St. Germain  11-December-2006


People sometimes wonder at a time when the earthly vibrations are increasing, why there is so much discord upon Earth. Why when there are so many enlightened souls upon it, that their presence does not seem to have any noticeable effect. I will tell you that this situation is not through the design or intention of those in charge of your progress, but is quite natural. The Light works quietly and magically transforms the dark energies without drawing attention to itself, but nevertheless relentlessly marches onwards and continues to become firmly established upon Earth.


For millennia of time, the level of a souls vibration has determined which dimension they go to after each lifetime. Those who have developed a reasonable vibration of Light, would find themselves in or near the dimension often referred to as the Summerland and also Nirvana. The name defines exactly what it is like, and it is from where spiritual contact is often made resulting in much knowledge being conveyed to you about these levels. Beautiful ones that are akin to those that exist above them, but not quite so refined. Nevertheless, they are idyllic and extremely pleasant where there are none of the chores or worries of Earth.


What exists in the Summerland is a creation of Manís, inasmuch that it reflects known or subconscious desires of a higher nature. Their expression in the higher realms is to a degree of perfection that you would rarely experience upon Earth, where you have obvious difficulties in creating what you have in mind. Artistic work such as painting or sculpture would be such examples, where the artist cannot always find the means to illustrate exactly what is envisaged in the mind.


Close to the Summerland are levels of lower vibrations, and as they drop so does the possible degree of manifestation. Collectively they are also known as the Astral Regions, and the lower you go the more they can aptly be described as ones where there is a gradual loss of light. It is where colors are not as vivid, and the souls have less ability to create for their needs. In the absolute lowest regions there is virtually a complete loss of light, and darkness prevails. Yet regardless of what level souls exist in, it would to them seem to have some degree of normality. They would be blinded by greater levels of light such as would be found in the higher dimensions, and are therefore more at ease with vibrations consistent with their own development.


Some teachings or religions promise an afterlife similar to the Summerland, with rewards and everlasting pleasure. However, they fail to understand that it is you alone who through your actions, deeds and thoughts, determine the level you go to. Many of you will already be aware of the Astral Dimensions, and upon your transition you will automatically be drawn into them. By the Law of Attraction you will find yourself at the correct level, therefore one in which you will feel comfortable. In fact, regardless of any personal desires for something different, you can but go to the correct one.


I am now coming to the point of this lesson, and it is to tell you that now we are at the end-times of this cycle a different scenario is being created. The lower Astral regions have opened up, and over the last 50 years or so have gradually been emptied of their occupants. They have incarnated upon Earth for the last time, to have the experience of standing alongside those who have raised their light vibrations. They may not consciously be aware of absorbing the light, but it will have a marked affect upon them and help their own evolution. It also presents an intended challenge to those who have left the lower levels behind and now exist in the Light, testing their resolve to continue rising above the negative energies.


The Astral Regions will continue to serve those now passing over, but will not be carried forward with the new Earth into the higher dimensions. There will be no further need for them, although they will continue to exist around the new 3D Earth. It has been created to enable non-ascending souls to continue their experiences, and the cycle of rebirth will commence yet again.    


What you now see around you is a constant battle between the Light and dark, as it escalates to levels not experienced for thousands of years. The dark ones are unable to appreciably raise their vibrations, and sometimes as a way of expressing their frustration they cause mayhem and destruction. They are not helped by condemnation and punishment, but instead love and understanding. For those who are at the receiving end it is a salutary lesson in self-control. Better still, it will promote their understanding and tolerance for those who have lost their way.


You have God given abilities, and they are coming out from behind the veil as you begin to understand your true Self. You all have latent powers to reclaim, which will come to you as you increase your vibrations. Healing and psychic powers are beginning to return and they should be developed and not ignored. These are quite natural attributes that will become commonplace to those on the path to Ascension.


The lessons of duality are meant to give you experience of both sides, and for certain over millennia of time you have touched both the heights and depths in the course of your many lifetimes. Recognize that all souls including those of the dark, have every right to take a physical incarnation when it will best benefit their evolution. Currently all people are plotting their own path even if they are unaware of it, and in this present period it is creating a natural division between the two realities.


Knowledge is a valuable asset and it will help you go forward with a firmer focus on your goal. There is no need to get too involved with the antics of those who create discord and destroy what is the foundation of your societies. The dark souls who struggle to find their Light, will be helped by your compassion and love for them. Never forget that when this cycle commenced all of you were exalted Beings, graciously and bravely accepting the challenge presented to you by Duality. Each one of you were initiated in the presence of Heavenly Beings, who avowed to ensure your full return to the Light.


It is time to ride on the crest of the waves of higher vibrations coming to Earth. Never have you had such opportunities as now exist, take them and ignite your passion and determination to rise above all that does not serve your purpose. Heavenly Beings continue to watch over you, and many personally accompany you through these last vital experiences to ensure your success. As you have been told many times, you are never alone in your experiences and are constantly given the attention that such courageous and beautiful souls deserve.


I am St.Germain, and seeing everything in the Now, I see your successful progress through the remaining years of this cycle. The year 2007 beckons and will be one of great cleansing and immense changes. It will also see many of you having your personal proof of the intense Light being sent to Earth. Prepare yourselves for a measure of upliftment, that will leave you in no doubt as to the power of the incoming energies. You are in for pleasant surprises, and the satisfaction of seeing your grand work for the Light come to fruition. We of the higher dimensions bless you all, and our love continues to go with you on your never-ending journey into the Light.


Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey.