Ker-On  15-December-2006


Your whole Universe is involved in a massive upliftment, and yet your little blue planet that is called Earth is the main point of attention. The reason is that without help you would be unable to achieve the degree of changes necessary for completion. Furthermore you are a group of souls that are dearly loved and cherished for the great challenge you accepted. It is not every day that severe limitations and loss of consciousness are graciously experienced in the name of Love for the Creator.


It has been a long time since you first agreed to drop into the lower vibrations. It is fortunate that your memory has been veiled from full recall of this time, as the tasks you faced would have seemed much more difficult. Yet at no time have you toiled by yourselves, and you have been accompanied every step of the way by many great Beings from the higher lighted realms. This link will remain, and in the future you will have full knowledge and understanding of the role of the Spiritual Hierarchy. They will forever be your mentors and guides as you climb the great ladder of growth in love and enlightenment.


For millennia of time you have gradually been awakened as to your true nature, as you are souls of immense power with the ability to give of your Unconditional Love. Reaching this level is of extreme importance, and absolutely necessary if you are to ascend. The hardest place to try and practice it is where you are now, as at every turn there are distractions and emotional situations that can pull you down. However, you are encouraged to believe in yourselves, as you will find it gets progressively easier as you learn how to go into that center of Self where complete peace and calmness reside.


We view your attempts at upliftment with much satisfaction, as so many of you are becoming successful. It is so important in this last period before Ascension, and where some of you have led the way others are ready to follow. By your example you have shown what is possible, and that makes it so much easier for them. For each of you it is a personal journey that makes you unique, and an essential part of the whole. We journey with you and ensure that we are there for your help, and also to keep a balance between the dark and Light. Yet at the same time the Lighted Ones are distancing themselves from the dark Ones, as they tread firmly on the Path of Light.


All of this has been enacted before, and you are not really new to it. However, there is a distinct difference this time as the cycle will end with your Ascension as a physical Being. Albeit that the changes will mean that in essence you will ascend as quite different in composition to what you are now. Matter of a lower vibration cannot exist in the higher dimensions, which is why you are already in the process of drawing the higher vibrations to yourself. To this end we work with you, and providing you are able to apply yourself to the task you will certainly succeed.


It was only a few days ago that you were enlightened as to the high energies beamed to Earth on what you know as 12.12. If you care to reflect on how you now feel, many of you will register a distinct change that reveals itself as a greater inner calmness that is sustainable. You will be no longer respond to the negativity around you as you might have done previously. Instead you will find a new strength that enables you to be a powerful center of peace. What you are achieving is to the benefit of everyone, making it easier for others to follow. As a result the mass consciousness has been lifted up, and not only will it be maintained, but will continue to increase exponentially.


There have been pointers along your paths where the opportunity to lift up your vibrations has been given to you. On each occasion they will have become more powerful and continue to do so. The net result is that you are the Wayshowers who are by example showing what is possible. Nothing is more natural to you than returning to the path of Light. It is your true state of being that you were prepared to leave behind to experience duality.


As growing Beings of Light it becomes much easier for you to understand the motives and agenda behind the actions of the dark. You will have broken away from their devious ways of mind control and manipulation. They can no longer exert the degree of control needed to make you subservient to them. Consequently, the more you who can break away from their grasp the less power they can exert. Their power base is breaking up, and you will find that eventually it will implode and be the very cause of their destruction.


What you see now is the collapse of the dark empire on Earth. Once their leaders are unable to exert their authority and control, they will lose their sense of direction and the moment will soon arise to remove them. Already many dear souls are groomed to take their place. The Galactic Federation and other forces of Light have certainly not been idle, but well prepared for the dramatic changes that will occur. We will accompany your new leaders all of the way, and they know they have our constant attention and protection. We have not come thus far to experience failure.


Everything is finely balanced and we shall ensure that it is kept that way. Outwardly it may still appear that the dark are winning, but this is an illusion created by them. They are losing their power very quickly, and there will be no way back. We are looking to those souls who are leading our allies to act at our prompting, as very soon a series of events will present the opportunities for your advancement. Many have come to Earth at this time to lead the way, and they are fully awakening to their assignment.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and I see that there is a wonderful Light emanating from Earth that tells us all is proceeding well. Do not allow doubt to creep into your thinking, as there is only one result possible and that is victory for the Light. Enjoy your end of year celebrations, and take your peace and love into the wonderful New Year and help make it very special.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.