SaLuSa  2-December-2009


We are aware that many of you wonder why the end times are a whole series of problems that severely try and test you. You wonder why it cannot be a smooth transition from the old cycle to the commencement of the new one, that is both an enjoyable and happy experience. In actual fact there is an overlap of both cycles, and the conditions you are experiencing are brought about by the new energies as they clear out the old ones. It is unavoidable as there is a current conflict between the energies. The outcome has already been determined, and the upliftment cannot be curtailed in any manner. Ascension has started and will reach its completion as the cycle ends, and it is then that your full participation will take place with great happiness and joy.


Be aware that with every incarnation you take on no more than you are prepared for, and those of you present at this time have chosen it as your last opportunity to clear your karmic responsibilities. There is so much happening that it is bound to appear chaotic, not least of all with the attempts of the dark forces to take your focus away from your goal. You will therefore realise that what you are going through is not at all unusual in the circumstances. Within all that is happening the plan is still working that will raise you to the higher dimensions. Your final days are to be very rewarding, and all that you have wished for that is of the Light will be yours. Your consciousness levels are ever increasing as higher energies are beamed to you from afar. Dear Ones, you cannot fail if you have set your sights on ascending, and have dedicated yourselves to doing so.


The battle between the Light and dark no longer rages in the higher dimensions, and the power of the Light is rapidly confining it to Earth where it will finally be transmuted. The Light surrounds your Earth and grows in intensity until the critical mass is reached, and all changes. That which is not of it will move away to levels that are of a like vibration. The Universe functions like a well-oiled machine, and its enormous size presents no problems as it all answers to the Laws of the Creator. When you have achieved full consciousness such matters will be understood by you, but for the time being it is asking too much of your finite minds. As you learn more it will be tantalising to find that you still have so many more questions to ask. All comes in good time, and you are limited at present because you mainly think in terms of linear time. Once in the “now” you will soon adjust to going wherever you want through the power of thought.


As you are beginning to understand, Ascension brings to you a totally new way of life. One that takes away the need for all of the chores that now takes up so much of your time. The necessity of work as you term it will no longer apply as it will be unnecessary, your needs being obtained through own power of creation. Such freedom is something you have not experienced upon Earth, and could not have expected with all of the restrictions placed upon you. Your time is rarely your own to use as you wish, and you have little opportunity to search for the meaning of life. It is important that you can set aside those moments of peace and tranquillity, and enter those levels of higher consciousness that link with your Higher Self.


In all of the circumstances you have done so well to ride out the storms, and still stand firm in your Light. That shows strength of character and an understanding of your purpose of life. An ability to stay focussed and thus ward off any attempt to divert your attention to lesser matters. There is no need to get involved in the chaotic conditions around you, except that you help those who are the victims of them. Certainly there are many opportunities to show the compassionate side of your nature, and by sharing with those who are worse off, you are expressing your love for all life. A kind deed is attracting more Light, so that you also benefit from such acts of kindness. Life is continually presenting you with such opportunities, and this is why spiritual progress can be made more quickly upon Earth.


Awakening to the truth can be a shock to some of you, who have accepted political leaders as ones who are sincere and have your interests at heart. Regrettably, the majority are self-serving, and have followed the edicts of the powerful families that really rule your world. It is this cartel that has to be removed, and the Galactic Federation working with our allies is progressing with their plan to do so. Our advantage is that we know what is planned, against those who are working to release you from the dark forces. They can therefore carry out their responsibilities knowing that we are protecting them.


Sit back and take note of what is happening, and you may see a pattern emerging that indicates the progress made towards achieving some of the changes that are imminent. The evidence of past misdeeds and the covert actions against Humankind cannot be hidden much longer, and their perpetrators will be revealed. History is in the making, and this cycle of duality will end with a beautiful upliftment into the Light of the higher dimensions. It is as planned, and will ensure that every soul will have the opportunity to choose to ascend.


Dear Ones we feel your needs as you search for some way out of the darkness, and also your welcoming thoughts in anticipation of our coming to Earth. We will not let you down, but allow for our knowledge to determine when the circumstances are best for our arrival. The announcement of our existence will be made of necessity to draw all nations together. It is important that each one understands that we will come for the benefit of all people, and will not favour one over another. Our mission may start with the major powers, but decisions made will be applied to all of you. Bringing you together will eliminate possible objections to us, as it will be acknowledged that we are approaching you with a view to bringing peace to your world.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and bring you the blessings of so many of your friends. You are so much more connected with us than you can imagine, and in time the full extent of our links with you will be made known. We are no strangers to you and have worked with you on many occasions. This time it will bring us back together in a loving relationship between old friends.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.