Diane  20-December-2006 

Take time to appraise your personal position within the mighty changes that are about to take place. What you envision now for yourself will manifest in the course of the coming period. It will be one of much concern to everyone, but remember that we have helped to orchestrate the events. We use the momentum created by the dark forces, but put it to our use and for our intended results. What will first appear as a series of calamities, is simply to clear the way for the first outward appearances of many new ideas that will transform your planet. 

Many of you are already strategically placed in positions where you can be of great influence, and can carry the responsibility of manifesting the changes. At the right time you will be given the opportunity to serve the Light, as your capabilities to do so are already known to us. From your present position you should be able to intuitively perceive the role that you could play. We suggest that you seek inner guidance as to how your abilities and experience can be used. In your heart you have a vision of how you would apply yourself given the chance, find that impetus to make it your reality and it will surely be given to you. 

The time for action is approaching very quickly, and in giving energy to your vision you are helping it to come into being. The greatest call from the people is one for world peace, and it is being answered by the Higher Beings who oversee the path that is mapped out for you and Mother Earth. We in response play our part that is allowed in accordance with Universal Law. Not even the dark with all of their disruptive plans and intent to prevent your eventual Ascension, can stop the final victory for the Light. For this you can take immense credit, as you have refused to succumb to their oppressive and overbearing authority. 

We come as representatives of the Creator, and we see you as one great civilisation that been deliberately fragmented and separated by the actions of those who have been used by the dark. There is no judgement on our part, and we will address all of the issues accordingly. We favour no one over another, and we encourage you to offer the hand of love and friendship to your fellow travellers. If it is refused then allow that choice to be honoured, as not everyone will decide to put their differences aside. For too long the emphasis has been put on segregation, and the placing of barriers between people.  

Unlike a century ago, people can by and large move freely around the world. This has resulted in permanent moves that have led to the multi-cultured societies that you now live in. In was inevitable that it would lead to such changes and it has taken time, but led to a greater understanding of each other. It has shown that in essence you all desire of the same things out of life. Given the opportunity, most of you would even now accept the differences in others that have hitherto caused you to keep apart. 

Your natural inclination and desire is to be at one with others. It is regrettable that it often only surfaces when you are faced with disaster, yet it shows that inwardly you can act out of love that has the power to overcome your differences. Do not forget that it is Man who has set out the parameters that have divided people. It has been founded on the false premise that the differences between you should be maintained rather than loosened. Religion has often been used to establish such rigid beliefs that have strengthened such dictates. Fortunately the hold of those who implant these ideas is also coming to an end. 

More than ever before you now seek your answers within, and prefer to be guided by your Higher Self. This is bringing you together at a level that the dark find difficult to infiltrate, as you are protected by the your belief in Self. You are experiencing the ways of one who has found inner peace, and it is re-moulding the world you live in. Your word becomes one that is regarded with respect, as you practise the teaching of your wisdom. It is through this that much soul growth is achieved, and others take note of it. 

Now you are all at the point of choice and soon the decision will have to be made as to which path you wish to follow. For some there is confusion as they are not yet aware of what is happening and its purpose. Help them to see through the chaos of a world in upheaval, and understand that the cleansing is a necessary step to allow the forming of a new Earth. Fear is still the energy that fuels the dark, but many of you are now enlightened Beings who do not fall for the rhetoric and false pronouncements they make. You can take away their power by transmuting the dark energies before they can do much harm. Remember also that in a practical way we assist you by implementing the greater plan. 

The energies of change are clearly affecting people, and they do not necessarily know why it is so. However, they do feel that Humanity has been heading in the wrong direction, and instinctively know that it is going backwards rather than forwards. The right to freedom and sovereignty is something that is inherent in you, and its denial is causing a great awakening to occur. It only needs your new leaders to emerge and replace the present ones, and this energy will soon be directed in a way that will carry you forward in leaps and bounds. This part of the plan is very much in our hands, and is your assurance of success. 

Our message to you is to ask that you pour out your Light and Love where you perceive that the darkness is strongest. Do not limit your vision, as you are mighty powerful Beings. It only requires a small number of you with the same focus to bring changes about. The Middle East should still be the main focal point, as the people are crying out for release from the tyrants that rule, and those who occupy the lands of others. Peace is not impossible, but there has to be leadership and direction that is not influenced by political demands. The time for playing power politics is nearly over. 

I am Diane from the Galactic Federation and we fully understood your problems, and from a higher standpoint seek to guide you with our loving assessment. We come regularly so that you will know of our presence, and continuing work to achieve the fulfilment of the Creator’s Plan. Failure is not something we contemplate, for we already see that you have succeeded in bringing peace back to Earth. You are being driven by a knowingness of what should be, that comes from your subconsciousness. You have always had an inner understanding of what should be your rightful place in the Cosmos. You were meant to return to the state of being free souls, and the yokes that have held you down are soon to be released. 

A period of celebration is starting in those countries that remember the coming of Christ. It is an energy that will carry into the New Year, and we see it uplifting so many who are seeking that illusive peace. It will continue to grow and find an even greater impetus as the inevitable changes start to manifest. Stay calm and know that you are creating the most powerful energies of Love that the dark cannot destroy. You are the new leaders for change, and you are being most successful. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.