SaLuSa  4-December-2006 

Take time to contemplate where you are with your evolution, and confirm in your mind exactly what you have as your goal. In so doing you will set yourself firmly on a path that will lead to its manifestation. The time is right to take a quantum leap forward, as many powerful energies make their way to Earth. 

With the prospect of a most progressive year ahead, you have everything to gain. As you attract like energies to yourself, so you will notice the changes in Self taking place at a faster rate than previously. Time itself continues to speed up, but you will adjust as you go along. Your body cells are changing, and in the not too distant future you will notice not just an end to the aging process, but an ability to control bodily functions. As a result, you will be able to restore the youthfulness and health that are contained in your blueprint. 

Already some of you have empowered yourselves so as to be unaffected by the conditions around you. I refer here to any type of detrimental radiation and chemical ingestion which would normally cause sickness. These are all signs of your rapid growth, as you leave behind the lower vibrations. This is only the start, and by the end of this cycle you will have shed the old bodily vibrations for the higher ones. As this happens all over the Earth, so you will notice how that which has no place in the future is crumbling and breaking up. 

These events are quite normal with the level of upliftment that is occurring. Next year you will see that they will become more pronounced, and to this end we shall be helping everything along. Great Beings give loving attention to these matters, and there is a degree of control that ensures progress is not imposed upon you, but regulated to flow with the general levels of upliftment. The object is to gently ease you into the next phases that will announce your arrival at the door of opportunity. 

Each and every soul will have equal opportunity to increase their speed of evolution. However for those who decline it, there is an inevitable falling back, which will eventually see them taking another path. Nevertheless, all is still progressing well and your freedom of choice is paramount. As part of the divine plan, it is certain that another opportunity will come up yet again, and it will result in more souls making that final journey back home. 

You have been preparing for this time ever since you dropped down into the lower vibrations, because you always knew that the end-times offered such a recovery. In between lives you have often met with your Guides and Higher Beings, and discussed your progress. Until you can learn of the value of your various lives, it is almost impossible to appreciate the way in which your experiences have linked together. Each life has fulfilled some level of experience that was felt to be essential to your overall evolution.  

For many their last lifetime in this dimension is a reflection of many previous lives. It is so to say one in which you have honed your understanding of Spirit in matter, and through it have taken command of your evolution. You are again becoming the great souls you once were eons of time ago. It is all so natural for you to return to those levels, that were and still are your true home of harmony and balance. It is the present reality that is an illusion that has held you on Earth for so long. All is for a grand purpose, so that your experiences can place you in service to others who would benefit from it. 

As you begin to merge with your Higher Self, you will be in no doubt as to your divinity. Suddenly everything will become so much clearer and you will be able to tap into the higher consciousness at will. What you now call miracles will become the order of the day, and you will be truly on the greater path as co-creators with God. With it comes great responsibility, but as fully enlightened beings that will be part of your mien. 

Dear Ones, a series of events is due to take place very soon. These will precede the time of a major changeover from the pull of the old vibrations to the new. The signs will be there to see and comprehended by all of those who are expectant of them. Indeed, there are moves right now that will give you clues as the where they are to take place. Look in high places and expect to see many changes occurring. Put the loose ends together and you may see a pattern that spells the end for the old regime. 

Remember that there are thousands upon thousands of Divine Beings off world, that are very much involved with you at this time. Some of you have contact with them, but many others have little idea of their presence. It is a matter of necessity that the majority of you accept our guidance without knowing we are there, otherwise you would most likely be distracted from your true responsibilities. There is a right time for us to be revealed to you, but first certain changes must be achieved. This much many of you already know, but from now on, be prepared to see things quickly move into place. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and from one of the command ships that encircle Earth. We of the Galactic Federation are closer to you than any other time, and our open contact with you is fast becoming a reality. It will assuredly be the time of much rejoicing and celebration, as we have all been together in this great experiment and experience in duality. Our desire is to welcome you back so that we can all share the excitement of the coming years.  

In the future you will be able to work and move freely with no constraints, and this will be just one aspect of the changes. Fast and safe methods of transportation will be introduced, that will carry you to any part of the world. No longer will you spend many wasted hours getting to your destination. We have much to place at your disposal that will usher in a New Age. We shall come together in a common purpose to restore your freedom and sovereignty. It will be in loving appreciation in recognition of our Oneness with the Creator of All That Is. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.