Diane  1-December-2006 

People of Earth, you are approaching a most defining time as the plan for your advancement starts to take shape. For so long your desires have illuminated the way forward, and at long last you are beginning to see what it is you need to do. Collectively you have the power in numbers to determine exactly where your future should lead. Not everyone understands or accepts that Humanity has a pre-ordained path to travel. However, the seeking of peace regardless of how you feel it will be achieved, is sufficient to create the powerful energies that will bring it to fruition. 

At this stage in your evolution a growing awareness of your creative power is speeding up events into the time of realisation. The use of Self-power has small beginnings, that have for example been expressed in various ways such as for healing purposes. Now the vision must be enlarged and take in the whole of Humanity, who should be seen as one unit of creation that can be influenced to see the pathway to everlasting peace. The Light should embrace every single person, and the result will be a quantum leap forward. Sooner or later there will be a glorious moment of completion and the achievement of Ascension. 

Meantime, the simple things will continue to bring Light to Earth, and your thoughts and prayers are the way to do it. Do not underestimate your power, as you are the carriers of Light, and the more you can raise your vibrations the more you will be able to send out. Standing in your own Light, you will find yourselves protected from the daily bombardment of World news that is largely negative. You can allow it to pass you by without any ill effect on your vibrations. 

Once you are assured of your ability to deflect the lower energies, you will find it becoming easier to stand your ground regardless of what goes on around you. Certainly there are difficult times ahead, but out of the seeming chaos you will suddenly find events taking a turn for the better. Strong indications will surface that will clearly show that great changes are taking place. As you progress into the early part of next year, a pattern will start to emerge indicating the manner in which the changes are about to occur. 

The many groups that have worked hard to prepare the way for change will come to recognise each other, and in coming together present a formidable challenge to those in power. One such area will cover the admission by major governments regarding the reality of ETís and their craft. This will be a very important step towards making out first open contact permissible. It will only take one such step to open the floodgates to even greater events. All is finely balanced and in readiness for what will be seen as one of the greatest happenings upon Earth. 

We of the Galactic Federation stand fully prepared for action, and sincerely wish to get started with the plan for Manís transformation. For so long we have contacted people with the idea that our existence should be carefully and slowly revealed. We have gently let it be known how you are related to us, and how we have followed and guided your evolution. You have had our confirmation that we are in service to the Creator, and that like you we too are made in the same image. We are one great family that has been separated through your desire to walk the path of Duality.  

Now all must change so that we can come together in a common purpose that will carry us into the higher realms. Your future lies not with your present Earth, but one that has been restored to its state of absolute beauty and harmony. Nothing less could exist in the realms where the vibrations are considerably higher. Your emergence from the dark of unknowing into the Light of Truth, is welcomed by those heavenly Beings that preside over your upliftment. 

No longer shall you feel separated and isolated as upon Earth, but you shall come to know your place in the Creatorís Kingdom. Then you will have no doubt that you are in reality Beings of Light. Many Higher Beings from all over the Universe gather to see your Ascension, such is the importance in your taking this step. Your immersion into separateness has been your challenge all along, and you have experienced all of its aspects time and time again. 

Your natural state of being is one of existing in complete harmony and balance, and in the Love and Light of the Creator. Some of you are already experiencing a return to this condition, and it is helping quickly lift the vibration of Earth. Never has there been a time when so many opportunities for upliftment are available to you. Once we have opened full contact with you and the Masters follow, you shall learn first hand about the final years in this dimension. Through that understanding it will increase the numbers of you that are able to rise up, and can accept your true reality. 

Our presence will help deal with the many questions that will undoubtedly arise about your time in duality. It will also clear up many misunderstandings about your past evolution, and how many different ET groups have guided your physical development. Your ancient history bears little resemblance to the truth of your time in these early periods of mankind. You have many links with us, and also those higher Beings that presently reside in your Inner Earth. 

Eventually, no one will be in any doubt as to your course of evolution. The records of your actual sojourns upon Earth have been recorded, and can be graphically illustrated through our holographic technology. We come with the truth and in no way can it be adulterated. As you move into the higher dimensions, so will you too only be able to express yourself in this way. It will be a new way of life that is both comforting and satisfying after your experiences upon Earth. 

I am Diane, and come to you as an Ambassador of the Higher Councils who are overjoyed at the progress you have made. They continue to send you immense and powerful rays of Light that carry their love and blessings.  

Thank you Diane

Mike Quinsey.