SaLuSa  19-December-2008


Dear Ones, as you draw nearer to your festive celebrations, so we observe a gentle blossoming of the pink ray of love. In spite of the many problems that beset you, there is a remarkable ability to place your vision on the immediate period of happiness and joy. Man has learnt to be so versatile, and able to exercise a great degree of willpower when the occasion calls for it. It is this same power that will see you through the coming months of further demands upon you, but always with the promise of better times. What is happening is unavoidable, if you are to clear the way for the betterment of you all.


Many of you observe the religious importance of these times, and that also adds to the feeling of love and compassion for your fellow man. What you would like to do is to share what you have for yourself, knowing that hunger and starvation are all that many people have to look forward to. There is quite a contrast to the wealth of some countries to others, and that comes from centuries of conquest and taking over their assets. In an ideal world you would have developed together, and become more as one race. Instead the poorer nations have been held back largely through lack of education. That has been the result of the Illuminatiís plan but soon it will be replaced, by one of fairness and a sharing of the earthís resources and wealth.


Within peopleís hearts is the pureness of their love centre and a desire to become one Race, as the falseness of separation has promoted the differences between you. Your instinct tells you that many of your problems are because the inequalities of life have never been fully addressed. In the past centuries your neighbours were often remote, and led their own life style in a peaceful and satisfactory environment. That was fine until through colonialism and greed they were uprooted and enslaved. Today you see the true effect of it and how it has left some countries in a time warp from which they have not emerged. That is very much the case where most of your world is concerned, as even in what you perceive as modern countries you have not realised your full potential.


The Human Race has been exploited and used for the benefit of the few, and they have deliberately denied you the progress that would have avoided the calamity and chaos you are experiencing now. But for the Illuminati and their minions you would not be at the mercy of the Oil Industries, and free energy in its many forms would have seen exceptional progress. The hidden discoveries would have brought you into the 21st Century some time ago, and avoided the collapse of your society that you are now experiencing. However, the plan for your evolution is alive and well, and the lost years will be made up to you in next to no time. The Light is bringing back balance, and once the power and influence of the dark forces is overcome you shall see great changes come in quick succession.


As you are apt to say, every cloud has a silver lining and out of the darkness you have gained so much experience and evolved spiritually. The challenges have been severe and long lasting, but they have moved your evolution forward at an exceptional speed. Now you are coming into an era of fulfilment, but first there is much clearing out necessary of the old that has no further use, or place in your future. In fact you are in the early stages of change already, and when it is safe for us to openly join you, we shall work together and see momentous happenings that will address your most urgent needs. Do not worry about the size of the problems, as we have more than adequate resources to handle them. Bear in mind we have millions of ships and personnel just waiting to move into action. Each know their function and responsibilities in restoring the Earth, and taking Mankind into the New Age with all of its advanced technology, and marvellous benefits for everyone.


There will come a point in the not too immediate future when looking back, the Dark Ages will seem like a bad dream. There is more truth in that statement than you would imagine, as you have lived the illusion you have yourselves created. What is in store for you will give you a more realistic picture of how your lives could have been, had you returned to the Light much earlier. Peace and harmony, happiness and joy are your natural state of being, and you shall find these returning to you over the next few years, leading to Ascension. Heaven will surely manifest upon Earth, and you will soon forget the hardships and traumas of living through the cycle of duality. It is possible to lift yourselves out of the lower vibrations now, by focussing upon all that is wholesome and in balance with the Light. It is part of your progress towards Ascension and by your own efforts you will achieve success.


The Galactic Federation comprises those civilisations that are of the higher vibrations, having long passed through a similar period of evolution to yours. It is a membership that is only granted to those who have achieved levels of higher consciousness. It is a great organisation of dedicated souls who serve others according to their needs, and such work is carried out in true love for all life. Quite a few of you come directly from such civilisations, and are important links with your family from the stars. Behind all that happens are the mighty ones such as the Elders who direct all creation, and observe the edicts of the Creator. They operate on an unimaginable scale, holding immense power that reaches through the different Universes. At your present stage of evolution your consciousness is not sufficiently advanced to grasp the vastness of Space, as it is unending even to us who travel far and wide.


There are so many surprises that await you, and they will be pleasant and uplifting. First and foremost will be your rapid climb to levels of cosmic awareness, and a totally new concept of all that is. You are very much in the dark in many ways at present, but if you open yourselves to allow for enlightenment nothing will be held back from you. Clearly many amongst you are totally unprepared for a quantum leap forward, and their interests will not embrace the idea of Ascension. However, everyone is looked after and each will find themselves exactly where their levels of consciousness are comfortable, and able to continue evolving.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and bid you well, giving of my Love to you all.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.