Ag-agria  27-December-2006 

Dear Ones, a beautiful energy has moved across the Earth, carrying with it a message of Love and Peace. One that is a gentle caress that lifts many out of their despair and soothes their brow, an energy that tells of the infinite and eternal love of the Creator. You have drawn it to you, and in spreading it about you are enabling others to share it. 

The prospect of a New Year of heightened vibrations is not only realistic, but also part of the plan to lift Man even higher than previously. You are the main actors as it plays itself out, and as it progresses so the opportunity for greater achievements exists. The energies being sent to Earth are increasing all of the time, and are in line with your ability to contain them. 

Your media focus on the disruptive happenings across the world, and while some of it is newsworthy most of it is intended to evoke fear. If peace had taken hold many years ago, you would not today face the chaos that exists. A different path would have been created, and in this time the people would have been well advanced and prepared for Ascension. In some ways it is perhaps fortunate that Lightworkers do not seek publicity, as it is best that they work quietly away without drawing attention to their activities. There is certainly little mention of their achievements in the general Press and Television Channels that are heavily and deliberately controlled. 

Good news does not serve the interests of the Illuminati, particularly if it places power in the hands of the people. Consequently you see for example how the use of natural medicine and treatments are attacked, in favour of drug therapies and treatment. Control and power over you are the weapons of the dark, and they will curtail your freedom of choice where possible. It also means that relatively cheap natural remedies are kept down, whilst expensive drugs are forced upon you. So it goes on as more laws and regulations are designed to make you more dependent and answerable to the authorities. 

Your release from the oppressive regulations and unjust laws will come with the change of Government, and a reappraisal of all legislation from over the last few hundred years. Not only that, the Constitution will be restored so as to give you back your full freedom and sovereignty. It is our experience that people who enjoy freedom are happy, and more likely to become model citizens in a fair and just society. Much of your criminality arises from resentment and dissatisfaction at the lack of abundance, and the grossly unfair distribution of wealth. 

I mention the problems which gravely concern many people all over the world. However, these will be addressed with some urgency once we can freely move amongst you. We shall remove all that was birthed in the minds of the Dark Ones. Humanity will be treated with equality and according to its needs, Greed and avarice will not be tolerated, and we believe that people have the ability to change once the fairness of the new ways is understood. There will be no reason for envy or resentment where other people are concerned.

The changes to your society and the framework in which you live will commence this year. It has already started from within and when we come to some extent you will have laid down a working hypothesis. What you will have started we shall finish, and it will be in answer to your pleas for release from the tyrannical rule of the Illuminati. Your pleas have never gone unheeded, but the Light has to generate its own answers before we can respond. Now your desire for a peaceful co-existence is greatly apparent, and we shall help manifest those conditions that will achieve it for you. 

At present you have one foot in this world and one foot in the next, ready to take the next ones that will leave the old behind. Many of you are aware of the changes occurring within yourself, and they can reveal themselves in a way that moves your consciousness more into the Now. It can be confusing, as in a time when you seek more clarity in your thinking it can seem that you are losing touch with reality. Forgetfulness is one sign of it and for a while it will remain so, until you get used to living with an expanded consciousness. 

Your development is speeding forward at an unprecedented rate, and will continue to do so. Using your intuition will become more the guiding tool than reasoned thinking. Remember, that your Higher Self holds all the answers, and you will in time merge again with this aspect of yourself. A certain indication of your progress, will be when others notice how you are becoming detached from the material world. It will cause divisions amongst other people who are not separating in this manner. The 3D vibration will have less and less appeal, except for those who still find comfort within it. 

Many have already identified 2007 as the year of completion, and it will see great advancement and achievements for those on the path to Ascension. The energies of many dimensional outpourings are having their affect on so many of you, who are ready to make a quantum leap forward. It is increasing your vibration rapidly, and you will need to be aware of what is happening to keep a level head. It is an unusual time when two separate paths are approaching their zenith, but one is going forward and the other one backwards. Both however are heading for completion, and then a New Age can begin. 

See how the Divine Plan is immaculate in its conception and completion, allowing for personal choice and advancement. The Higher Beings gracefully accompany souls on either path, as no judgement is made which would be against the edict of God that you have full freedom of choice. Your different paths will eventually lead you onwards until you come fully into the Light. 

I am Ag-agria from Sirius and of the Galactic Federation, waiting with eagerness to meet you. At last, we will then be able venture forward as One in allegiance to the Creator, and many others will follow in our steps. Dear Ones, Love and Light illuminates your way forward as always, and will ever be. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.