciousness continues to grow at an accelerated pace, and it is awakening Humanity to its true purpose. 

The beauty of your rapid awakening is that you are creating a powerful energy that must manifest itself and fulfil its destiny. It is you the people that are lighting up the path ahead, and many are being drawn to it. There may be momentary pauses brought about by the activities of the dark, but we are working with you to ensure there is no lasting effect. We do much to prevent the dark from creating too many problems, and can nullify their ability to do so. From way out in Space, out of harms way we continue to monitor all events on Earth. If necessary, we come very close to alleviate the problems arising from the use of advanced electronic technology. Our concerns also arise where the animal kingdoms are concerned both on land and at sea, as they are being destroyed without any thought for their right to existence. 

Our association with you will become stronger, and soon we will find it possible to make more contacts with you. We do not put anyone at risk, but the time is approaching for a much more open contact with you. One way has already started and working successfully, and that covers the growing number of contacts who are able to receive our messages. This is an important area of communication, and it is essential that more people know of our intentions for the advancement of Humanity. 

You have been held back for far too long, and now we make ourselves more known to you but in a way that shows our respect for your sovereignty. We see you as One with us, and our association with you will be based on this understanding. We are your mentors and protectors, and have been with you for millennia of time. In the course of your history you have had encounters with other extraterrestrials, but many simply visit Earth for exploration purposes with no other intent. 

The Greys are not as some believe attempting to take over the people or the Earth itself. They come out of self-interest to promote a programme that will ensure their own survival. It is unfortunate that their activities promote much fear amongst you, but it may be some consolation for you to know that their actions are monitored. They do not have a free hand to do just as they wish. Almost every contact they make with people of Earth is pre-arranged and therefore permissible, although most of them are unaware of this fact. 

You have a lot to learn about the great Cosmos that teams with life. However, it will not be much longer before it will be open to you for your exploration. Beforehand you will be educated so as to understand the Laws of Contact, as you cannot interfere with the evolution of others. You will find that once you have achieved a certain level of understanding and a higher consciousness, you will be welcomed to visit other civilisations. The crudity, disregard and inconsideration that Man presently shows for other life forms are unacceptable elsewhere. Can you now see why you have been quarantined upon Earth, and have so far been prevented from travelling into Space? 

My friends, great changes are coming as you put on your cloak of Light and become the Christed Ones that are lifting off Earth. Your achievements are astonishing in such a short time, and we accompany you with great love and admiration for your success. Victory over the dark will soon become yours. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.