Dear Friends.

Itís been quite a year with the promise of much that has not yet materialised, but for all that makes the prospect of 2007 a wonderfully exciting time. Whatever way you celebrate Christmas I hope it will delight you and give much happiness to everyone. I will be back with my next message on Wednesday 27th December. My thanks and love to everyone who distributes my messages.

                                                                                     Mike Quinsey.


Atmos  22-December-2006 

What is it that is magical about moving into a new year, I suggest it is because as the old one is left behind it seems that all of the problems stay with it. This is of course obviously untrue, but through your power of thought you cease to put your energy into that which was, and instead into what will be. It means that your expectations are carried forward with a strong impetus that will hasten their manifestation. 

Already your expectations for 2007 are extremely high, and you are to be applauded for maintaining a positive outlook. After what have seemed to be a number of disappointments in 2006, I believe there is an understanding that much flexibility has to be exercised where the anticipated changes are concerned. Events are continually being moved forward to their ultimate conclusion, and this is no mean task given the difficulties that are placed across our path. 

Unfortunately, we cannot divulge our plans beyond a general outline, as the forces opposed to us are liable to stop at nothing to delay them. Nevertheless, you have sufficient knowledge of the goals that have been set to understand what is happening. As time proceeds, we will find ourselves in the position of being able to fully enlighten you. However, you already know that we are guarded against doing so before the last cabal has been removed. 

Because we are working for the Light we are always going to be in a position to dictate what happens, but we must allow karma to be played out. It sometimes cuts across our plans, but we are able to minimise the outcome. This is particularly important where Mother Earth is concerned, otherwise she would re-act in her own way and that could be extremely damaging to life and limb. The idea that Mother Earth has a consciousness is a strange concept to many of you. Perhaps it will be more understood by remembering that all creations have a consciousness, down to the simple cell. 

There is so much knowledge that we will impart to you when we can at last openly meet you. It helps of course if your understanding is opened up ready to receive the greater knowledge. It is imperative that you wake up from the long sleep, and this period in your evolution presents you with a marvellous opportunity to do so. These cycles will repeat themselves for those who cannot or will not raise their consciousness. However, what a wonderful year lies ahead, when many teachers and enlightened souls will rise up to carry you forward. 

It does not matter that even where the enlightened groups are concerned, that there is not a common agreement over every aspect. You will find that whatever way they see events manifesting, they will all eventually arrive at the same destination. There will in any event be a great coming together as the path to Ascension unfolds. There is no place for anything other than the truth which will progressively come out as time passes. 

It is the reasons for seeing yourself as separate to each other that need to be eliminated. Acceptance that you are all One having come from the same source is the first step, but that is qualified by pointing out that you have taken on outer coverings of physical matter that label you as a human species. Furthermore, you have the five major root races, and they simply give you various means of experience. Your Oneness is not affected in the slightest way, although many only understand the physical differences that are apparent in the various races. Now not even distance can keep you apart, and the mysteries of life and traditions in other countries have been revealed. 

It must also be said that it is of no real importance that so many Gods abound in religious teachings. Again, in time these will be seen as expressions of the same energies that will be identified and commonly understood. There is in reality no need for the mysteries to surround the truth of your Beingness, or the existence of the higher realms. You will be able to fully comprehend the truth when it is unequivocally placed before you. This cleansing of your beliefs will clearly explain the facts of your source and evolution. 

Many great events are waiting an opportunity to manifest, and we excitedly look forward to bringing these about. Then you will have no doubt where your future lies, and life on Earth will become an opportunity to express yourself in ways that give you complete satisfaction. All contributions will be positive and beneficial to everyone. No longer will Mother Earth be neglected or abused, and her place in your lives will be appreciated and fully understood. You will in fact work together, and harmony and balance in all things will be the order of the day. 

Overseeing all of your activities will be the Galactic Federation and many other Beings from the higher dimensions. A release of your natural love for each other will also become evident, as old differences are overcome. The vibration of Earth and its people will rapidly rise as a result, and in a year or two you will look back at this period and realise how much you have changed. The outlook promises great advancement for everyone, and the past will gradually no longer have any hold on you. You will be on the path as enlightened Beings, and have long released your remaining fears and doubts as to who you really are and where you came from. 

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and we see so many likely events coming to pass very soon. They will be essential to the final cleansing and we are happy to say that all is proceeding very well. Leave the dark to fall into their own traps, as their path is also defined for their future. 

On behalf of the Galactic Federation I send you all our wishes and salutations for a joyful and happy time. May it carry you forward with great happiness and the achievement of all that is dear to your heart. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.