Atmos  8-December-06


Greetings from the realms that oversee your progress, from where we can report that it brings us much satisfaction. At last there are signs that are apparent to you that should satisfy your yearning for positive indications of real progress. Politically speaking, many major governments are coming under increasing pressure to respond in a more open way to people’s calls for a new approach to world problems.


The situations that exist on Earth will continue to call for a new leadership, and until it comes into being progress will be unavoidably slow. The power brokers are very reluctant to give way to new ideas, and certainly refrain from acts that go against their agenda. However, they cannot keep the status quo for much longer, and are struggling against a tide of opinion that will yet force their hand. Our allies are focused on their parts in this grand unfolding of the next stages of your evolution. Nothing will break their will and loyalty to the Forces of Light.


Almost on a daily basis more people are awakening to the driving energies that abound upon Earth. Even without realizing that there is an impetus behind them, they find an upliftment and a clearer understanding of what is occurring. Taking your consciousness as a whole it has grown very quickly in such a short time, and will continue to do so at even faster rates. You are soon going to see an up-swelling of public opinion, that will permanently alter the course of mankind.


The cabal behind the war in the Middle East try to put on a brave face, but no amount of words will any longer fool people. The prospect of further years of death and destruction is seen as totally unpalatable, and the call for talks that lead to a peaceful solution will become a deafening roar in their ears. You will succeed in changing the course of the world because you have created the energy for change, and it must manifest in some way that allows its outworking. Universal Law will no longer be violated for anyone, and any attempt to do so will be met by the Forces of Light.


Two events are going to prove to be capstones for change, one is the fast approaching festive season and the second the time of Easter celebrations. Each will heighten the desire of people for world peace, and each will provide another opportunity to direct Man onto another path. To that end we also give you further strength, and a multitude of Higher Beings come closer to you than ever before. Together we are a force that cannot be deflected or stopped from creating the new Earth.


As always, it is you who have set the direction in which the Earth has gone. Now you will see that people power is more than a match for the puppets of the Illuminati. We of the Galactic Federation have placed constrictions upon your leaders and the military, and they too are becoming aware that higher forces than theirs are at work. All we ask is for your continued support and unwavering determination to see this period through, without any capitulation to the dark. Victory will be for all Humanity, and never again will you be called upon to experience the challenges of duality.


The lessons being learnt are many, but first and foremost is one that allows you to understand the power of thought. Many have doubted that creation is greatly affected by such simple things as your thoughts, but as time speeds up you are beginning to see the evidence of it before your very eyes. Secondly is the power of love and particularly compassion, which have been awakened in many people through the recent events upon Earth.


The wars and natural occurrences such as the tsunamis have left their mark upon you, but your response to these has shown your natural desire to help others when in need. All differences are being put aside, and there is a beautiful coming together of like souls who desire to bring back Love and Light to Earth. The Human Race is acknowledging its Oneness, and in so doing is drawing down even greater energies that give further power to you.


There are so many Dear Ones who await our arrival, who are already consciously aware of what is needed to overcome the lack that is evident upon Earth. We as promised will provide the means to bring back abundance for you, and new financial dictates will ensure a fairer distribution of wealth. For too long it has been in the hands of a small minority, and their greed has denied many others the chance to progress. Equality will be established in many different ways, but firstly the basic needs of Man will be provided.


Life can be enjoyable, but not if you have to slave and save simply to have a meager existence. The help we have to offer will not only address these age long problems, but introduce the changes in a very short period of time. Time is in fact of the essence, as Mother Earth patiently awaits her chance to fully transform the Earth. You as fledging souls about to rise up, need a clear path to follow and an assurance of your success. Know that whatever one you have chosen, before long you will be fully acquainted with the tasks that lay ahead.


Now you patiently wait for great changes that will manifest over the next 6 months, during which time we shall expect to have made our first open contact. Yes, events are that near to happening and the net is closing around the dark and their minions. The lighted path is set out before you, and you can no longer be prevented from following it. Divine dictates give us the authority to intervene if necessary in the affairs of the Earth, and indeed we have already responded to them.


Presently your most important gain is one of knowing that a nuclear war will not be permitted. There are those who given the excuse whether real or manufactured, would again plunge you into the horrors of such happenings. The Creator has empowered those who oversee the progress of Mankind to ensure your safe journey out of this cycle, and so it shall be.


I am Atmos from Sirius like many who have an affinity to you of Earth. Your true history when clearly revealed will show your links to us, and indeed other Beings that will come in the course of time. We are your brothers and sisters as much as anyone on Earth, and we remind you that you also originally came from other planets. We are you in a future dimension, which is why we hasten to uplift you as soon as possible to our levels.


In the future some of you will join us again, as the explorers of the mighty kingdoms that stretch into infinity. The many realms of Creation will astound you in their beauty presently beyond your imagination. Never ending creation offers experiences that will carry you forward in ecstatic joy. Lift your thoughts up to what can be in your next stage of experience, and you will detach more quickly from the pull of the existing Earth.


I finish my message and leave you with the good wishes of my fellow travelers, with much love and gratitude for your acceptance of the challenges of duality. You will bring much needed experience with you, that in the future will serve you and others well.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.