St. Germain  18-December-2006 

There is an enormous amount of merging taking place that involves the new energies that are being directed to Earth. They affect individuals and the Earth itself, and this is indeed the intention as part of the plans for upliftment. Even where there is no knowledge of them or intent to take them in, they will nevertheless still raise the level of consciousness. To what extent depends on whether an individual wishes it to so happen. If you find yourself acting in harmony with them, they will become an essential part of your consciousness that will carry you forward. 

You have in fact been merging with the new energies for quite a long time, and as you have already experienced there are people on Earth who foresee such events and make them known. It will always benefit you to prepare for such occasions and enables a smooth transition of the energies. With your developing higher levels of consciousness, it is now possible for you to actively participate and have the awareness of exactly how they impinge upon you. You will certainly notice the subtle changes within yourself, and they strengthen your ability to remain firmly and calmly in your own space. 

Another benefit is your ability to place a strong protective light barrier around yourself. You will as a result become less affected by the negative energies around you. You link with others who become One with your level of consciousness, and this is the Law of Attraction at work. In fact, many of you will unknowingly become part of a group consciousness. Through this growth you become a prime bearer of the Light, whilst still remaining as ever a individual part of the whole. 

As you are beginning to understand, you cannot rise above the level of your vibrations except that you increase them first. It then becomes an automatic attraction that allows you to enter higher and higher dimensions. Your destiny as souls who seek to take this opportunity for Ascension, is to venture into the Fifth Dimension. Already you walk between the Third and Fourth Dimension, as energies do not have a clearly marked line that divides them. You move in and out of them depending on your level of consciousness. 

You will also find that with the expansion of your consciousness, you are more able to keep in tune with your Higher Self. This has the benefit of allowing the higher guidance to help you along your path, and your perception will also be very much enhanced. In reality everything you need to know is already within, and if you carefully listen to those promptings, sometimes referred to as your intuition you will need little outside help. Remember that each soul has a personal life plan, even so they may be aiming to reach the same goals. What seems to work for one is not necessarily going to work for others. 

Finding your path is what you are engaged in at present, although many of you already have a clear vision and understanding of it. In that event do not be diverted from it by others who have a different one to follow, no matter how attractive it may appear. The fact is that all compliment each other and are equally important. Humans have a tendency to jump from one thing to another, chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Settle into that which is in harmony with your vibrations and you will find what you seek.  

The Universe is a living force that is continually changing, but subject to the result of incoming energies from the Central Sun. It is also subject to all manner of changes brought about by the way in which they are used. It results in a continual ebbing and flowing that affects the whole. The Earth although a small speck amongst the millions of planets involved, also has its own input that contributes to the overall effect. The Earth is a microcosm of the macrocosm albeit at the lower end of the scale of vibrations. 

The Creator has envisioned the perfection in which life can evolve, and you and every other soul are experiencing it as made manifest. In serving the Creator, those of the highest vibrations who are the Light Beings of expansive consciousness that hold the power of creation, have carried out the Creatorís bidding. Consequently at their level all is in absolute perfection, and only loses that perfection as the vibration is lowered through the various dimensions. Yet, as you rise up you would be forgiven for thinking that you had already found the highest levels. 

The magnificence of the Creatorís vision is beyond mortal words, and in your finite lives is beyond your comprehension. What awaits you with the birth of the Golden Age is your first glimpse of the dimensions of Light. Held together by the glue of the Universe that is Godís Consciousness. All is in the energy of Light and Love; there is no other. As you ascend so that which has no place in the higher vibrations must be transmuted, and the higher you go the more refining takes place. 

So we come back to you on Earth, lifting your heads up out of the sands of time and beginning to see once more the beauty and harmony that beckons. Suddenly earthly matters will seem of little consequence, as your thoughts dwell in the higher dimensions. In so doing you are helping manifest those very thoughts, and the new Earth is slowly being imprinted over the old one. When the optimum level of vibration is reached, in the twinkling of an eye it will be manifest, and the old one shall be gone from your sight. You are therefore the co-creators of Ascension, and have far exceeded our expectations in your ability to use your creative powers in this way. 

Now a most wonderful year is about to start, and before long it will truly be said of you that you are indeed not just Gods in the making, but have commenced the manifestation of your true Self. In time you will merge more closely to your Higher Self until you become as One. The remaining years will present you with the chance to freely express your highest concepts, in the fullest expression of yourself. 

I am St. Germain coming to you in the joy of your success, and awakening to the truth. Let Love be your guide to the goal that is now within your grasp.  

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey.