Ag-agria  13-December-2006


Greetings to you from your family of the stars, soon to be re-united in the truth of our Oneness. The time of our re-union approaches and we are excited to know that Humanity is in part already prepared. It makes our task much easier now that your consciousness has been lifted up, and you will be happier living in the knowingness of the truth. It is your natural desire to know about your true past, and not the often vague and deliberately misleading history presented to you.


It is important that you keep an open mind as to the revelations of your past, and when your connections to us are revealed. For many it will be a shock to their system and they will fear the consequences. However one of our prime objectives has been to conduct ourselves in a peaceful way that reflects our true benign nature.


Those who have followed our exploits will know that all of our actions including contacts with you have been conducted peacefully, and in no way threatening. In the back of some peoples minds will be stories that they have heard of abductions. These are not of our doing, but largely credited to the rebel group of Greys, and occasionally your own military. The advanced technologies that they have gleaned from the Greys, and the results of back engineering have enabled them to develop their own craft. They move under the cloak of secrecy and their activities can be mistakenly attributed to us.


Our own covert actions will show that far from posing any threat, we have monitored your progress for millennia of time. The purpose has been to ensure your safety and interference from visiting alien Beings. It is also to maintain a certain degree of control over your military developments, so that your evolution proceeds in accordance with the Creator’s plan.


We are aware that attempts have been made to discredit us, but we have shown our ability to overcome them. Even now the dark have a plan to stage a confrontation that will put you in fear of us. It is simply a stalling operation and one to create opportunities to take their weapons of mass destruction into space. Have no fear! We are more than a match for the grandiose plans of your Illuminati. Our response is to prevent confrontation, but we reserve the right to reply and defend ourselves if provoked or attacked. Bear in mind we have no designs on taking over the Earth, it is your home and you are its guardians.


However, you do not have anyone on Earth who can represent you whilst the last cabal is the ruling world power. We are your voice and behind you, and we have already made it clear to your governments that we will not tolerate interference with the plan for the upliftment of Humanity. It is your divine right and the path that you chose long ago, and we intend that you shall see it through to the planned end. Absolutely nothing can postpone the end of this cycle other than a divine decree, and we are appointed as your protectors and guides for this purpose. Once we reach the position of being able to come openly to Earth, we can than fill in the gaps in your history and eliminate the lies and deceit that have held you in bondage to various powerful groups.


You have been so mislead about your own place in the Universe, and you have been kept in the dark through the forcing of false Gods upon you. Your religious teachings are a mix of truth and falsehoods that have their roots in periods of time that are less than 4000 years ago. Consequently no one religion can claim as they do, to be the only one to have the complete truth. It is therefore wise to prepare yourselves for revelations that will permanently change your understanding. You will not be spoken down to and the truth will be given with full compassion for those who may be in shock, but we shall do it with full proof that will be irrevocable.


As a result of our contact with you over the last century, many channels have been opened up. We have gently brought you down from your unenlightened positions, to ones of illumination through our peaceful and often powerful messages. It has made a considerable difference, and softened the hardened attitude of those who have hitherto been unable to accept us. We are not devils or demons or connected with an anti-Christ, indeed we come from the higher levels of evolution of the Light and Love which we carry for all living life forms.


We are Christed Beings from many quarters of your Universe, having well passed the stage of evolution you are in at present. Many of you are also on the verge of becoming Christed Beings, and this is the great gift from the Creator that is for each of you to take to yourselves should you so desire. Now you will understand why we are coming so close to you, as it is part of our brief to ensure that your path remains open for Ascension. The dark forces are allowed to challenge your decision, but your resolve and determination will carry you through. Your Light will prove to be far too strong to be affected by the negative energies. Indeed, it often has the opposite result as you deflect or transmute them.


I am Ag-agria one of many that will soon come to Earth, and close to Michael as one of his Guides from the Sirian group. We are your family from Space, and like any other member we lovingly guide you knowing you perhaps better than you know yourself. It matters not to us what you have chosen to experience as it is all part of your evolution, and we see you in your perfection as absolutely equal to us. We have no sense of superiority and have long given up any ideas of egotism. We are Beings of Light that serve others and have a particular interest in helping you, as after all you are our Brothers and Sisters from eons of time ago.


There is not long to go before we can celebrate our victory together. Until then we send our love to protect you, and give you the strength to gloriously rise up to conquer the remaining challenges.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.